AutoZone Battery Replacement Guide (Free, Around 10 Minutes)

Many drivers do not have the time, knowledge, or tools to diagnose and replace a dead car battery on their own.

Poorly installed batteries can be damaged by vibrations when the vehicle is driving, misalignments in the terminals can lead to the battery failing to charge or start the ignition.

People turn to auto shops and mechanics for battery installation at a price. A car battery installation can cost up to $75 at some repair shops and mechanics.

Does AutoZone Replace Batteries?

AutoZone will Install your new battery for free if you buy it from AutoZone. The installation is free, and they also offer free testing and charging to see if your battery needs a replacement. Battery replacement at AutoZone typically takes 10 minutes for standard batteries.

If the battery installation requires complicated components removal, AutoZone may install the new battery and refer you to a nearby auto body shop instead.

However, there are exceptions for batteries in hard-to-access locations in the vehicle. A typical battery installation at AutoZone takes around 10 to 15 minutes. The new batteries have a lifespan of anywhere between 2 and 5 years.

If you decide to install the car battery yourself, follow these DIY steps:

  1. Go through safety checklist
  2. Disconnect cables
  3. Remove the battery and clamp
  4. Clean the terminals
  5. Put the new battery in
  6. Apply battery washers
  7. Connect the cables
  8. Test the new battery

Here is an elaborated step-by-step guide from Autozone.

AutoZone will install a new battery that is purchased from that AutoZone in your vehicle. If the battery is in a place that would require further disassembly of the vehicle to access it, then AutoZone will not provide the installation service.

For those that want to do the installations themselves, AutoZone associates will offer guidance and advice on how to install batteries.

AutoZone Battery Choices and Prices

AutoZone offers a selection of batteries for all vehicle needs. The Econocraft brand cost around $79.99 and are designed for those that want an inexpensive bare-bones battery.

At the mid-range price of $100-$150 batteries are Duralast Standard, Valuecraft, and ACDelco Advantage, which provide higher voltage better quality.

For a high-end battery Duralast Platinum, Optima, and Odyssey brands cost around $200 and are the options these batteries are top-quality and give the highest energy output.

It is advised to make battery purchases in person at the store because it is easier to check the date the battery was manufactured. It is best to buy new batteries that are only 1-3 months old.

As a rule of thumb, it is suggested that picking a replacement that is slightly more advanced than your original battery is a sound choice.

The differences between battery prices are reflected in several factors including the type and configuration of terminals, the voltage, the construction of the battery, and what materials the plates inside are made of.

Lead-acid batteries are generally less expensive and provide the basic power needs for most vehicles. The absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries are more expensive because they are more efficient and output more power to run the sophisticated electronic features on more luxury vehicles.

Another factor in pricing is things like how long it takes the battery to start up in freezing, or intensely warm weather, and how well features like air conditioning and entertainment centers can run.

Duralast (Standard)$149.992 Years
Duralast (Gold Label)169.993 Years
Duralast (Platinum Label)$110 to $2003 Years
Odyssey$150 to $4502-3 Years
Optima$199.994 Years
Econocraft$69.9990 Days
Valuecraft$109.991 Year
ACDelco Advantage$149.9918 Months

To help identify the best battery to suit your needs every battery has its information printed on its label.

This helps to identify features and capabilities of the battery such as power output, the speed at starting the engine, how quickly the battery powers up in freezing, and extremely warm weather, and other power efficiency measures.

  • Cranking Amps (CA) – This label displays the number of amps that the battery produces continuously at 32° F while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts.
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – This label displays how much energy the battery can generate while it is “cold”, particularly for starting up the engine of the vehicle. The higher the CAA number, the faster the battery starts up the engine at freezing and below temperatures.
  • Reserve Capacity (RC) – This indicates the number of minutes at 80° F a battery can discharge at 25 amps and produce at least 10.5 volts on a 12-volt battery.

What to Know Before Visiting AutoZone

  1. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to find out the battery type and power requirements.
  2. Call around at the AutoZone locations nearest to you and ask them if they offer battery installation services. Be sure to mention the make and model of your car and the type of battery inside if you know this.
  3. Schedule an appointment with AutoZone that offers the service.
  4. Bring your vehicle to the AutoZone location.
  5. Find an associate and tell let them know that you are there for an appointment.
  6. Make sure you schedule to have at least 2-3 hours free. The battery installation process should only take 10 mins, but it is best to have a few hours free in case something goes wrong.
  7. Be sure to test your battery beforehand to make sure it is truly dead and not just in need of charging. AutoZone will test and charge your battery for free, so take advantage of this if you have not already had it tested. Battery charging takes about 30 minutes.
  8. Purchase the new battery from AutoZone. If you made the purchase online in advance, and the part was delivered to your home, be sure to bring the battery and receipt.
  9. If you use a lot of features like AC in your vehicle, consider upgrading to a more powerful battery.
  10. AutoZone offers free battery recycling services, so you can turn your old battery in to be recycled.
  11. Read your warranty, and if you have any issues with your battery you can return it to AutoZone and they will exchange the battery for free.

What to Do if Your New Battery Fails

Customer service is a big part of AutoZone’s mission. It is the motivation behind the services they offer to ensure the customer has a good experience.

AutoZone batteries come with a warranty; the length of the warranty will be listed on the receipt. If your battery fails within the warranty period, you can go to any AutoZone location and you will receive a free replacement.

You do not have to have a receipt because AutoZone records your purchase on a nationwide database so all you need is to state your name and phone number, both of which must match the name and number you gave with the original purchase.

If your battery fails outside of the warranty period check with AutoZone anyway because depending on the time you may get a prorated credit towards the cost of a replacement.

More Free Services from AutoZone

AutoZone is a retailer of aftermarket auto parts that has served customers for over 40 years. The company started in 1979 as a branch Malone & Hyde, a Tennessee-based wholesale grocer.

Over the course of that history, they have become the leading auto parts dealerships in the nation with over 6400 stores throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The store is known for selling quality auto parts and accessories at reasonable prices. AutoZone offers more than just selling parts. The stores provide several automotive services for free:

They will test and charge batteries, alternators, and voltage regulators, and, in some stores, they can test control modules, throttle position sensors, and diagnose the readings on your ‘check engine light.

Key Takeaways

The free services provided by AutoZone are a lifesaver for drivers that find themselves suddenly with a failing or dead battery.

Many mechanics and shops charge for services like battery testing, charging, and installation. By taking advantage of the free testing and installation services provided by AutoZone you can cut down on time and labor in addressing issues and save money.

AutoZone’s testing services can help you rule out many possibilities and narrow down the issue. This is very important if it turns out the problem is not simply a dead battery, and you end up having to take your vehicle to a mechanic.

The less time the mechanic has to spend diagnosing the more money you can save.

There are restrictions and limitations to AutoZone’s free battery installation service.

Be sure to call ahead and make sure that your AutoZone location can install a battery in your vehicle’s make and model.

If you make sure to prepare properly the process should go smoothly and you will have a new battery in your vehicle in no time.

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