Do I Sit In Front Or Back Of Uber?

Providing a livelihood for many people, Uber has worked a lot on the safety issues that were highlighted by riders.

People tend to wonder if they should sit in front or back of Uber. Here is a quick guide that will clear all your confusion regarding Uber.

Do I Sit In Front Or Back Of Uber?

You should sit in the back of the Uber if you are riding alone. Not only does it ensures safety but also helps you follow the rules of social distancing. Since the pandemic has hit, everyone needs to be safe and healthy.

Sitting in the front minimizes the distance between the driver. That is why it can risky for you and increases the chances of spreading germs and viruses.

Also if you are sitting in the back it would provide you with a better comfort level. The best thing is that you can exit from either side of the car depending on the side you are stopping at.

Where to Sit In The Back Seat Of Uber

It is best to sit behind the passenger seat side in the back seat of an Uber. Sitting right behind the driver if you are riding alone can make him suspicious. The driver cannot see you in the rearview mirror of his car.

That is why it would be best for the driver and rider to sit behind the passenger seat. The rider can also see the driver and make sure everything is good.

But if there is more than one rider then yes you can sit behind the driver as well.

3 Riders Can All Sit in the Back Seat

Uber has not placed any restrictions on how many people can only sit in the back seat. Yes, during the pandemic there were some strict SOPs that had to be followed at any cost. But now since everything has eased down the restrictions are also eased a bit.

If there are three riders they can sit in the back seat of Uber. But it would be recommended for two riders to sit in the back and one to sit in front.

This would ensure a good comfort level and a smooth ride for every rider.

Why Front Seat is Pushed To The Front In An Uber

Uber drivers push the passenger seat forward to offer the rider maximum leg space. This helps the riders have a comfortable ride to their destination.

This is why in most of the rides you may see the passenger seat pushed forward. But if the numbers of riders are more than two then the driver will surely bring the passenger seat back to its position.

Front Seat is Not Recommended (Why?)

This may be due to safety issues or anything that the driver might be scared of. Sometimes the drivers feel like there has to be some personal space between the riders and drivers.

There is nothing wrong with the driver not allowing any rider to sit in front. The cars in Uber are privately owned by the driver and they have the right to refuse anything.

It would also be best for you not to sit in front of an Uber. The driver not allowing sitting in front is also having your safety in his mind. It is best not to argue with the driver for sitting in front and having a seat in the back.

If You Want to Sit In The Front Seat Of Uber

If you wish to sit in the front seat of Uber it would be best to ask the driver first for permission. If the driver is okay with it and allows you to have seat then only sit.

Sitting directly in the front seat of Uber can make the driver suspicious and that would be the last thing you would need. Some riders like to connect with the driver, so they want to sit in front.

But it would be best to sit by having the permission of the driver, especially if you have a long ride and want to connect with the driver. That would help the driver know that there is nothing wrong and it is safe for you to sit.

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