Does Chase Support Zelle?

Zelle is digital payments company and network based in the United States, akin to other products such as PayPal and Venmo. Zelle is used by many banks across the country as an option for conveniently exchanging money digitally.

If checking account is Chase, you may be wondering if you can use Zelle – read this article for everything you need to know.

Does Chase Support Zelle in 2021?

Chase customers can send and receive money with Zelle with no additional charge. Zelle users can transfer money across any bank, not just Chase. Once you are set up with Zelle, you can access it both online and through the Chase mobile app.

Zelle has been supported by Chase since its inception in 2011. The online payment app is owned by a collection of banks which includes Chase as well as Bank of America, Capital One, and more.

Chase and other banks have used Zelle to expand their online presence and address the trend of online payment companies that include PayPal, Venmo, AliPay and beyond.

With so much competition in the online payments space, you may be concerned if Chase is the only financial institution that supports Zelle. Read on for more information about how Zelle can be used across a wide range of banks.

Do I Need to be a Chase Customer to Use Zelle?

You do not need to be a Chase customer to send or receive funds with Zelle. In fact, most major banks support Zelle, and others can use the Zelle application at to transfer funds to and from the user’s bank account.

The good news is that whether you use Zelle through your bank or not, the service is completely free. There are no additional fees for making payments, transfers, or sending funds to your bank.

For Chase customers, Zelle is a convenient and widely supported platform. So, read the next section to learn how to use it.

How Does Zelle for Chase Work?

If you are an existing Chase customer, you can enroll for Zelle in the platform. For step-by-step instructions, see below:

  1. Sign into the Chase Website
  2. Under the “Pay” menu, select Zelle
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  4. Authenticate your account through your phone or email
  5. Choose the checking account you want to connect
  6. From there, you are ready to start making transactions with Zelle!

There is absolutely no cost for setting up or using Zelle. What’s more, there is no limit to how much money you can receive on the platform. How much you can send will depend on what type of Chase checking account you have, with a conventional checking account being limited to $2,000 a day.

Transactions across Chase customers should occur within a few minutes, and one business day at the latest. For other transactions across banks, the timing will be 1-5 business days depending on if the other institution is also compatible with Zelle.

Read on for more information on how to execute a transaction across banks.

How do I Use Zelle with Chase?

Sending and receiving money is made easy with Zelle and the Chase mobile app. Below are step-by-step instructions for sending and requesting money through Zelle.

Sending Money Through the Chase Mobile App

  1. Tap the three bars in the top left corner, which will open a menu of options
  2. Under “Pay Bills” click “Send money with Zelle”
  3. Under the submenu, select “Send Money”
  4. You can now search name, phone, or email for existing Zelle customers or recipients
  5. Select the name of the person you will send money
  6. Enter the amount, account information and date
  7. Tap next to confirm and send payment

Requesting Money with Zelle in the Chase Mobile App

  1. Tap on the three bars in the top left to access the menu
  2. Tap send money with Zelle to open expand the submenu
  3. Next, select “Request & Split Money”
  4. Identify who you are requesting money from, and enter the amount that you will request

In addition to making payments and requesting money through Zelle, you can easily split bills on the app. Read the next section to find out how.

Can I Split a Charge with Zelle on the Chase Mobile App?

Chase customers who use Zelle can easily split payments right within the Chase app. This makes shared expenses even easier to manage. Read on for more details.

To split an existing purchase within the Chase app, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign into the app
  2. Under transactions, identify the purchase you want to split
  3. When you identify the charge, swipe left and select “Split”
  4. Select an existing contact or add a new one
  5. The amount will be prefilled automatically, but can be adjusted
  6. Once you confirm the amount, and add an optional memo select “Request Money”
  7. Tap done to confirm!

The “Split” feature can be used to split the bill between just one person, or a group. This feature is perfect for dining out with friends or managing expenses with roommates or family.

Chase customers can send money to friends and family across the United States, but what about internationally?

Can Zelle Send Money Internationally Through Chase?

As of 2021, Zelle can only be used with banks that are based in the United States. Currently, the only way to send money abroad with a Chase account is to wire money.

Wire transfers are relatively easy to make through the Chase website, however, unlike Zelle are subject to fees that range from $5-$50. What’s more, wiring money may require additional information from bank account numbers to government identification.

Otherwise, one can use other services such as Western Union to transfer money internationally.

Does Chase Support Zelle in 2021?

Chase does support Zelle in 2021, making it easy and convenient to transfer money with friends, families and others. Even if the other user does not have a bank account that supports Zelle, one can still make transactions.

Additionally, Zelle can be used to split money across a group – making dining out and managing finances with a group easier than ever before. All these features are available within the Chase website or mobile application. Zelle can also be used by others by using the Zelle application.