Does Costco Have MoneyGram in 2021?

MoneyGram is one of many money transfer services used by many people every day. Customers can transfer money internationally and domestically as well as pay their bills.

Joining many other payment transfer services, MoneyGram has grown to serve over 150 million people worldwide within the past five years. However, not all retailers offer MoneyGram services.

Does Costco Have MoneyGram in 2021?

Costco stores do not have MoneyGram services in 2021. Costco is a warehouse club and they don’t have any money transferring store partners. MoneyGram mostly partners with banks, retail, and grocery stores.

By doing this, Costco has made their stores completely about them and are able to highlight the perks being a Costco Card Member holds.

Why Doesn’t Costco Have MoneyGram?

Costco does not have MoneyGram because of the kind of store Costco is. They are a membership-only wholesale retailer and part of the draw is being a cardholder.

Many other stores, ones that are grocery stores, offer money transfer services like MoneyGram so the services are still easily accessible. Consumers who wish to use the service still can.

Money transfer services are widely used by many people. However, Costco aims to be different from most grocery stores including those that do offer this service.

Which Retailers Have MoneyGram?

Although Costco doesn’t have MoneyGram services in its stores, many competitors offer money transfer services. Retailers such as Walmart offer MoneyGram, as well as other money transfer services, to their customers.

Other retailers, found on MoneyGram’s location finder, include CVS and Ace Cash Express. MoneyGram also has an app that is available on Apple and Android smartphones that make money transfers even quicker and more convenient.

If you have a money transfer or money order from MoneyGram, there are ways to still receive them without being a part of Costco.

Where Can You Receive MoneyGram Money Transfer?

Customers can receive MoneyGram money transfers directly to your bank account or your mobile wallet. As another option, you can choose to receive a cash pickup at many locations that offer MoneyGram services.

Recipients can receive their money transfer on the MoneyGram app without the hassle of physically going to a location that offers MoneyGram services. This can save even more time and money.

Where Can You Cash MoneyGram Money Orders?

If customers need to cash a MoneyGram money order, they can visit a participating MoneyGram location. You will need the reference number and a valid form of government-issued identification.

Depending on the amount, you may be asked to provide proof of address as well. The most common proof of address is a utility bill with your name and address on it.

Does Costco Have Western Union?

Costco unfortunately doesn’t offer a Western Union option to its customers either.

Western Union, a world leader in money transfer services, is a popular competitor to MoneyGram. With Western Union, customers can send money domestically and internationally as well as do money orders, just like with MoneyGram.

However, Western Union offers additional services such as bill payments.

As of now, Costco doesn’t have any money transferring services within their customer service center in their stores

Does Costco Have MoneyGram in 2021?

Costco, a world leader in wholesale shopping, does not currently have MoneyGram, or any other money transfer services, in its stores. The retailer prides itself on being different from most grocery chains or bulk supply stores.

Costco has built its reputation as a perfect marriage of these two. While most grocery stores have a Money Center that offers money transfer services, Costco has chosen to omit this from their business model.

So far, this choice has worked out very well for Costco as they continue to be one of the most popular venues for people to shop.