Does 7-Eleven Take Apple Pay?

Many digital payment options have now come in trend. Interestingly most retail stores in the US accept them. One of the reasons behind this popularity is the pandemic.

7-Eleven is a famous chain of convenience stores that offer many services. Are you wondering whether they take Apple Pay or not?

If so, you have come to the right place. Here is what you need to know about it.

Does 7-Eleven Take Apple Pay?

7-Eleven has various locations all over the US, most of which accepts Apple Pay. Typically, all stores of this chain that have NFC readers take this payment method. You can use this option only if you have an Apple device such as an iPhone or Apple Watch.

The retail chain has many stores around the US. However, not all of them accept Apple Pay. This is because of the NFC reader limitations.

If you want to use Apple Pay at your nearest 7-Eleven, you should call ahead. The cashier will let you know whether they accept it or not.

Do you not know how to use Apple Pay at 7-Eleven? If so, continue reading to learn about it.

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How Do You Use Apple Pay At 7-Eleven?

First, you need to open the Apple wallet on your device and verify your identity. You can do this by using your Touch or Face ID. After that, you will have to hold the device above the NFC machine.

When the reader turns green, you can remove the device as payment is completed. Besides that, for further confirmation, “Done” will appear on your screen too.

The process of paying through Apple Pay at 7-Eleven is relatively straightforward. However, keep in mind that you need to own an Apple Watch or iPhone for the payment.

Besides that, you should notify the cashier about the payment method beforehand. This is so that they prepare the NFC reader for you.

If you want to know what can you can buy with Apple Pay at 7-Eleven, keep on reading.

What Can I Buy With Apple Pay At 7-Eleven?

You can buy all things from 7-Eleven with Apple Pay. There are no restrictions to the items you can purchase with digital wallet payments.

However, keep in mind that the store is not on Instacart. So you cannot but stuff with Apple Pay from there. But you should not get disappointed as 7-Eleven offers various other alternatives.

Many stores allow you to combine different payment options. Are you wondering if 7-Eleven does the same? If so, read the following section carefully.

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Can I Combine Apple Pay With Another Payment Method At 7-Eleven?

7-Eleven does not allow you to combine other payment options with Apple Pay. This is because of tracking and security issues. Thus, the store advises you to use only a payment method for a particular purchase.

However, you can combine payment methods if you are paying in cash. You can use a gift coupon and cash to pay for one purchase. But you should note that some locations of 7-Eleven do not allow this.

Do you want to know whether 7-Eleven takes Apple Pay for online orders? If so, continue reading.

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Does 7-Eleven Accept Apple Pay For Online Orders?

The retail chain does accept Apple Pay for online orders. However, they allow this on their own application only. So you will have to purchase from there.

There are no restrictions on what you can purchase online with Apple Pay. All you have to do is fill the cart and select this payment method at the checkout.

The convenience store chain has many acceptable payment options. If you want to know more about their contactless methods, say no more. Below is all the information you need.

What Other Contactless Payment Does 7-Eleven Take?

7-Eleven accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay at most of their locations. These are the only contactless payment methods they have. Besides that, they take gift cards too.

All these options are available for in-store purchases at 7-Eleven. You can also use them for online ordering.

You should register the particular wallet on the 7-Eleven application. Then you can use the contactless payment method with ease for online orders.