Does Costco Cash Checks? (Answered)

Many low-income consumers still use checks, which is often due to a lack of a bank account. You may be receiving checks from the government, and without a way to deposit that check to a bank, you need a way to cash it.

Grocery stores are where everybody has to spend money, so it makes sense to offer a check cashing service, and many of them do. Costco is a bulk supplier of groceries, and it seems reasonable that they might cash checks.

Does Costco Cash Checks?

Costco does not cash checks in any of its stores as part of its membership services. It does not have an official comment on its website, but calling its corporate helpline and local stores confirms this to be the case.

Many grocery stores still offer check cashing services to support their low-income or elderly customers. However, Costco is not one of them.

As a customer, you may be wondering if this includes all types of checks or if it’s just personal checks they refuse to cash.

What Types of Checks Does Costco Not Cash?

Costco does not cash any type of check. It is simply not a service that it offers to its membership. It doesn’t accept personal, government-issued, or pay checks. Therefore, there is no way for you to cash a check at Costco, and you will need alternate means of payment.

The only confusing part is where Costco sends its members “checks” as a cashback reward. You can get the balance of this “check” if you don’t fully use it during your purchase.

Without this option at Costco, consumers will need to find alternative businesses to provide this service. Afterward, you can either return to Costco or buy what you need from a different store.

Where Can You Get Checks Cashed?

You can still get your check cashed at many grocery stores, as well as other businesses. However, your best option will always be to use a bank as it shouldn’t charge you a fee. You can check if any options below are available to you.

Your top options in order of fees charged are:

  • Your bank will deposit checks to your account for free in most cases.
  • The bank that issued the check may help.
  • Online services will cash your check into digital currency if you prefer not to bank your check, such as PayPal.
  • Some retail or grocery stores, such as Walmart or Krogers, will still provide the service.
  • Payday loan stores will cash checks for higher fees.

The inconvenience of using these other services instead of Costco may be a source of anger and frustration. However, if other grocery stores allow this, it seems unreasonable for Costco not to offer it as well.

Why Doesn’t Costco Cash Checks?

Costco has no official response on why it doesn’t cash checks. It’s just not a service it offers and likely isn’t a service most of their customers require. Costco does accept checks as a form of payment; it just doesn’t cash them for you.

If you’ve been a Costco member since the beginning, maybe you remember Costco cashing a check for you before. There are even some review websites stating Costco does offer this service.

Did Costco Cash Checks Before?

Costco has never cashed checks for its membership in recent times. Furthermore, there is absolutely no mention of this service on the internet from reputable sources, and no customers complain about it online.

Customers with no other options than checks they need to cash, and with few alternatives to cash their check conveniently may want to find out if Costco will ever provide this service in the future.

Will Costco Cash Checks in the Future?

Costco is not going to cash checks in the future. Costco never has and has made no comment publicly about changing this. Furthermore, there are no complaints on the internet which indicates most customers don’t require this service from Costco.

Without a high demand from its customers, there is no significant benefit in Costco providing a new service for a form of payment that is dying out.

Can I Cash a Check at Costco?

It is not an option to cash and kind of check at Costco. It has never been a service they provide and doesn’t appear to be one they will provide in the future.

You can pay with a check or any standard form of payment such as debit, credit, or cash. However, if cashing your check is the only option, you will need to go elsewhere.

Many other stores will provide this service, including other grocery services that may be available near you.