Does Costco Do COVID Testing?

Most people visit government-funded testing sites or healthcare institutions for COVID testing. However, many other places offer to test, such as the biggest retailer chains in the U.S.

COVID tests are free unless you don’t have insurance or want reimbursement from the government. Besides that, you also have to pay for at-home COVID testing kits.

So, if you want to get COVID testing from Costco, you are in the right place. Here is what you must know about it.

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Does Costco Do COVID Testing?

Costco does not have any COVID testing sites. You can only opt for their at-home testing kits to get a COVID test at home. The Costco website has many testing kits you can choose from.

Most of these testing kits also have discounts on them so that you can take an affordable test at home. Unfortunately, Costco has no plan to start offering testing at the site because they only have over 500 warehouses in the U.S.

Of course, it is crucial to understand the cost of the tests before you opt for them.

Does Costco Charge For COVID Testing?

The at-home testing kits that Costco offers will vary between brands. Such testing kits will cost $100 or more, depending on what it offers.

For example, testing kits with video observation will cost more than the standard ones. Of course, such kits are ideal for people looking to travel soon.

Depending on your needs, budget, and preferences, you can select a testing kit. Once you do, you can order it for yourself. 

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Do I Need An Appointment For COVID Test At Costco?

You don’t need an appointment because Costco does not offer on-site testing. You can only get the COVID at-home testing kit to administer the test at home.

All you have to do is order the testing kit from the website, and you will be good to go. Keep in mind that you don’t get test results from kits rapidly.

You have to wait the same amount as people who get tests from the lab or other sites.

How Long Would It Take To Get COVID Test Results At Costco?

It can take anywhere between 12 and 48 hours from the time the lab receives your kit. Once the lab receives your test, they will inform you of how long it will take to get the results.

Of course, the result time also depends on the kit. When you purchase the kit, all information will be there for you to make an informed decision.

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Does Costco Sell COVID Tests?

Costco sells COVID testing kits to its customers all over the country. You can get PCR tests that you can take at home.

Some of these tests also come with video observation to make your life easier. After your test is done, the kit goes to the labs, where your results will come.

It will take between 1 and two days to get your results. If there is any delay, the lab will inform you.