Does Costco Take Venmo?

Costco is one of the largest wholesale stores in the US. They sell various goods and offer some health services too. For example, you can get eye exams and hearing aids at Costco.

Venmo is a popular payment option that many retail stores offer. If you are wondering whether Costco accepts it or not, you’re in the right place.

Does Costco Take Venmo?

Costco is a popular retail store that does not take Venmo. They accept various payment options. However, they don’t take any form of payment associated with Venmo. To use that option, you will have to look for alternative stores that accept this method.

Costco mainly allows members to shop produce, foods, and much more from the shop. Even non-members can buy stuff from the store.

To pay for your things, you will have to use one of the accepted payment methods at Costco. That is why you must understand why the store does not take Venmo.

Why Doesn’t Costco Take Venmo?

Costco allows consumers to pay through various options. However, Venmo is not one of them due to different reasons. Firstly, it is a digital wallet that is made mainly for personal payments.

Since only small businesses use Venmo, there is no tax record when using this form of payment. Thus, the store will have to track transactions individually. This is not possible for large retail stores as it is time-consuming.

Besides that, Venmo is associated with PayPal. However, Costco cannot deal with any payment network other than Visa. That is why you must understand if the store accepts Venmo debit cards.

Can You Use Venmo Debit Card At Costco?

The wholesale store does not allow consumers to use Venmo debit cards. They have many reasons due to which they do not accept it.

One of the primary reasons they do not take Venmo debit cards is because of their exclusive contract with Visa. This contract prohibits the store from accepting other payment methods.

The only debit card you can use at Costco is a Visa debit card. This may have you wondering if the store takes Mastercard. If yes, then worry no more.

Can You Pay With Venmo Mastercard At Costco?

Costco does not allow any consumer to pay with Venmo Mastercard. This is because of their contract with Visa. Shoppers cannot use credit or debit cards of any other payment networks.

Mastercard is a separate payment network that is not associated with Visa. Thus, Costco does not allow people to pay with it. The store accepts neither in-store nor online Mastercard payments.

However, there are many other ways through which you can pay at Costco. They offer various popular alternatives to customers.

Are There Any Venmo Alternatives At Costco?

There are many other payment options at Costco. For example, you can use all cards by Visa at the shop. This method is accepted at all Costco stores, gas stations, and much more.

Besides Venmo, there are three other digital wallet options that this store offers. Costco allows customers to use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

However, these three digital wallet options are only accepted at Costco warehouses. If you want to buy things with Venmo, you will have to shop at other stores.

What Other Stores Take Venmo?

Many retail stores in the US, such as Walmart, take Venmo. Besides that, CVS, Forever 21, Crew, Poshmark, and much more accept this payment method.

Amazon also partially accepts Venmo payments. You can use the digital wallet app to pay for your stuff. Additionally, you can use Venmo Mastercard and debit card at these stores.

Besides that, food delivery apps also accept Venmo payments. For example, you can use this option on Uber Eats.

Is Venmo Accepted At Costco In 2024?

Venmo is not accepted as a viable payment option at Costco. You cannot use it to pay for your things at the store locations. The wholesaler also does not allow Venmo payments on their online website. To use this option, you will have to go to other stores such as Walmart and CVS.

Costco does not take Venmo because they cannot track the transactions with this digital wallet. Besides that, Venmo is owned by PayPal, which the store does not allow as well.

However, you can use other alternatives at the wholesale store. The shop allows Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay at their warehouse location.

Apart from that, you can go to other retail stores if you want to pay with Venmo.