Does CVS Do Cash Back?

While many ATMs and stores can charge outstanding fees for those who wish to withdraw cash, alternative places like CVS Pharmacy offer cash back options that are free of charge as long as you make a purchase in the store.

At CVS, a purchase of any amount using a debit card will allow you to get up to $35 in cash back, though you currently cannot get cash back using a credit card, contactless pay or via check.

Does CVS Do Cash Back?

CVS Pharmacy does offer cash back in small increments and amounts up to $35 with no charge. When you use a debit card to make a purchase in-store, you will have the option to receive cash back, no matter how small the purchase is.

Offering increments ranging from $5 to $35, you could even get a mix of bills and coins in return if they are available.

Because most CVS locations are open 24-hours, there is essentially no cut-off to when you can walk in and make a purchase in order to get cash back, as long as the store is open.

The growing popularity of CVS Pharmacy has led to the development of over 10,000 locations spanning the United States, meaning ample opportunity to get cash back and avoid hefty ATM withdrawal fees.

What is CVS’s Cash Back Policy?

As long as you make a purchase inside of a CVS store using a debit card, you qualify to receive cash back upon check-out. CVS does have a cash back limit of $35 per transaction, meaning you’ll need to make multiple transactions if you need more than that in cash.

CVS charges no fee to get cash back, and there is no minimum purchase required in order to access the feature. Even if you do end up making multiple purchases to get more than the $35 limit in cash back, there is no charge associated with the feature.

Take in mind the amount of cash the cashier might be allowed to hold in her till before you attempt to get too much in cash back.

Where Can You Get Cash Back in CVS?

CVS offers cash back for in-store purchases only at any check out counter. Most CVS locations do have card machines and POS systems that allow for the cash back feature; however, it might be beneficial to check with the nearest physical store for specific location information prior to your visit, if possible.

You cannot get cash back on mobile orders or online purchases.

How Do You Get Cash Back at CVS?

Once you swipe your debit card at the counter to make your purchase, the card reader will prompt you to select a cash back amount ranging from $5 to $35.

When you select your preferred option, you will be asked to confirm your new purchase total, which will then reflect the purchase amount, plus any applicable taxes, as well as the cash back amount selected.

When the payment has successfully gone through, the cashier will then hand you the cash from their till in the amount requested and displayed on the card reader.

If you do plan to get more than the $35 cash back limit, make an additional purchase using the same method.

What is the Best Way to Get Cash Back at CVS?

As it stands, there is only one real way to get cash back at a CVS pharmacy. You must use a debit card when making your purchase in order to qualify for cash back at check-out, and you must be inside a physical CVS store location.

Current CVS policies do not allow for customers to get cash back on purchases made using a check, a credit card or a contactless pay option. Many CVS locations have new automated self-checkout stations that might also offer cash back options.

Some CVS customers can sign up for PayPal or Venmo and receive $10 in cash back on their first purchase of $20 or more, as long as the promotion is valid.

Can You Get Cash Back at CVS With a Check?

Current cash-back policies at CVS do not allow a customer to receive cash back on purchases made using a check as their payment option.

This is most likely a fraud prevention method and company failsafe, as bounced check fees can easily cost more than the $35 cash back limit CVS allows.

Though you can pay for your purchase with a check at most CVS locations, it will not give you access to the cash back option available to debit card users.

Can You Get Cash Back at CVS With a Credit Card?

As with a check, you cannot get cash back at any CVS location by using a credit card. However, CVS does allow you to get cash back if you are using a Discover Cash Back Debit Card.

The store does offer different bill pay services, but at this time CVS does not offer cash advance services for those looking to get large sums of cash.

Does CVS Still Allow Cash Back in 2024?

Changing policies and global affairs have affected the convenience and accessibility of cash back withdrawals for consumers.

Fortunately, CVS locations across the world still allow its customers to receive cash back in amounts up to $35, at no charge, when they use a debit card to make their purchase.

In review, as long as you’re at a CVS pharmacy and making a purchase with a debit card, regardless of the amount, you can access the store’s cash back feature.

This allows customers to bypass traditional ATM fees in order to get $35 in cash back with no charge, making CVS a great alternative to banks and other stores.