Does Costco Have Western Union In 2021?

Costco is a popular national wholesale retailer utilized by millions of shoppers both online and in-store. They provide bulk options of popular foods and home goods, as well as furniture, clothing, and alcohol. The store has made a name for itself as the leader in wholesale.

Since Costco has been doing so well, why should they change what they are doing successfully?

Does Costco Have Western Union In 2024?

Costco does not offer Western Union services in any of their locations as of 2024. You cannot do any money services such as transferring and receiving at their help desk. Costco’s customer service area is mainly used for memberships and return services.

With many other retailers offering Western Union services, Costco doesn’t feel the necessity to have these services currently or add them in the near future. The availability of Western Union, or other such services, is becoming more accessible without Costco’s involvement.

Why Doesn’t Costco Have Western Union?

Costco doesn’t have a Western Union because they are not a traditional grocery store or similar to other retailers that have Western Union services. The help desk at Costco only helps its customers with signing up for a Costco card or with any questions regarding being a cardholder.

The retailers that do have Western Union are closer to traditional grocery stores both national and regional, or smaller neighborhood shops. There are many locations all over the United States and you are sure to have one in your area.

Which Retailers Have Western Union?

Many retailers do provide Western Union services. Many local grocery chains, such as HEB and Kroger, provide Western Union within their Money Centers.

Other providers include 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and Dollar General. Western Union services are also included in many local banks, and easy to find locations on their website.

At these retailers and providers, customers can transfer money internationally and domestically, pay bills, and cash money orders.  

Where Can You Receive Western Union Money Transfer?

Customers can receive Western Union money transfers directly to their bank accounts or choose an option for cash pick up. The easiest option is a money transfer directly from one bank account to another bank account.

Customers can also opt for a cash pick up of money transfers which requires transaction information and a form of government identification. The recipient must also go to a location that offers the cash pick-up option and be physically present to receive the money.

Western Union also offers a cash option for its money order service available at most locations.

Where Can You Cash Western Union Money Orders?

Customers can cash Western Union money orders at any agent location. To do so, the recipient must have some information with them at the time of pick up.

Recipients must fill out the “To Receive Money Form”, or TRMF. They also need to present their government-issued identification and the tracking number (MTCN).

From there, the customer should be able to complete the transaction and receive their money. If Western Union charges too many fees for you, or you simply prefer another service, MoneyGram is a popular alternative for customers.

Does Costco Have MoneyGram?

Costco does not have MoneyGram at its locations either. MoneyGram, similar to Western Union, offers money transfers, internationally and domestically, as well as money orders.

However, Western Union allows customers to pay bills using their service. MoneyGram does not currently have this feature and is unclear if they are adding it sometime in the future.

While both services are nice to have, and utilized by many people every day, Costco does not have either option.

Does Costco Have Western Union in 2021?

Costco does not have Western Union services in any of its stores. The retailer doesn’t have any such services within its stores as they aren’t a traditional grocery store operation.

As a wholesale retailer, the closest thing Costco has to money services is a help desk for their cardholders. These cardholders are allowed to shop in any Costco worldwide and are eligible for exclusive deals in-store.

Although popular money transferring services, like Western Union, are not available at Costco, the retailer has built a pretty impressive model for how to do wholesale business. Additionally, Western Union services are widely available at many other retailers