Does CVS Have ATM Machines

One of the customer services that retail stores offer is the availability of ATMs. The ATM placement in stores provides customers convenient access to cash withdrawal in a safe environment. 

CVS retail corporation is currently the largest pharmacy in the United States with over 9500 store chains in several locations. 

As you know CVS offers many services to customers. But do they have ATM availability within the store? 

Read further to know about the ATM service in CVS.

Does CVS Have ATM Machines?

CVS Pharmacies do have ATMs of All Point and U.S Bank ATMs in most of the stores with a surcharge-free service for cardholders. A foreign fee is incurred for others that range between $2- $4 per withdrawal. 

Some CVS locations have Citi Bank and Plus Alliance ATMs as well. The ATM machines are conveniently located at the side of the entrance inside the store so that customers can access cash during purchase.

Does all CVS Locations Have an ATM Machine?

CVS has over 9500 store chains that operate around the United States, of which the majority of store branches have ATMs. 

After CVS expands the partnership with the All Point network, fifty more surcharge-free All Point ATMs are enabled across Hawaii.

Additionally, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Fransico have Citi bank ATMs at CVS stores.

What Type of ATM Machines Does CVS Have?

All Point, the largest surcharge-free ATM network extends its service at CVS. Customers who bank with All Point participants can benefit from surcharge-free ATM access.

U.S Bank, on the other hand, offers ATM services at some of the CVS locations with no-fee cash access for the cardholders.

Citi Bank customers can also get ATM service at CVS, particularly in Los Angeles, Miami, and San Fransico.

Plus Alliance and Capital One Customers also can now access ATMs at CVS and several other stores.

What is the ATM Fee at CVS?

Depending on your bank and the available ATM in the store, you can get surcharge-free service from All Point and U.S banks.

All the other bank ATMs will have a fee range between $2 to $4 and a maximum withdrawal limit of $1500 per day.

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To avoid ATM fees during purchase,

What Other Stores Have an ATM Machine?

The other retail stores that have ATM access to customers are listed below.

Walgreens, Kroger, SafewayAll Point
Target, Rite Aid, WalgreensCiti Bank
7-Eleven, Costco, Publix, Circle K, Rite AidCo-Op
Target, Winn- Dixie Plus Alliance
WalgreensCapital One

More Stores with ATMs:

Does CVS Still Have ATM Machines in 2024?

With over 9000 store chains, most of the CVS stores continue to provide ATM access to their customers till now. All Point and U.S bank surcharge-free ATMs are used at most of the CVS locations.