Does Bank of America Have Notary Services? (Is It Free?)

There are times in which you may need notary services. If that is the case, then Bank of America can provide the notary services you need.

Being a banking and financial institution, notary services are a requirement. This is why Bank of America and almost all banks and many financial institutions have notary services.

The need for notary services is a strong one. Especially for banks that conduct frequent transactions requiring third-party verification.

Does Bank of America Have a Notary?

Bank of America offers free notary service for their customers that have a credit card or an account. You need to call your local Bank of America branch to confirm their notary availability before visiting.

This assumes that the documents you need signing require the services of a notary public. Plus, you will need to schedule an appointment.

Otherwise, there is no fee required if you follow the procedures that Bank of America has established.

Members or account holders need only to make an appointment and bring proper identification such as a driver’s license or other recognized form.

You can ask the notary public what forms of ID are acceptable, so you can bring the proper one.

How to Find a Bank of America Branch with Notary

Most Bank of America locations have a notary public, but not all. You will need to call or contact the Bank of America location near you and ask if a notary public is present.

You may also go online to the Bank of America website and find locations where a notary public may be located.

In most cases, a notary public will have an office or desk and may have other responsibilities at the bank.

However, you will need to schedule the services of a notary public. Therefore, calling the local Bank of America locations is the best option.

If the branch does not have a notary public, they will direct you to the closest one that does.

Notary for Non Bank of America Customers

For non-customers, there may be a fee that is required, or the services might not be available at all. This will depend on the bank itself that has the notary public present.

Each Bank of America location has its own rules and regulations when it comes to any fees that might be charged or services provided to non-account holders.

You will need to check with the bank that you plan on using the services and asking the notary public. You may find that such services are not available or may come with a fee.

What is a Bank of America Notary Public?

Bank of America is an institution in which many documents must be notarized. The notarization process is the third-party or independent witness to signed documentation for contracts, recordkeeping, and transactions.

A notary public is someone who is independent of Bank of America and personnel involved in the transaction, contracts, and recordkeeping process. They are a legally recognized witness that provides documentation their legitimacy.

If a document needs to be signed and witnessed, then a notary public is needed. Their services cover the following areas.

  • Verification of Identification of Involved Parties
  • Provides Information to Both Parties about the Content of the Documents
  • Ensures that Both Parties Sign Documents of Their Own Free Will

Because of their direct involvement in signing documents, the notary public at Bank of America can also spot potential fraud issues. This means that a notary public can intercede if they believe an unauthorized, nefarious, or fraudulent activity is taking place concerning the signing of documents.

This means that the notary public is not just a rubber stamp. If they believe a party does not fully understand the documents they are signing, they can stop the process.

However, if they believe everything is in order, then the notary public will sign and verify.

Types of Documents Bank of America Notary Will Sign

Not every document requires the signature or stamp of a notary public. When you call and ask for the services of a notary public at Bank of America, they will most likely ask what types of documents are being signed. For the most part, the following documents normally need the stamp or signature of a notary public.

  • Loans
  • Trusts
  • Real Estate Deeds
  • Car Ownership Transfer
  • Affidavits

Normally, a document that requires the stamp or signature of a notary public will have a space provided for that person.

However, you can have other types of documents signed by a notary public even if they are not required. There may be a fee associated with the notarization of documents that do not require such services.

Plus, the service itself is up to the notary public to perform. It is their discretion to provide notary services.

If they suspect something is amiss, then they can refuse to provide such services. However, a Bank of America notary will sign or stamp documents that require some form of third or outside party verification.

Other Places that Offer Notary Services

If a Bank of America location is not convenient for you, other locations have notary publics. What follows is a list of possible locations in your area where a notary public may be found.

If you are a member of AAA, then their notary public services are free. A UPS store may charge up to $10 per signature.

However, if there is a public notary at your local library, then their services are free to use. Keep in mind that all notary public services will have to be scheduled. This ensures the availability of the notary public.

If you hold an account at a Bank of America, then you can use their notary public services for free. You will need to check the nearest location that has a notary public present.

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