Costco Return Policy On Food

Costco is one of the famous retail chains in the US that does COVID testing. The store also has a general anytime return policy on many of its products.

For instance, you can give back clothes after understanding Costco’s return policy on clothes. You can also do the same for video games and others.

Food is another item that you may be wondering about. Here is what you need to know about Costco’s return policy on food.

Can You Return Food To Costco?

You can return food to Costco at any time by claiming a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The store manager will accept the return with and without a receipt. Moreover, you can also return opened items to this retail chain without issues.

Costco requires you to return in-store bought food by going to your nearest branch. Meanwhile, it also offers a second option for online purchases.

The best thing about Costco’s return policy is that it is not dependable on the expiry date. You can return the perishable product at any time by giving a plausible reason.

It is also best to learn how to return food at Costco. This is because the store offers two different options to consumers.

How To Return Food At Costco?

The primary way to return food at Costco is by visiting your nearest branch with the product. You should go to the customer service desk and let the worker know about the return. They will check the product and purchase details to approve the refund.

Keep in mind that the refund will be processed to your original payment method. This is why if you paid by card, you must take it with you to the store during the return.

Another thing to note is that this is the only way you can return in-store bought food products. However, you can also mail the item if you purchased it from the online website.

How To Return Food By Mail To Costco?

You can return food bought from the online website by mailing it to Costco through the UPS service. The good news is that the store will cover the shipping and handling fees with the food refund.

Here are the key steps you should follow to return food by mail:

  • Log into your Costco account on the website
  • Visit the order history and find the product you want to give back
  • Click on the return button and complete some prompts
  • You will be redirected to the return label page
  • Print the sign and attach it to the sealed food return package
  • Drop the packet at your nearest branch for shipping

Once Costco receives the product, they will approve the return and process the refund. Again, you will get the payment on the original method.

If you placed the order as a guest, you would have to use your email ID and order number to start the process. The rest of the steps remain the same as the earlier method.

Some stores may allow you to return specific food items only. This is why it is best to whether Costco offers exceptions or not.

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Are There Any Exceptions To Food Returns?

The best thing about Costco is that it allows you to return all food products with ease. Whether you want to give back groceries, dairy items, beverages, or other foods, no need to worry.

Another best thing is that the store does not pay much attention to the expiry date. So you may be allowed the return the item after the due date too.

Costco has many stores in the US, so you must understand which store you can return the food to. This will allow you to save time and unnecessary mishaps.

Do You Have To The Return The Food To The Same Costco Store?

There is no restriction on returning the food to the same Costco store you bought it from. You can visit any nearest branch with the item and initiate the process.

Moreover, you can also return the food to a Costco store in another city without any issues. The key thing to ensure is that the warehouse is of this retail chain only.

Some items at Costco also have a return window of 90 days only. So you must know if this applies to food or not. This is so that you don’t miss the refund time.

Can I Return Food To Costco After 90 Days?

The 90-day return policy of Costco does not apply to items such as food. It is mainly applicable to electronics and digital products. This means you can return food to the store after 90 days.

Costco will allow you to give back the item at any time by claiming the satisfaction guarantee. However, be sure not to abuse the policy of this retail chain.

The store keeps a record of return users and items. So if you have a habit of frequently claiming the guarantee, the store will refuse the refund.

Moreover, the store may also cancel your membership if you abuse the return policy. Besides that, Costco also offers many return exceptions to make the process a breeze.

Costco Food Return Exceptions

The top return exception at Costco is that you can give the item without a receipt. You may be asked to show alternative proof for the refund. However, the store will often return the money even if you don’t have evidence.

Additionally, the warehouse chain also accepts the product if you have not maintained the packaging. The store also allows you to return produce without any issues.

Costco also has some exceptions regarding opened and partially eaten foods. Here is what you need to know about them.

What If The Food Is Partially Opened Or Eaten?

The warehouse chain will allow you to return the food if it is partially opened. This applies to all products except beverages as they need to be closed to maintain quality.

You will get a full refund by returning partially opened solid food. However, the store does not allow you to return eaten products. This is because they cannot resell it.

There is one exception that applies to eaten food items. If the product was spoiled during consumption, you could take it to Costco for return. In this case, the manager will approve the refund after running a quality check.