Dior Loyalty Program (How does the Dior loyalty work?)

Dior launched their digital loyalty program My Exclusive in which anyone can join for free and collect 1 point per $1 spent on beauty purchases. The offers and challenges allow you to earn bonus points that can be exchanged for exclusive gift rewards and events.

Dior’s My Exclusive program is worth it for anyone who joins as it provides a lot of benefits for their members including complimentary sample products, birthday rewards, and free shipping on purchases. 

The exclusive member-only offers like Makeup tutorials, Personalized gifts are also available for registered members. With the points earned through purchases and challenges, you can enjoy the full benefits of the program including free sample products, gifts, experiences, and events.

Dior Loyalty Program Benefits

My Exclusive program allows members to earn points and complimentary services on every purchase and also offers personalized gifts for eligible points. With the points, you can get free sample products, available special treats, and more rewards.

  • Welcome gift on every tier status.
  • 3 Dior samples with any purchase.
  • Double bonus points on birthday.
  • Tier-based membership gives access to more deals and benefits for members.
  • Exclusive gifts and limited-time offers are available for members.
  • No limit to earning points.
  • Exclusive Dior engraving gifts.
  • Personalized message gift.
  • Exclusive Dior communication and preview.
  • More points on completing challenges.
  • Professional make-up session.
  • Complimentary shipping.
  • Catalog rewards.
  • Anyone can join the program for free.
  • Start earning points after the first purchase.

Dior Loyalty Program Membership Levels

There are 4 membership status tier levels in the My Exclusive loyalty program. It includes:

PearlAfter creating a Dior beauty account.Luxury Miniature beauty product with the second purchase, Complimentary samples
Silver2 purchases of $150 combined.Silver welcome gift, Early access to Dior events, Complimentary samples
Gold3 purchases of $500 combined or a single first purchase of $900Gold welcome gift, Premium gold birthday gift, Complimentary samples, Early access to Dior events, A virtual consultation of 45 minutes for 1 time per year.
Platinum4 purchases of $900 combined.Platinum welcome gift, Premium Platinum birthday gift, Complimentary samples, Deluxe holiday gift, A virtual consultation of 45 minutes for 3 times per year, First access to Dior events.

How Does the Program Work?

The registered members can earn 1 point per dollar through in-store, online, or in-app qualifying purchases. The points will be credited to your account within 2 working days after the order is shipped. The earned points should be redeemed for purchases within 12 months as they expire after 1 year.

The earned points help to reach membership tier levels which reward exclusive benefits and gifts. After you reach each status you will be rewarded a welcome gift and complimentary services.

The membership status depends on the total number of eligible purchases and the amount you spent over 12 months.

The bonus points can be earned through participating in challenges such as watching a Dior video or taking part in a mini quiz and getting reward points. Once you complete and win the challenges the points will be given as lucky charms. 

You can complete up to three challenges a day and earn up to five lucky charms per challenge. These lucky charms can be used to win catalog rewards by following these steps.

  • Log in to My Exclusive membership account.
  • Click on the My Challenges button.
  • Select any catalog rewards.
  • Use the lucky charms.
  • Complete and Win the catalog reward.

However, couture purchases at Dior are not eligible to receive rewards and only the beauty purchases will count for earning points.

Dior Loyalty Program Rewards

The earned points can be redeemed for any beauty purchases or other limited-time exclusive offers. Dior offers exclusive gift reward points when you reach each membership status level. The points can be earned faster by taking part in challenges.

By participating in challenges, you will earn gifts including:

  • Makeup pouch with a Serum and Moisturizer Cream.
  • 3 Lucky Charms keychains.
  • Dior Backstage Foundation and Primer with a pouch.

Membership status and corresponding gift rewards are listed below.

Level 1 4800
Level 27500
Level 320,000
Level 435,000

Limited time offers are available for members that can be redeemed using the given promo codes.

MASCARA 21Miniature Mascara and Lip Maximiser
SAUVAGE212 Sauvage Travel size Spray and a Body Lotion for men.
J’ADORE21J’adore Miniature Perfume bottle.
MDIOR21  A miniature Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet perfume.
MCD21 A travel-size sample of Mason Christian Dior perfume.
RCYWEEK21A Pink Makeup Poch and Pocket mirror.
HAPPYA Black Makeup pouch, Diorshow mascara, Capture Totale cream.
WELCOMEDiorshow Prime Mascara.
MISSYOU21A Big Pink Makeup Pouch.

The latest online exclusive offers of Dior are mentioned below and you will receive complimentary rewards like 2 samples of your choice, free shipping, free gift wrapping services with every online order. 

  • Dior Backstage Eye Palette – $49
  • Rouge Dior Lunar New Year Limited Edition – $39
  • Gris Dior Hydrating Lotion 11.8 oz – $90
  • Capture Totale Super Potent Serum Set – $132
  • Montaigne Selection Fragrance Discovery Set of 8 – $180
  • Advent Calendar 24 Dior Surprises – $550
  • Collection Set 35 Rouge Dior – $1610
  • L’or De Vie La Cure 2020 Vintage Skincare Treatment – $2900

Dior members will also receive annual rewards on special days like Christmas, Black Friday, and New Year. The birthday reward of double bonus points is given to members that can be used on any day of your birthday month.

How to Redeem Status Points

To redeem the earned points or use the status online, log in to your member account and select the available gifts you wish to redeem, add it to the cart and click the “Redeem” button. The points or lucky charms will be deducted from your account.

The member’s current membership status and completed challenges and lucky charms will be displayed on the home screen of the website. 

The Pearl status will expire only after you reach the next level. All other status levels will expire in 12 months. 

How to Join Dior Loyalty Program

Joining the Dior Loyalty Program is easy and free. Customers can sign up online or in-store by creating an account on the Dior website. Once you have signed up, you will automatically be enrolled in the Classic tier of the loyalty program. To move up to the Gold or Platinum tiers, customers need to earn a certain number of points in a year.

To enroll as a member, you need to create an account and provide your valid details by visiting dior.com or downloading the Dior app. After agreeing on the terms and conditions and submitting the account, you will be automatically enrolled as a My Exclusive member. 

The existing members can simply log in to their accounts to make qualifying purchases.