Does Albertsons Cash 3rd Party Check?

The use of a check has subsided with the influx of debit cards and online purchasing.  At times a check may be necessary to cash out or pay for goods.

Most banks and financial institutions provide check services but are not open every day of the week.  Supermarkets have long been a best-kept secret with check cashing and money management. 

Does Albertson’s Cash 3rd Party Checks?

Albertsons does cash a variety of check cashing including 3rd party checks in some of their locations. Calling ahead to check the full-service offerings of the nearest location will save time if they don’t offer the full check cashing options.

When cashing a 3rd party check it is important to bring an ID, the original payee may need to be present, and know fees may apply.  The details regarding check cashing at Albertson’s are below.

What is the Fee to Cash 3rd Party Checks at Albertson’s?

The fees for cashing a check at Alberston’s is between $2 and $4 per check cashed.  The maximum amount allowed to be cashed is $1,000.

Please remember these 3rd party checks cannot be personal checks but signed over payroll or bank checks. 

How Do I Cash a 3rd Party Check at Albertson’s?

All cash checking and money orders are done at customer service. The customer service counter is typically located at the front of the store.

The time to cash a check shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes with a proper ID and the original payee on the check.  On occasion, the store may be busy and a line could cause longer waits, calling ahead to check on wait times may help.

Types Of Checks Albertsons will cash include:

  • Digitally printed banks
  • Government-issued checks
  • Payroll checks

Albertsons will not cash personal checks, but for grocery purchases, a personal check may be used.

Does Albertsons Cash 3rd Party Check?

Alberston’s does cash 3rd party checks but this is location-dependent and limited to checks up to $1,000. Cashing a 3rd party check at Albertsons will require a valid ID and may require the payee present.

Alberston’s will only cash checks that are digitally printed by a bank, the government, or a payroll. 

More cash checking options may be available at a financial institution below is a list of banks and credit unions that offer a variety of cash checking options.


1. Bank of America

2. Citibank

3. Chase Bank

4. First National Bank


6. Suntrust Bank and BB&T (now called Trust)

7. M&T Bank

8. TD Bank

9. U.S. Bank

Credit Union

10. Chartway Federal Credit Union

11. Connexus Credit Union

12. Navy Federal Credit Union

Check Cashing Stores

13. ACE Cash Express

14. Advanced Financial

15. Check ‘N Go

16. The Check Cashing Store

17. Speedy Cash