Does Albertsons Sell Stamps?

Imagine a situation when you have to mail a holiday card and end up with no stamps on hand. Usually, people buy stamps from the local Post Office. 

Thankfully, it is not the only place that sells stamps. There are a lot of other options including Banks, Gas Stations, Retail Stores, Online Retailers, Grocery Stores, and so on.

With over 2000 stores nationwide, Albertsons is a leading retailer that operates with well-known banners such as Safeway, Vons, Jewel Osco, Tom Thumb.

Does Albertsons Sell Stamps?

Albertsons does sell stamps in their stores. You can buy Forever Stamps at your nearest store location during business hours. A booklet of 20 and 40 stamps are available at a cost range from $15 to $19 and $29 to $38 respectively.

However, you cannot buy individual stamps, it is only available as a booklet. It is advisable to check the availability of stamps at the Albertsons near you as it runs out of stock easily. 

You can inquire at the store register or customer service desk to find out the stamps easier.

Online purchases of stamps can be made through the website of Albertson by finding the nearest location with a store locator.

Alternatively, you can buy stamps from Albertson’s subsidiaries such as Safeway, Vons as well.

What Type of Stamps Does Albertsons Sell?

Forever stamps are the only available stamps at Albertsons as of now with a U.S flag design written “FOREVER USA” in it.

The store does not sell a single stamp, only a bulk of stamps as a booklet is available. Each stamp costs 0.58 cents which is the same as in USPS. 

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How Much Do Stamps Cost At Albertsons?

The cost of stamps at Albertsons is the same as that of USPS. Each stamp costs 0.58 cents.

Like many other grocery stores, the individual stamp cannot be purchased at Albertsons. Instead, you can buy them as stamp booklets. 

The cost ranges from $15 to $19 for a book of 20 stamps and from $29 to $38 cost for a book of 40 stamps.

Forever Stamp20 $15-$19
Forever Stamp40$29-$38

The stamp cost has been raised recently from 55 cents to 58 cents in USPS and every other store including Albertsons.

How Many Albertsons Stamps Do I Have to Buy at a Time?

As it is available only in the form of booklets, you can buy a set of 20 stamps. However, the single stamp is not available at the store or online. 

You can purchase as many booklets as you need depending on the availability of the postage stamps at the store.

You can contact the local store and ask for the stamps in advance before going to the store.

Where In Albertsons Can I Locate Stamps?

You cannot find stamps in the aisles of the store, it is available at the register or at the customer service desk.

You can ask for the stamps from the staff at the register or at the customer service desk. 

If you made other purchases, the stamps will be added and charged along with the check-out items.

How to Buy Stamps from Albertsons Online?

Buying stamps online is similar to that ordering groceries online. 

  • Sign-up and log in to the Albertsons app.
  • Place your order for stamps.
  • Provide delivery address.
  • Make payment.

You will receive free delivery for your first order. For subsequent transactions, a minimum requirement of $30 purchase has to be made, and enter a “FREE” promo code during check-out.

 How Can I Pay for Stamps at Albertsons? 

You can pay for stamps with Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express Credit Card, or Debit Card.

Although grocery items can be purchased with a SNAP benefit, supplements and non-food items are not eligible for SNAP benefit. SNAP recipients can buy groceries using their EBT cards for a pick-up delivery purchase.

Since it is a paper product, Stamps are not eligible for SNAP EBT benefits. So, it can only be purchased with a card payment.

You will not earn any reward points on the in-store purchase of postage stamps.

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Can You Return Stamps To Albertsons?

As per Albertson’s return policy, any item can be returned within 15 days of the purchase. Receipt of the purchase is required for the return of any items including stamps.

Can I Still Buy Stamps at Albertsons in 2024?

You can still purchase stamps at Albertsons from the register or customer service desk. You can even buy it online at The cost of stamps has raised to 58 cents per stamp which is the same everywhere.

The stamps can be easily sold out. Hence, it is advisable to call ahead at the store to make sure if the stamps are available at the moment.