Does Costco Have Coin Counting Machine?

Costco is a retail store in the US that has been operating for decades. It is famous for offering various services. For example, you can grocery shop at this store.

Besides that, Costco also offers many other things, such as eye exams. If you’re wondering whether or not they have a coin-counting machine, you no longer have to.

Here is what you need to know about it.

Does Costco Have Coin Counting Machine?

Costco is a popular retail store that offers many services. However, a coin-counting machine is not one of them. You will not find this tool to use at their warehouse. However, the wholesaler does sell coin-counting machines through their business delivery option.

A coin-counting machine is a device that converts coins into cash for you. Many retail stores have them in place to offer more flexibility to their customers.

Typically, you will find Coinstar machines at various places in the US. However, Costco is not one of them. They do not offer this service to customers.

If you’re wondering whether all Costco locations do not have coin-counting machines, then you no longer have to. Here is everything you need to know about this wholesaler’s policy towards this service.

Which Costco Locations Doesn’t Have A Coin Counting Machine?

No Costco locations in the US or other countries have a coin counting machine. You will not find kiosks of Coinstar or any other company at this retail chain’s warehouses.

Costco also has gas stations across various states in the nation. However, they also don’t have any coin-counting machines in place. For this service, you will have to look for different options.

There are many places that used to offer coin counting machines but then stopped. If you want to know whether Costco is one of them, you should read further.

Below we’ve detailed all the information that you may want to know about Costco and coin counting machines.

Have Costco Ever Offered Coin Counting Machine Service Before?

Costco has been in the retail industry since 1983. However, they have never offered coin-counting machines before. None of their locations had this tool in the past.

Since its inception, this wholesaler has not offered coin counting machine services to customers. They have also not released an official statement regarding this option.

However, the main reason this retail store does not offer this service is that it is outside of their purview. Costco does not offer in-store financial services such as cash checking, money orders, and much more.

Thus, it is no surprise that the store does not have a coin counting machine to convert coins into cash. Besides that, they have not released a statement regarding the future.

It is unlikely that Costco will place coin counting machines in their stores. This is probably because most of their customers pay through their shopping cards.

Some stores do offer alternatives to coin counting machines. If you’re wondering whether Costco has such options, worry no more.

Is There Any Coin Counting Machine Alternatives At Costco?

Costco does not have alternatives for coin counting machines. However, they do accept coins for payment. You can use them if you don’t have cash on you.

Besides that, if you require a cash change for your coins, you may want to ask the cashier. If the amount is small, then they may exchange them for you. However, you should not rely on this completely.

To offer more flexibility to customers, the store does accept different methods of payment. You can use Visa cards to pay for your things at Costco.

The wholesaler also accepts personal checks as payment. However, this option is only available at its warehouses.

If you have coins that you want to turn to cash, you will have to look for alternatives. There are many other places that do offer coin-counting machines at their locations.

What Other Places Offer Coin Counting Machine Services?

Many places in the US offer coin counting machine kiosks at their locations. Meijer is one of the popular places that provide this money service to customers.

Besides that, Aldi also has a coin machine at their stores. Walmart and CVS are some other stores that offer this service too. This is one of their ways to get people into the store as they are more likely to purchase from them once inside.

However, all of these places charge a fee for allowing you to use the kiosk. They charge about 11.9% of the amount as the fee for converting the coins.

However, you can avoid paying the fee through one way. You can use an e-gift card instead for payment. This will allow you to avoid the high conversion fee.

Besides that, Gas stations such as QuikTrip and Wawa also exchange coins for cash.

Does Costco Still Have A Coin Counting Machine In 2024?

Costco never had a coin counting machine in their stores before. As of 2024, they still don’t have this device. This is because their primary aim is to sell products and not offer financial services. If you want to turn coins into cash, you will have to go to other places.

The wholesaler does not offer any other alternatives for coin counting machines. If you have a small sum, the cashier may exchange your coins for cash.

Besides that, other retail stores such as Aldi, Walmart, CVS, Albertsons, and Meijer have coin counting machines. You can also find some credit unions that will offer you this service.

To offer flexibility, Costco does take various other payment forms. So if you don’t have the cash, you can use coins for payment. They also take Visa cards and personal checks too.