Does CVS Sell Stamps?

CVS has been selling a wide range of products since its inception back in 1963. With locations around the country, CVS has been expanding the type of products it has for sale.

In many cases, most people purchase stamps at their local US post office. For those who need to mail letters, CVS does offer envelopes in different sizes to meet your needs. But does CVS sell stamps as well?

Does CVS Have Stamps in 2024?

You can find postage stamps at all CVS locations across the US. Currently, the price of a book of 20 first-class stamps is $11.60 plus tax. The tax is normally a sales tax from the city, county, or state that is applied to the purchase.

It is possible that a particular CVS may be out of stamps as with any store that stocks items. But for the most part, you can count on the location to have first-class stamps for your mailing needs.

Remember that you can add more stamps for larger items. Be sure to check with the post office first for the exact total that is needed.

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Where in CVS Can I Locate Stamps?

In most CVS stores, you can find the stamps next to the front register. At the register, you should see a number of items that are protected or out of reach from consumers. Stamps are one item that is often kept next to the register so the store clerk can keep their eye on them.

If the CVS has a customer service office, the stamps may be located in that section of the store. However, you should always check the registers first.

This is because stamp purchases are considered impulse purchases, which means that people often forget to purchase stamps at their local post office. So, when they see them at the CVS, they will buy them.

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How Many Stamps Do I Have to Buy at One Time?

There is no limit to the number of stamps that you can purchase at one time. Exceptions are the number of stamps that the CVS has available or if the specific CVS location has set limits on how many stamps can be purchased.

However, you cannot purchase one stamp at a time. CVS sells what is known as First-Class Forever stamps in books of 20.

So, if you do decide to purchase stamps at CVS, you will have to purchase at least 20 of them in a single book. You can purchase more books of stamps if you have a lot of mailing to do.

How to Buy Stamps from CVS Online?

As of the publication of this article, CVS does not offer stamps for sale online. This means that if you go online to the CVS website, they do not have stamps that can be purchased.

It is possible that this restriction is no longer in effect. But as of right now, CVS Online offers for sale almost all of the items that they have at their locations, but stamps are not one of them.

How Can I Pay for Stamps at CVS?

You can pay for the stamps at the register. This means that you can purchase other items and request the stamps when you are ready to pay. Or you can enter the store and proceed directly to the register and ask for the stamps.

One reason why stamps are available at the register near the front of the store is for those who just need the stamps.

You pay for the book of stamps just like you would any other item for sale in the store. It is advisable to keep your receipt just in case you want to return the purchase as long as it is unopened.

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Can You Return Stamps to CVS?

Any unopened package can be returned to CVS within 60 days of purchase. You will need your receipt in order to get a refund. To qualify, the package must be unopened. Otherwise, that voids the return policy of CVS.

It may be possible to return an opened package of First-Class Forever stamps if none of the stamps have been removed, damaged, or discolored.

In other words, if the book of stamps is intact, save for the cellophane that wraps the book, then it may be possible to return it. You will have to check with your local CVS to see if such an item can be returned.

Keep in mind that the first-class stamps included will not go out of date at least for the foreseeable future. This means that they will be good for a long time.

So, even if you do not use them right away, they can be used many months and years from now.

Can I Still Buy Stamps at CVS in 2024?

You can still buy stamps at CVS as of 2024. The First Class Forever stamps are available in books of 20, so you can make your purchase for mailing cards and letters during the holiday season.

As the first-class stamps will be good for many years to come, you can keep the book of stamps handy in case you need to mail other letters or cards in the future.

CVS offers many items in their stores across the US. Stamps remain a popular choice thanks to their ability to send personalized letters and cards.

For the time being, the First Class Forever book of stamps will remain the primary form of how you can purchase stamps at CVS. This means that the sale of individual stamps or books of stamps that well exceed 20 may not exist for quite some time.

But you can purchase books of 20 stamps for a set price. By purchasing the stamps in a book of 20, you save several cents per stamp as compared to purchasing them one at a time from your local post office.

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