Does Bank of America Sell Stamps?

Bank of America operates a number of branches throughout the United States that specialize in providing wealth investment, loans, and online consumer bill pay services to businesses and consumers with a Bank of America account.

Though these individually owned-and-operated branches offer other services unrelated to banking and bill pay, it doesn’t sell books of stamps, rolls of stamps, or single stamps to customers.

Instead, Bank of America provides many safe and secure ways to pay bills online and avoid purchasing stamps to pay bills by mail for its account holders.

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Does Bank of America Sell Stamps?

Bank of America does not sell stamps to its customers. If you ever encounter an individual branch that does offer stamps for sale, it is because the manager has decided to sell stamps at that location—but this is increasingly rare.

If you need to send in a payment to pay a bill or place an order by mail, you will need to purchase an envelope and stamp at another retailer that does sell stamps—such as Walmart or the United States Postal Service (USPS)—rather than Bank of America.

Why Doesn’t Bank of America Sell Stamps?

The majority of Bank of America branches do not sell stamps because, except for money orders and cashier’s checks, there is a decreasing need for stamps to pay bills or send money by mail. Rather than keep stamps available to sell to customers, Bank of America offers a variety of convenient options to automatically pay bills online.

Particular individual branches might choose to carry stamps in stock to sell, but Bank of America has never been a reliable stamp vendor.

Has Bank of America Sold Stamps Before?

Some Bank of America locations have kept stamps in stock to sell to customers, but selling stamps is not a standard service. If an individual Bank of America branch has sold stamps before, it is because the branch’s manager has elected to sell them as a convenience for its particular clientele.

Even though branches do not carry stamps to sell to customers, Bank of America’s automatic bill pay programs eliminate the need for stamps and mailed-in payments.

Does Bank of America Have Alternative Solutions to Stamps?

Bank of America’s alternative solution to stamps—and paying bills by mail—is the eBills and Bill Pay system available exclusively to account holders. After enrolling, users can schedule payments to each biller through Bank of America’s Online Banking system either with a one-time payment or with recurring payments.  

Through Bank of America’s Bill Pay, you receive an eBill just like you would receive a bill in the mail. Then, you use Bill Pay to make a payment directly from your Bank of America account.

Bank of America’s free tools to pay online help reduce the need to pay bills by mail, but many individuals rely on stamps and must purchase them from a retailer for reasons other than banking or paying bills.  

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What Other Stores Sell Stamps?

Though Bank of America does not sell stamps, you can purchase stamps through many other retailers—including convenient retailers online. No matter where you purchase them across the United States, the cost of stamps is the same everywhere (as of 2024):

  • $0.58 for a single first-class stamp
  • $11.60 for a book of 20 stamps

If you purchase a single “forever” stamp or a book of “forever” stamps, you can use one as a first-class stamp at any time in the future, even if the price of stamps increases. Unlike other stamps for sale, “forever” stamps do not list the price on the stamp itself.

Here is a list of popular retailers that sell stamps:

If you are looking to purchase collectors’ stamps, Amazon and the United States Postal Service regularly offer seasonal, special event, and oversized stamps for sale. For rare or out-of-print stamps, you can browse eBay to check availability or place a bid.  

If you need to move your banking to a bank that frequently sells stamps at their branch locations, Wells Fargo is a good alternative to Bank of America.

Does Bank of America Sell Stamps in 2024?

Bank of America does not sell stamps in 2024, but they do offer other convenient ways to pay bills and avoid resorting to sending payments by mail. If you have a Bank of America account, you can enroll in Bill Pay, which will help you reduce your reliance on stamps by setting up monthly or one-time payments to frequent billers.

If you still need to purchase stamps for reasons unrelated to bill pay, you can buy them by the book, by the roll, or in singles at many brick-and-mortar and online stores including Amazon, United States Postal Service (USPS) locations, and Walmart.

It is not standard practice for banks to offer stamps for sale, including Bank of America. Thankfully, retailers like Walmart and the United States Postal Service make it easy to purchase stamps in a store.

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