Costco’s New Hot Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.49 (Replaced Churro)

Costco’s new chocolate chip cookie at the food court is a welcome addition for those who enjoy indulging in a sweet, chocolatey treat. Its size, price, and flavor make it a standout item, reflecting Costco’s ongoing commitment to providing quality and value to its members.

Hot Dog & Soda ComboClassic hot dog with a soda$1.50
Pizza SliceLarge slice, available in cheese or pepperoni$1.99
Whole Pizza18-inch pizza, cheese or pepperoni$9.95
Chicken BakeStuffed with chicken, cheese, bacon$2.99
Hot Turkey & Provolone SandwichTurkey, provolone, and fixings on a roll$3.99
Caesar SaladFresh salad with Caesar dressing$3.99
Berry SmoothieBlended berry drink$2.99
Latte/Mocha FreezeFrozen coffee beverage$1.99
Giant Chocolate Chip CookieNew item, large chocolate chip cookie$2.49
20 oz. SodaFree Refill$0.69

Costco’s food court, known for its affordable and tasty offerings, has introduced a new delight for its members: a giant, hot chocolate chip cookie. This new addition has replaced the beloved churro, sparking mixed reactions among Costco shoppers. Priced at $2.49, the cookie is notable for its size, almost as large as a slice of Costco’s pizza, and its thickness, promising a satisfying treat.

Costco’s decision to swap the churro for the chocolate chip cookie may be a strategic move to refresh its menu and offer something new to its customers. The cookie’s introduction could be the beginning of more innovative additions to the Costco food court menu, potentially including seasonal variations or different flavors in the future.

The cookie’s aroma is captivating, reminiscent of freshly baked goods from a high-end bakery. Its taste and texture have been compared to the famous BJ’s Pizookie, a blend of rich chocolate chips and soft, warm cookie dough. For those with a sweet tooth, particularly chocolate lovers, this cookie is a game-changer.

The new cookie has been well-received, with many customers appreciating its value for money given its size and quality. It also pairs well with other Costco food court items, like their vanilla soft serve, creating a makeshift sundae that elevates the dining experience.