Do Staples Sell Stamps? (Answered)

Many places in the US sell postage stamps. Typically, you can go to the local post office for this reason. Besides that, you can visit a store such as Walmart for stamps.

Staples is a primary stationery chain that sells various stuff such as office supplies. Are you wondering whether they have stamps? If so, here is everything you need to know.

Does Staples Sell Stamps In 2024?

The famous stationery does offer stamps to consumers in the US. They sell various types of first-class US Forever stamps and have the standard office supply stamps as well. The postage stamps at Staples cost $9 to $90, higher than most other places.

Staples has more than 1500 locations in the US. However, not all of them sell stamps. This is why you should contact the store before visiting them.

Apart from that, the stationery chain sells a variety of stamps. The key thing to note is that not all of them are available at all stores.

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What Type of Stamps Does Staples Sell?

The famous chain sells various types of stamps. You can find regular office stamps at all of their locations. Besides that, they also sell first-class stamps.

However, keep in mind that first-class stamps are not available at all locations of Staples. So if you want this type, you should call your nearest branch to learn about availability.

Besides that, the last type of stamp that Staples offer is the Forever US postage stamp. These are available at almost all locations of the stationery chain.

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Staples?

The prices of stamps at Staples start from $9 and end at $90. Typically, the exact figure depends on the type of stamp you are purchasing.

Here are some of the prices of stamps at Staples:

  • Coil of hundred stamps: $90
  • Booklet of ten postage stamps: $9
  • Booklet of six oversized domestic stamps: $11.40

These are the most recent prices of the postage stamps at Staples. You should also know where you can find them in the store.

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Where In Staples Can I Locate Stamps?

The stamps in Staples may be located at the customer service desk, cashier counter, or front desk. The exact placement depends on the management and layout of the store.

However, you will have to go to the customer service desk in many locations. The representative there will show you the different types of stamps.

Sometimes, the stamps are also available behind the counter. So you may have to ask the cashier to show them to you.

The best way to locate stamps in Staples is by asking the nearest clerk about the location. They will guide you about it. It is also best to know if the store has any purchase limits.

How Many Staples Stamps Do I Have To Buy At A Time?

There are no maximum limits on how many stamps you can buy at Staples. However, you should note that you cannot purchase single stamps from the store.

If you want stamps, you will have to buy a booklet of six, ten, or twenty stamps. Besides that, you can get a coil of hundred as well. This depends on your postage needs.

Staples also has an online store, and it delivers to various locations in the US. If you want to learn whether or not they sell stamps online, worry no more.

How To Buy Stamps From Staples Online?

The stationery chain has an online store to purchase various things. However, they do not allow you to buy US postage stamps from there.

Typically, you can get only the office supply stamps from the online store of Staples. If you require the ones for mailing, you will have to visit your nearest location.

How Can I Pay For Stamps At Staples?

There are various ways to pay for stamps at Staples. You can use cash to buy them with ease. It is the easiest payment method at this store.

Besides that, you can use credit cards to pay as well. The store accepts various networks such as Mastercard, Visa, and much more. You can also use checks for payment.

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Can You Return Stamps To Staples?

Staples has a free return policy for most of its items. You can return your stamps within fourteen days of purchase. Additionally, you should have the billing receipt.

Most stores of Staples will let you return the stamps. However, some of them may not. This depends on the manager of the store and your reason for returning.

Can I Still Buy Stamps At Staples In 2024?

You can still buy stamps at most locations of Staples. They have various options such as office types, Forever stamps, and much more. The best thing is that they have a greater range than most other stores.