CVS Workers Average Salary (Cashier, Pharmacist & More)

CVS Health Corporation is a major health services company focused on selling pharmaceutical services, retail and LTC services, health care benefits, and corporate/other services. Currently, CVS is present just in the US, but it has a mammoth number of outlets (9900+).

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a pharmacist (the most common job in this industry) is in the range of $62-$67.

Therefore, if you seek employment in the pharma retail space, CVS could have some job opportunities for you. So, keep reading to know more!

Average Pay for CVS Workers

A Cashier at CVS earns an average of $12.24 per hour, and a shift manager makes $14.20 per hour. High positions such as operation manager or a staff pharmacist are entitled to salaries of $17.87/hour and $59.63/hour, respectively.

The Role of the EmployeeLowest Pay/Hour ($)Highest Pay/Hour ($)Average Pay/Hour ($)
Pharmacy Technician$11.50$15.68$14.96
Shift Manager$13.22$19.62$14.20
Manager in Training$17.00$24.56$21.96
Operations Manager$15.27$20.00$17.87
Staff Pharmacist$47.00$63.25$59.63

CVS Highest Paying Position

One of the highest-paying job positions is that of a staff pharmacist. The entitled salary is around $105k, and with some added benefits and incentives, the salary can reach up to $140k.

It is now coming to the next best-paying job position, a pharmacist manager. The entitled salary is around $100k, and it can reach up to $130k with some incentives and bonuses. Also, the salaries vary from state to state.

CVS Wages by State

Like every other company, the pay by the state for CVS employees varies to a great extent. This is due to varying living costs, rents, and daily-item costs.

StateMinimum Wage/Hour State-wise($)Average State-Wise Pay/Hour ($)
New York$17.52$18.59
District of Columbia$13.25$11.21

How Often Does CVS Pay?

As far as payment schedules are concerned, CVS employees get paid bi-weekly, every Friday.

The payment is directly transferred to the employee’s bank account. According to, employees are very satisfied with their pay-out schemes.

CVS Offers Nice Bonus

CVS has been very generous with bonus schemes and profit-sharing. They offer a quarterly bonus of 3% to all their employees. However, the bonus or incentives for call center representatives are not so impressive.

Moreover, to support its workers during the pandemic, CVS rolled out bonuses ranging from $100-500 for over 200,000 employees. This was a great gesture on the part of CVS Healthcare.

Besides bonuses, CVS employees are entitled to certain benefits, which we will cover in the next section.

CVS Employee Benefits

CVS offers all employees basic benefits such as proper health insurance and a 401k. Moreover, their benefits can be comparable to industry giants. Some of its benefits are listed below.

  • A 401k, which helps employees have retirement savings
  • Proper health insurance, vision insurance, and dental insurance
  • Employees get paid sick leave, and a paid vacation whenever required.
  • Work hours are flexible, with certain recess periods in between.
  • Free medicine and other drug-related requirements with proper employee discounts