Does CVS Have Western Union?

CVS is one of the leading pharmacy and retail stores in the U.S. The store is widely known for offering ease and convenience, so it also offers some financial services. You can use these services to make transactions with people elsewhere.

Many people trust Western Union and want their service from the store. However, not all retail and pharmacy stores have Western Union kiosks. Here is what you must know about CVS.

Does CVS Have Western Union?

CVS does not offer Western Union kiosks to its customers as of 2024. Instead, you can go to CVS to send and receive money and do money orders with MoneyGram. CVS competitors that have Western Union include Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Walmart.

CVS was never offering a Western Union service before, and it has no plans to offer it in the foreseeable future. That is because CVS supports MoneyGram. If you need to send and receive money at CVS, you can use MoneyGram as an alternative.

Why Doesn’t CVS Have Western Union?

CVS does not have Western Union because it offers MoneyGram services. Western Union and MoneyGram have been competitors in the financial market for a long time now. That is why stores that offer Western Union don’t offer MoneyGram and vice versa.

Of course, MoneyGram services are similar to Western Union. That is why you don’t have to worry about financial transactions. Whatever you need Western Union for, you can simply use MoneyGram for it.

However, if you are loyal to Western Union, you will find that many other retailers offer this service. You can go to them instead of CVS.

Which Retailers Have Western Union?

The top retailers offering a Western Union kiosk in-store include Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, and many others. Keep in mind that not all locations of these retailers will offer the service.

Because of this reason, you should call ahead and check if your nearest location offers Western Union.

The fees, services, and costs will vary at each location and each retail store. You can contact and compare to make an informed decision.

You can also visit the Western Union website to find the closest retailer to you that offers this service.

You can use the kiosk of Western Union to send or receive money.

Where Can You Receive Western Union Money Transfer?

You can receive a Western Union money transfer from any retailer with a Western Union kiosk. You will have to show a government-issued ID and relevant information to collect the money. These details can include the sender’s name, tracking number, country, and the amount you wish to collect.

These measures are there to ensure that fraud does not take place when people are receiving money. Because of this, you must have all the relevant information to collect your money in no time.

You can also visit the nearest Western Union location to collect money.

Where Can You Cash Western Union Money Orders?

You can cash your Western Union money orders with various retailers that have the kiosk. However, not all kiosks offer money orders and related services. For example, the Walgreens Western Union kiosk only allows money transfers and not money orders.

If that is the case, you can simply visit the nearest Western Union location in the area. The employees there will help you cash your money order and do it in no time.

You can call the nearest retailer in your area to check if they will cash Western Union money orders.

Of course, CVS only offers MoneyGram to its users. You will not find Western Union in their stores.

Does CVS Have MoneyGram?

CVS offers MoneyGram services to its customers. MoneyGram has a great reputation for offering more affordable international money transfers than Western Union. That is because the fees of using their services differ as they are competitors.

The main difference between Western Union and MoneyGram is that the former company is larger than the latter. Of course, that does not necessarily mean it is the better choice for your needs. You can decide that for yourself.

Does CVS Still Have Western Union In 2021?

CVS does not offer Western Union to its customers as of 2024. Instead, CVS offers MoneyGram service, and you can opt for that, as it is almost the same as using Western Union. Not all locations of CVS will have a MoneyGram inside the store.

Contact your nearest CVS and ask them if they have a MoneyGram. If they do, you can use the service for your financial needs. Be sure to check the fees and cost before opting for the service.