Does Costco Have An ATM?

Costco’s warehouses render a wide variety of product category selections that made the company grow worldwide. The strategic marketing and productivity mindset distinguish Costco from other retailer stores.

Having an ATM in stores is a great convenience for shoppers. Let’s see if Costco has ATMs in their stores.

Does Costco Have ATM Machines?

Costco does have an ATM service to render easy cash access for customers. Costco membership is not required for using ATM. Depending on the type of ATM service in the store, the surcharge may vary from free of cost to $1.25 per transaction. 

ATM in Costco is conveniently located right at the front of the store between the entrance and exit passage. 

Does all Costco Locations Have an ATM Machine?

Most of the Costco chains do provide ATM access to shoppers. Cardtronics operates more than 450 ATMs located in Costco warehouses and has plans to expand the ATM service for future Costco locations. 

Since Costco renewed its contract with Cardtronics, it continues as a key provider of ATM service in most of the Costco chains.

For your convenience, it is better to contact the nearest Costco store to know about the ATM service. Visit the store locator to find the store near you.

What Type of ATM Machines Does Costco Have?

Costco has partnered with multiple ATM network providers including Co-Op Financial Service, All Point, and Plus-Alliance ATMs. Across 500 stores in the United States, the majority of Costco locations provide ATM service with any of these providers.

Moreover, most of the Costco branches have Citibank ATMs as well. Recently Citibank has doubled its ATM network across the U.S and customers can now access ATMs at major retail stores including Costco.

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What is the ATM Fee at Costco?

Co-Op and All Point networks offer surcharge-free ATM access to customers at Costco. 

Citi Bank customers will not be charged a surcharge fee when using Citi bank ATM at Costco.

However, some of the financial providers charge an additional fee for using other ATMs. The fee ranges up to $1.25 per withdrawal. 

If you need to save the ATM transaction fee, you can benefit from Costco’s free cash back at the register. However, you should ensure that you are not exceeding the ATM transaction limit of your card provider.

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What Other Stores Have an ATM Machine?

Several other retail stores provide ATMs for convenient cash access. 

Here is a list of stores and ATM network providers.

Target, Cvs, Kroger, Walgreens, SafewayAll Point
Target, Rite Aid, Cvs, WalgreensCiti Bank
7-Eleven, Costco, Publix, Circle K, Rite AidCo-Op
CVS, Target, Winn- Dixie, WalgreensPlus Alliance

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Does Costco Still Have ATM Machines in 2024?

Most of the Costco warehouse locations still provide ATMs within the stores as everyone needs cash for certain transactions. However, it is a good idea to call the store location and make sure there is an ATM service.

Since the ATM fee varies depending on the ATM network, it is best to research the surcharge details or call the local store.