Does CVS Have Notary Service? (Answered)

While many organizations and individuals have lawyers in place for this purpose, many others refer to public notary service providers. 

CVS is a popular brand. It is a subsidiary of CVS Health and is known for its pharmaceutical services. However, there are rumors that the organization also offers notary services. This article seeks to confirm or debunk the rumor. 

Does CVS Have Notary Service?

CVS offers notary services in many selected locations across the country. The cost of a CVS notary is between $5 to $30 and their notary service covers all types of documentation such as deeds, financial documentation, business, and international documentation.

There is no fixed price for the notary services offered by CVS as the price charged depends on the location where you enjoyed the service. 

Which CVS Locations Have a Notary? 

Most CVS locations have a notary but some of them don’t. One of the ways of knowing whether a CVS location offers notary service is through its size. The larger a CVS store is, the higher the likelihood of it offering a notary service.

All of CVS’s large stores have a notary service attached to them. However, this is not a very effective way of determining whether a CVS location offers notary services, and this leads us to the next option.

You can determine the CVS locations that offer notary services through the CVS Store Finder. This finder helps you locate the CVS stores near you and provides the contact information for these stores.

Therefore, you can easily call or reach out to the store to confirm if they have notary services at the store. 

Like CVS, many big pharmacy stores and brands also offer notary services in-store. Therefore, if the CVS store near you doesn’t offer a notary service, you can opt for these other big brands. 

What Documents Can I Get Notarized At CVS?

CVS notary allows you to notarize documents that contain financial deals, power of attorney, Estates, Deeds, Foreign affairs as well as International Business.

You can also get your government-issued certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, proof of identity, and many others notarized at CVS locations.

The service will create witnessed and certified copies of these documents and certificates. 

The importance of getting this done stems from the fact that the notarized copies of these certificates are required documents in loan applications, job applications, and even governmental services. 

How Much Does CVS Notary Cost?

There are no stated prices for the notary service offered at CVS locations. However, the price ranges from $5 to about $30. The actual price depends on the location where you want to do the notarization and the size or complexity of the document. 

For instance, pharmacies that offer notary services charge between $5 and $15 for their services. This covers small and medium-sized documents.

However, larger or more complex documents may cost about $30, again, depending on the location. 

It is important to state that most banks offer free notary services to their customers. All you have to do is walk into any local branch of your bank and request the services. 

However, while banks close earlier and do not open on Sundays, stores like CVS open for longer hours and also work on weekends.

Therefore, they allow you to get your documents notarized when your bank is unavailable.

Do I Need an Appointment for CVS Notary?

You do not need to book an appointment at CVS to get your documents notarized. While an appointment is needed with many other notary services, it is not needed with CVS.

All you need to do is call to confirm if the CVS location has a notary service available. If the store has, walk into the store during the operating hours and have your documents and certificates notarized. 

What Do I Need to Get Notarized at CVS?       

To get your documents notarized at CVS, you need to come with certain requirements. These requirements include:


The first and most important requirement for notarization is the complete copy of the document(s) that you intend to notarize.

Means of Identification

The next most important requirement is a valid means of identification. In most cases, you will need a valid photo ID that shows your name and picture clearly. This means of identification must also meet the requirements of the state. 


The document you wish to notarize may require the signature of other parties. Thus, it is important to come with these individuals. These individuals must also be present with their respective valid photo IDs that show their faces and name.  


Notary services at CVS are not free. Therefore, it is important that you come along with the stated payment for the service. 

How Do I Get Notarized at CVS?

The process involved in getting notarized at CVS is simple but includes several steps. The first step is understanding the type of notary service you need.

If you are at loss, the notary service provider can explain the different types to you. However, you will have to decide the type you want as it is illegal for the notary service provider to suggest one, except they are a lawyer as well.

Next, you ensure that the document to be notarized is complete, and you also need to provide a valid means of identification.

The means of identification should be a photo ID that shows your picture and the name on the ID should match the one on the document. 

Lastly, provide other signees, if necessary, and sign the document when it is time to. 

Can I Get Notarized at CVS?

You can get all types of documents notarized at CVS locations. However, not all CVS locations provide the notary service. It cost around $15 to get notarized and you do not need an appointment.