Does Albertsons Sell Cigarettes?

Most people purchase their cigarettes from either convenience stores or drugstores. Some stores restricted the sale of tobacco products for people under 21, other retailers completely stopped selling cigarettes.

However, some stores still sell cigarettes and tobacco products in-store and online.

Albertsons is a leading food and drug retailer with over 2700 stores across the nation. You can shop everything at Albertsons.

But what about tobacco products sold in Albertsons? Does Albertsons sell cigarettes? Let’s see!

Does Albertsons Sell Cigarettes in 2024?

Albertsons does sell cigarettes and tobacco products as of 2024 including Regular Cigarettes, Menthol Cigarettes, and Pipe Tobacco. American branded cigars such as American Spirit, Eagle 20, AyC Cigars are available at the store. E-cigarettes are available for online purchases.

Most of the Albertsons store locations sell cigarettes. However, you can call your nearest store location to confirm the availability of tobacco cigarettes. 

For in-store purchase of cigarettes, a photo ID is required for verification and to make sure that you are above the legal age to buy tobacco products.

Some cigarette types are not allowed to sale online. So no pick-up delivery option is available at Such products need to be purchased from the store itself.

What Types of Cigarettes Does Albertsons Sell?

Albertsons has a wide variety of tobacco cigarettes available at most of their store locations. The available cigarette types are as follows.

  • Regular Cigarettes
  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Menthol Cigarettes
  • Mild flavored Cigarettes
  • E-cigarettes

These cigarettes come in popular American brands such as American Spirit, Eagle 20, AyC Cigars, Marlboro Cigarettes that are available at Albertsons.

How Much Do Cigarettes Cost at Albertsons?

The price of cigarettes per pack varies by store. So it is difficult to know the exact price. The estimated cost of tobacco products at Albertsons is as follows.

American SpiritMenthol$7-$9
Top CigaretteRegular$20-$26
Eagle 20 Red 100Light$28
AYC Cigar CoronasCigar$24-$26
Blu Cherry CrushE-Cigarette$7

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Where In Albertsons Can I Find Cigarettes? 

The exact aisle where cigarettes are placed is not particularly known. You can ask the staff at the store to know which shelf it is found.

Does Albertsons Sell Cigarettes by the Carton?

Albertsons does sell different types of cigarettes in packets and cartons. The popular brand tobacco cigarettes like American Spirit, Eagle 20 are available in cartons. 

The price is higher when it is purchased in cartons depending on the brand.

However, you can call ahead at the store and ask in advance about the availability of cigarettes in cartons beforehand.

Does Albertsons Sell Cigarettes Online?

Most cigarettes are not available for online purchases. The only available cigarettes online are E-cigarettes. 

Since the photo ID of the purchaser is required for shopping for cigarettes, most of them are available only at the store.

For tobacco online purchase delivery, Someone above 21 years of age needs to be present to sign or accept the delivery.

Are There Cigarette Alternatives at Albertsons?

E-Cigarettes are available at Albertsons which can be ordered online as well. 

It is a nicotine product, a cigarette alternative that is a safe and comfortable type of cigarette for smokers.

If you are looking for an alternative to cigarettes, Alcohol is another option at Albertsons. The store sells a wide range of wine, beer, and other spirits and they currently sell organic wines as well.

Can You Return Cigarettes To Albertsons?

As per Albertsons’ return policy, Cigarettes or any other tobacco products are not eligible to return or refund once it is purchased.

Not only cigarettes but any alcoholic beverages also cannot be returned.


Albertsons continue to sell cigarettes and tobacco products at their stores and online. Nowadays, there are some restrictions to buying cigarettes at most of the stores. 

Albertsons follow strict rules to sell cigarettes such as photo ID verification. People below 21 years of age are not allowed to buy them.

Although most of the stores and pharmacies such as Target, CVS stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products, some of the stores like Albertsons, Walgreens, Walmart still have cigarettes and tobacco products for sale.