Does CVS Cash Checks?

Between 2017 and 2019, the number of households without bank accounts went from 25% to 5% and is likely even lower now. Still, while there is demand for check cashing for various reasons, the need is decreasing, so the service is disappearing from stores.

If you are a consumer looking for check cashing options, then you’ve probably heard that large retail stores and grocery stores will sometimes offer this for a smaller fee than payday loan stores. For example, CVS is a popular retail store that is likely close to you and could provide this service.

Does CVS Cash Checks?

CVS doesn’t offer check cashing services to customers at any of its locations. Therefore, you will need to bring alternative payment methods to purchase anything in-store. CVS does accept personal checks as payment but does not offer cash back on them. You can also pay with all other traditional payment options.

Many of CVS’s big pharmacy competitors also don’t offer this service. So you may need to cash your check and then come back to CVS, rather than having a better option at another pharmacy.

Some customers may be frustrated with this missing service and want to know whether any checks can be cashed. Such as government-issued checks.

What Types of Checks Does CVS Not Cash?

CVS does not accept any type of check to be used for check cashing. Therefore, they do not offer this service in any way to customers. This includes personal, business, government-issued, and payroll checks.

With no option left at CVS, and if you don’t have any other forms of payment, you will need to find somewhere else that will cash your check.

Where Can You Get Checks Cashed?

Fewer stores than ever are offering check cashing services. However, below you will find some options that may still work for your needs.

  • Your bank will help with no fee.
  • The check issuing bank or even other banks you don’t belong to may cash your check. Make sure you have a valid government-issued ID if you try this option.
  • If you have other retail or grocery stores near you, they may offer this service. For example, Walmart will in some cases, and Krogers is an excellent option that provides in-store financial services.
  • Payday loan stores or other money lending institutions will charge you high fees.
  • Paypal and other online wallets will turn your real checks into digital currency that you don’t need to deposit into your bank account. If you have access to a smartphone, this may be a good option. Many stores even accept PayPal as a payment method, including CVS.

If none of these methods are available, you may be increasingly frustrated with CVS not providing check cashing services.

Why Doesn’t CVS Cash Checks?

CVS has no public comment on why cashing checks. As we move into a digital age, fewer people need this type of service. People still using it are likely dealing in small amounts, or fraudsters are trying to scam. It’s just not worth the effort for many stores to provide this service.

With all the changes around payments and services, you may be confused about if stores ever provided this service or if they’ve changed what services they offer you.

Did CVS Cash Checks Before?

CVS has never cashed checks directly in recent times. They do have MoneyGram, which is a financial service in-store. However, MoneyGram doesn’t offer this service.

With CVS never cashing checks before, consumers may wonder if this is a service that could be provided in the future so they can continue spending money with CVS.

Will CVS Cash Checks in the Future?

CVS is unlikely to offer cash checking services. Cash checking is a high-risk, high-handling, low reward service for most businesses that aren’t in the financial industry. In addition, checks are becoming very rare, with more people getting access to bank accounts than ever before.

CVS has not made any comments about new financial services being brought into stores. So it’s safe to say that the service will not be coming to a CVS near you soon.

Can I Cash a Check at CVS?

It’s impossible to cash a check at CVS; they do not offer the service and never have. Therefore, you will need to look for other options to cash your check, and then you will be able to make purchases at CVS.

Unless you are in a tiny minority, it should be possible for you to open a bank account so that you can deposit checks and use the money. Many banks will not require proof of address, and even some services like Paypal will offer bank-life services to most people.

With check cashing options disappearing, it would be advisable to find a way to get your funds digitally. Options for digital funds could be as simple as a prepaid credit card or a service like PayPal, which offers a physical credit card.