Costco Return Policy On Video Games

Costco is one of the largest retail warehouse chains in the US that sells various things, including cigarettes and hearing aids. Additionally, the store has the most lenient anytime return policy for most products.

You can also return various items to Costco, such as alcohol, computer and laptops, and much more. The store also sells physical and digital video games.

If you have bought a video game from this store recently and want to return it, worry no more. Here is all the information you need about Costco’s policy regarding video game returns.

Can You Return Video Games To Costco?

Costco allows you to return video games at any of its warehouses for a total refund. The best part is that you can give them back at any time because of satisfaction issues. You can also use the website for initiating a return for an online purchased video game.

The warehouse chain does not ask consumers for a restocking fee for video game returns. This is because it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Costco’s guarantee is the reason why it allows you to return the product at all times. Additionally, you do not have to take documents such as a receipt for the refund if you are a member.

The store checks your membership account for purchase history. However, non-members can also shop at this warehouse chain. If you fall in the latter category, it is advisable to keep the receipt safe.

The fantastic news about returning video games to Costco is that the process is easy. So you do not have to worry about the complex procedure of how to return video games to Costco.

How To Return Video Games To Costco?

The retail chain allows you to return video games by visiting the return counter of your nearest warehouse. You should show the receipt and give the item to the clerk. They will process your request and issue a refund to the original payment method.

This primary method also applies to all in-store purchases and online video game orders. However, there is another option for the website bought items only.

You can initiate the process by logging into your account and selecting the “orders & returns” tab. Then, you will have to complete some prompts and submit your request.

Upon submission, you will receive the return label for shipping back the order. The good news is that Costco does not charge anything for the return shipping and will provide you the fee with the refund.

Costco also has a collection of digital games that you can purchase through the website and play by redeeming the access code. If you want to return such a game, you should continue reading.

Can You Return Digital Games And Access Codes?

Costco does not allow you to return digital games and access codes at any time. This is because of the fraud risks that come with selling such products. For instance, the gamer may still play the game after returning the code.

Thus, the retail chain will have to get the game code disabled by the provider. This results in a loss for the store, which is why Costco does not allow the return of digital games.

In fact, no store will offer a refund or exchange for digital items. Even Walmart does not return access codes.

Costco may be strict about returning digital games, but it does not follow the same for other products. You can easily return most items to this store.

How Strict Is Costco On Video Game Returns?

The warehouse chain is not strict at all on video game returns. It has a complete satisfaction guarantee for its products. That is why you do not have to worry much when returning a video game to Costco.

You can use the game for a specific period and claim that you are not satisfied with the purchase. In most cases, the store will offer you a prompt refund.

Thus, you can return opened and used games to Costco. While the retail chain is lenient, customers don’t abuse its policy often.

The non-strict return policies are why many consumers confidently purchase from this warehouse chain. Not only that, but this is why Costco has an extensive clientele.

Another thing to note is that Costco has a 90 days policy for its electronics items. If you are wondering whether this limit applies to video games, you no longer have to. Here is what you need to know.

Can I Return Video Games To Costco After 90 Days?

You can return video games to Costco after 90 days without any hassle. This is because this item comes under the anytime return category. So you can give back the game whenever it suits you.

The store readily accepts video game returns at any time. Additionally, it offers a total refund regardless of when you initiate the process.

However, keep in mind that you should not return a gaming console such as PS4 after 90 days and expect a total refund. This item comes under the electronics category.

Moreover, if you have opened a game’s packaging and want to return it to Costco, worry no more. The retail chain has various exceptions to offer customers the best experience.

Costco Video Games Return Exceptions

The famous store allows you to return video games at all times because of quality issues, satisfaction problems, and much more. You can play the game and return the used product to Costco.

Besides that, you can return an opened but unused game to Costco as well. In all cases, the store will offer a total refund after receiving the product and request from you.

Additionally, you can also return a video game without a receipt at Costco. The store can use your membership account history to approve the return.

Non-members can also get a refund easily at Costco for a video game. However, you should avoid returning items that you caused damage to.

Costco also provides replacement and exchange for the returning video games too. So you have three options when submitting the request.