Costco Cigarettes Guide (Brands, Price, Returns & More)

For those who purchase cigarettes, the most common stores that sell this product start with convenience stores.

Other locations include stores that specialize in selling tobacco products, such as those on land owned by Native Americans.

Although the cigarette business is starting to phase out, Costco’s main competitor Sam’s Club, and its parent company Walmart are still selling cigarettes.

Does Costco Sell Cigarettes?

Costco does sell cigarettes in some of its locations and you can choose regular, menthol, or filtered cigarettes at Costco. Since Costco is a warehouse store, it sells cigarettes by the carton. You can save money by purchasing cigarettes by the carton instead of the pack.

Costco use to sell cigarettes in all of its locations, but it is getting phased out due to the low profit margins. Of the 572 Costco warehouse locations across the United States, 189 Costco locations sell cigarettes.

For those who normally shop for cigarettes at their local convenience store, Costco offers similar prices and selection. Plus, you can combine your purchase of cigarettes with other shopping and make fewer trips.

Tobacco Brand Names & Accessories

Costco sells tobacco products and accessories that include the most popular brands of cigarettes. You’ll find favorites such as Marlboro, Pall Mall, Camel, Newport, and more. In addition to cigarettes, Costco also offers other tobacco products.

The exact brands of cigarettes that can be purchased by the carton vary depending on the location. This is because certain brands tend to sell better than others, so the store will stock up on the popular ones.

You can find cigars, smokeless tobacco pouches, and papers to roll your own cigarettes. Costco sells individual packs of premium cigars, leaf cigars, and Cigarillos.

Plus, you’ll find accessories such as lighters and matches for sale at Costco.

Average Cost of Cigarettes at Costco

The cost of cigarettes will depend on several factors. This is primarily because each state taxes cigarettes at different levels. This is why some states such as New York have tobacco prices far higher compared to states such as Wyoming.

Costco’s prices for cigarettes are roughly the same as the nationwide average which is $6.28 per pack. However, that average price can vary depending on your location.

Keep in mind that cigarette prices tend to be the same across a county or state. This is due to the taxes placed on cigarettes as they are often sold at the lowest price per the manufacturer.

Therefore, do not expect to find great savings at Costco compared to convenience stores and other locations. And the prices will be higher compared to tobacco products sold on land controlled by Native Americans because they do not have to include state and local taxes in the price.

Where to Find Cigarettes at Costco

You can find cigarettes being sold at designated locations within the business center and warehouse stores that Costco operates. The exact location inside each store is not going to be the same.

Cigarettes at Costo tend to be located where attendants or clerks are nearby. This is because you must be the minimum age to purchase cigarettes depending on the state. The tobacco products tend to be behind protective glass or in a cabinet that is under lock and key.

Costco also sells cigarette and tobacco products online. However, they only deliver such products to commercial addresses. In other words, you cannot order cigarettes online and expect to have them delivered to your home.

So, you will have to go to the store and obtain the cigarettes. Unless you operate a business that sells cigarettes, you cannot have them delivered to your location.

Costco’s Return Policy on Cigarettes

You can not return cigarettes to Costco where prohibited by law. This means that in most Costco locations in which tobacco is sold, state law prevents such products from being returned to the store.

You will need to check with the laws of your state or with the Costco location to see if they can take returns on tobacco products.

Cigarette Alternatives at Costco

Costco does offer nicotine patches, lozenges, and gum at their locations. These are popular alternatives to cigarettes designed to help people kick the habit.

Since nicotine-only products do not have cancer-causing agents found in tobacco, they are sold at all Costco locations. This means if you are trying to quit smoking, you can purchase nicotine-only products at Costco.

There is no evidence that Costco sells vapes or vaping products. This may be a temporary situation or one that Costco will simply never sell.