Does Bank of America Support Zelle?

Zelle is a wildly used interbank payment system geared towards sending and receiving money to friends, family, or any person you want to pay. As long as you have an email address or phone number, you can send payments no matter what bank the other person uses.

Bank of America is a well-known US bank; it does not have a specific payment system available and relies on third-party apps.

Therefore, unless you plan to make a wire transfer to the other party, which is not particularly convenient, you will need to use things like Venmo or Zelle if they are available through Bank of America.

Does Bank of America Support Zelle?

Bank of America is one of the primary owners of the Zelle payment system, and Zelle is integrated with the Bank of America mobile application. You are fully supported and have full access to send and receive payments with Zelle as a Bank of America customer.

Bank of America has been using what is now Zelle since 2011 and was an original owner. The purpose of Zelle is to make payments between personal banking users.

Without services such as Zelle, it becomes difficult, expensive, and less safe to send payments to other users.

As there is no real standardized interbank payment system within the United States, customers not with Bank of America may be concerned they can’t use Zelle or can’t send and receive money with Bank of America customers.

Do I need to be a Bank of America customer to use Zelle?

You do not need to be a Bank Of America customer to use Zelle. Most banks in the United States offer it within their mobile apps or through their online banking portals. In addition, there are no fees associated with sending payments through the service.

If your bank does not support Zelle, you can download the mobile app from and use it directly with your bank account. Your bank not supporting the service is not a significant hurdle in sending or receiving payments.

Bank of America customers will be relieved to hear that Zelle is widely supported and available for free. So the only question left would be how do you use the service with BoA.

How Does Zelle for Bank of America Work?

Using the Bank of America mobile app, you will have the option to enroll in Zelle, which just requires you to provide a phone number or email address. Once your account is linked up and verified, you will be able to send money, and money sent to you will be automatically deposited.

There are absolutely no fees to use Zelle, either to send or receive money. You can send up to $2,500 per day through the service, which is a much higher limit than other services such as Venmo.

Customers may be confused about getting Zelle set up and working with Bank Of America, as this is a third-party service.

How Do I Set Up Zelle for the Bank of America App?

Zelle is fully integrated with the Bank of America mobile app. So you do not need to install anything else. You simply need to register a mobile phone number or email address, which will be verified. Once everything is verified, you are ready to start sending and receiving money.

Because Zelle is partly owned by Bank of America, it’s been used and integrated for many years. So there are no issues or hiccups you need to be concerned with. It’s a service that fully works, is fully supported, and has been tested by many millions of users already.

With the confidence of knowing that Zelle is a secure, convenient, and supposedly easy service to use. Customers will want to know how to use it as a Bank of America customer.

How Do I Use Zelle with Bank of America?

To send money through Zelle, you need to download the Bank of America mobile app. Once logged in, you will need to select Transfer|Zelle and register and verify a mobile number or email address for you to use. Then you can simply transfer to somebody’s email or phone number.

When you want to receive money, you can simply provide your attached email or phone number, and the sending party will use that. Your payment will be automatically deposited into your account within a few minutes of it being successfully transferred.

College students or people sharing experience will want to know whether Bank of America can use Zelle to split expenses and keep track of everything.

Can I Split a Charge with Zelle on Bank of America’s App?

Zelle has two options if you need to split expenses. The standard way would be for everybody to simply pay the primary Zelle user and that user pays the actual bill. The Zelle feed will keep track of who was paid and who still needs to pay.

Your other option would be to use the split payment feature. So instead of requesting a full payment, you can split the cost and request the partial payment from somebody. This is also tracked to make sure you know who has and hasn’t paid their share.

With both options, it’s still just the standard method of going to the Bank of America mobile app, selecting transfer|Zelle, and then either requesting/sending payment or requesting a split payment between multiple parties.

Does Bank of America Still Support Zelle in 2024?

Bank of America fully supports Zelle when you use the BoA mobile app. You need to register your mobile phone number or an email address, which will be linked to your bank account. Then, sending and receiving money will be automatically done, and transfers are completed within minutes.

Zelle can be used to send and receive money from almost any bank. Anybody whose bank does not support the service can directly download the app from However, users must register and link their bank account to receive payments, so this is an opt-in service that not everybody will have opted into.