CVS Flu Shots Cost

People usually go to the doctor’s office and hospitals to get their yearly flu shots. The average cost of a shot without insurance is $70 in the US. This is why many pharmacies offer free flu shots.

CVS is a famous pharmacy that sells stamps and offers notary services. If you want to know whether they provide free flu shots, worry no more. Here is what you need to know.

How Much Is A Flu Shot At CVS?

A seasonal flu shot at CVS cost $40.00 without insurnace. A seasonal Flublok is for adults 18 years or older and it cost $73.99. CVS does take insurnace and if your insurnace is accepted by CVS, the flu shot is free.

Flu Shot TypeAge GroupPrice Without InsurancePrice With Insurance
Seasonal18 months+$40.99Free
Seasonal Flublok18 years+$73.99Free
Seasonal High Dose65 years+$73.99Free

All 10,000+ locations of CVS in the US offer free flu shots to people with insurance coverage. Besides that, all 1,100+ MinuteClinic locations by CVS in Target also provide free flu shots.

However, the age groups that the locations accommodate differ significantly. Individuals of 3 years and above can get the free flu shot at the CVS pharmacies.

Meanwhile, at the MinuteClinic, individuals of 18 months and above can get the free flu shot. If you don’t have insurance and wondering about the vaccination cost at CVS, continue reading.

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Do I Need An Appointment To Get A Free Flu Shot At CVS?

An appointment is not necessary to get free flu shot at CVS. The pharmacy chain accommodates walk-ins all days of the week.

You can get the shot at the locations when a pharmacist or nurse is present. All locations of the pharmacy chain offer free flu shots till evening every day. You can schedule your appointment or go without a booking.

Does CVS Give Free Flu Shots?

CVS is a popular pharmacy chain that offers free flu shots to customers who have medical insurance. Individuals covered by Medicare Part B can also get free flu shots at CVS once every year. If you do not have insurance, a flu shot at CVS cost around $40.

The pharmacy chain offers flu shots to children 18 months and older as this is the suitable range recommended by CDC. Meanwhile, patients wanting to get a shot must be 18 years old or above.

People with Medicare B and other medical insurances can get a free flu shot at CVS once every year. If you don’t have coverage, you will have to pay for the shot. It is also good to know about the locations you can get vaccinated.

Many pharmacies offer free flu shots to offer cost-effective solutions to people. Additionally, getting customers inside the shop helps increase their sales.

Besides that, people without insurance can get paid flu shots at pharmacies at a lower price than hospitals. This has allowed chains such as CVS to boost their sales.