Does Aldi Do Cash Back? (Answered)

The retail business is a competitive space, so it is important to attract customers and improve service for the business entity by providing add-on services.

As it is safe to keep some money handy for urgent needs, retail stores come up with the idea of cash back for card payment on every qualifying purchase which helps to build loyalty and a solid reputation.

Grocery stores introduced cash back as a marketing strategy to strengthen their service and business practice. Aldi, an established discount supermarket chain, put forward cash back policies for better service and customer satisfaction.

Does Aldi Do Cash Back?

Aldi customers can get between $10 to $100 cash back per debit cards or discover cards transaction. The cash back is accessed at the check-out register on the counter after making the purchase. 

The cash back offer is available in every region in the US, and the service is provided at any time if there is enough extra cash available to dispense.

They do not charge an additional fee, and all you have to do is to ensure with the cashier at the register whether the card is accepted or not. Generally, the cash back is not available in the morning due to the shortage of refilled cash. 

In the rest of the article, let us see more about the cash back policies of Aldi, how to get it, and the best way to get it. To know deeply about the details of Aldi’s cash back purchases read ahead.

What Is Aldi’s Cash Back Policy?

The minimum cash back limit is $10, and the maximum limit is 100$ whereas the denominations of $20, $40, and $60 are there. But the customers are not allowed to make a custom cash back amount, for example, it is not possible to make a custom amount of $50.

The customers can receive extra cash back or more than $100 cash back during purchase. For that, you need to split up the purchased order into two or repeat the process by re-entering the store, buying some things, and completing the check-out again.

How Do You Get Cash Back At Aldi?

The cash back at Aldi is received at the register or self-check-out. To request cash back during purchase is straightforward in both cases. When asked for cash back, you will receive the deserving offer.

At Aldi, the purchased amount and the cash back amount are added to the card in the same transaction. To get cash back on Aldi, follow these steps:

  1. Search and find an Aldi store near you.
  2. Continue the purchase.
  3. Go to the register.
  4. Select the debit card option for the payment method.
  5. Swipe the debit card.
  6. Choose the answer “YES” for the cash back option when asked.
  7. Select a cash back amount.
  8. Enter your debit card PIN.
  9. Make the payment.
  10. Collect the cash and the receipt.

What is the best way to get cash back at Aldi?

For the best experience of receiving cash back at Aldi, Debit card payment is the ideal option. The cash back on the register will not display on your bank statement. 

The store makes a single card payment request from your checking account. The funds are withdrawn and transferred immediately to your account which makes the debit card transaction most appealing.

Can You Get Cash Back at Aldi with Check?

Checks are also not accepted as a payment method for cash back at Aldi since it delays the entire payment process. Due to the risk of personal check fraud, cash back is not encouraged to proceed with the check.

Can You Get Cash Back at Aldi With Credit Card?

Generally, Aldi does not accept credit cards for receiving cash back service as the card issuers and stores have a strict policy on credit card cash advances and cash back. 

But Discover credit card is an exception. The amount of cash back from Discover credit card depends on the cash back policy of the store.

Does Aldi Still Allow Cash Back in 2024?

Aldi continues to offer cash back on every store location till now. They do not charge an additional fee, and it is free to get cash back.

Jason Hart, CEO of Aldi, made a statement, “We care about being able to make our customers’ shopping experiences simpler and better every time they come to see us, and offering them the convenience of using their credit cards will help us do just that”.