Corsair 5000D Airflow Review

I’m a PC gamer who has been building systems for over ten years now. As an avid PC enthusiast, I take great pride in making sure my computers run at their maximum potential and designing the build to maximize upgradability for future hardware.

I bought the Corsair 5000D Airflow because I had trouble keeping my computer cool. My old case, the Corsair’s Carbide Clear 400C, was no longer sufficient for my needs.

I was looking for a PC case that would allow me to run my hardware cooler, quieter and more efficiently.

The Corsair 5000D Airflow met all of my requirements and more. The case has better airflow, roomy enough to fit all of the components, and the build was a breeze with excellent cable management.

The PWM fan repeater is also a nice touch, allowing me to control the speed of my fans and keep the noise down.

Corsair 5000D Airflow Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Case -...
  • The 5000D makes a stunning, showpiece-worthy PC easy to build, and even easier...
  • A high-airflow optimized steel front panel delivers massive airflow to your...
  • The CORSAIR RapidRoute cable management system makes it simple and fast to route...
  • Includes two CORSAIR 120mm AirGuide fans, utilizing anti-vortex vanes to...

Corsair 500D Overview

Item Weight23.1 pounds
Product Dimensions‎20.47 x 9.65 x 20.47 inches
MaterialTempered Glass
Internal Fan Count2x 120mm AirGuide fans
Fan Capacity10x 120mm or 4x 140mm cooling fans
Date First Available‎January 14, 2021

The Corsair 5000D Airflow is a mid-tower case that showcases your PC rather than its cables. At the same time, it has an optimized airflow design for maximum cooling performance.

The two pre-installed 120mm AirGuide fans are mounted to ensure optimal airflow over your PC’s hottest components, such as graphics card, motherboard chipset, and processor.

The Corsair 500D Airflow has a large interior that can accommodate up to ten 120mm or four 140mm cooling fans. Moreover, it can fit several radiators up to 360mm in front and another 360mm in the side, as well as 360mm push/pull in the roof.

The front panel I/O ports include the power button, two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.1 Type-C port, headphone/ microphone combo jack, and the reset button.

The Corsair 500D has been designed with an innovative cable management system through its single hidden channel at the back. The cable management system offers you a wide range of possibilities to cover and protect the power supply unit and all cables.

This makes the PC case much easier to maintain. You can hide and tidy your cables with ease so that you can quickly find and reconnect them later when needed.

The PC case has room for storage which can fit up to four 2.5″ SSDs and two 3.5″ HDDs.

The case is also equipped with dust filters to ensure clean airflow over your components.

Corsair 5000D Airflow Pros & Cons

  • Effective cooling airflow
  • Lots of space
  • Showpiece worthy design
  • Single intake fan
  • Tight USB port
  • Noisy dust filter

Corsair 5000D Airflow Pros

The Corsair 5000D Airflow is an excellent case for cooling your computer. The front panel has a large mesh grill that allows for maximum airflow.

The case includes two 120mm AirGuide fans to direct the airflow to your hottest components. If you want more airflow, there is room for up to ten 120mm fans or four 140mm fans.

The case is also very spacious, giving you plenty of room to work with. The cable management is excellent, and I had no trouble fitting all of my components inside.

Finally, the case’s design is aesthetic and sleek, with a matte black finish. You can also buy the white version of the case to match your other hardware.

Corsair 5000D Airflow Cons

The downside to this case is that it comes with a single intake fan. If you are looking for more cooling power, you will need to purchase additional fans.

Another downside is that the USB ports at the front panel are tight and can be difficult to use.

The dust filter rubs against the front fans, and you’ll need to find a solution for the filter to avoid getting caught up in the fans. The filter is sucked by the fan and makes a lot of noise.

This is a glaring issue that Corsair should address.

What The Corsair 5000D Airflow Is Like

Corsair 5000D Airflow is a stunning PC case that looks great and with a single large mesh front panel for maximum airflow. I chose the matte black variant, although the white version looks nice too.

It is a relatively large case, measuring 20.47 x 9.65 x 20.47 inches, weighing around 23.1 pounds.

This is not a small or lightweight case, but it’s not too heavy either. The size makes it great for high-end builds with lots of hardware.

At the time of this review, I was running an Intel i7-8700K CPU, ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU, and 32GB RAM. I usually run graphically demanding games such as Assassin’s Creed Origins, Forza Horizon, and Gears of War on high or ultra graphics settings.

The average temperature using my old case is 70 degrees Celsius. After using the Corsair 5000D Airflow, my CPU temperature dropped down to 60 degrees Celsius, and my GPU is now at a stable 78 degrees Celsius.

This is a vast improvement mainly due to the increased airflow from the case. I’m able to play my games for longer periods without worrying about my hardware overheating.

Corsair 5000D Airflow vs. Corsair Obsidian Series 500D

The Corsair 5000D Airflow is the improved version of the Corsair Obsidian Series 500D. The most notable difference is the increased airflow from the front panel.

The Corsair 5000D Airflow comes with two 120mm AirGuide fans, while the Corsair Obsidian Series 500D only includes two SP120 cooling fans.

Another improvement is the cable management system in Corsair 5000D Airflow.

Lastly, the fan capacity of Corsair 5000D Airflow is ten 120mm fans or four 140mm fans compared to five 120mm fans or four 140mm fans of Corsair Obsidian Series 500D.

 Corsair 5000D AirflowCorsair Obsidian Series 500D
Item Weight23.1 pounds‎23.1 pounds
Dimensions‎20.47 x 9.65 x 20.47 inches19.76 x 9.17 x 20 inches
MaterialTempered GlassAluminum
Internal Fan Count2 120mm AirGuide fans2 SP120 cooling fans
Fan Capacity10x 120mm or 4x 140mm cooling fans5x 120mm fans or 4x 140mm fans

Corsair 5000D Airflow Compared To Other PC Case

Razer Tomahawk has released ATX Mid-Tower in the same year as Corsair 5000D Airflow.

The downside of the Razer Tomahawk is that it only has one pre-installed cooling fan, given its price range.

However, Razer Tomahawk is a stylish and sleek-looking case with Razer Chroma RGB lighting. It also has a sturdy dust filter compared to Corsair 5000D Airflow.

As to fan capacity, Razer Tomahawk allows up to six 120mm fans or two 140mm fans while Corsair 5000D Airflow has ten 120mm fans or four 140mm fans.

 Corsair 5000D AirflowRazer Tomahawk ATX Mid-Tower
Item Weight23.1 pounds29.85 Pounds
Dimensions‎20.47 x 9.65 x 20.47 inches19.4 x 9.22 x 18.7 inches
MaterialTempered GlassTempered Glass
Internal Fan Count2 120mm AirGuide fans1 pre-installed fan
Fan Capacity10x 120mm or 4x 140mm cooling fans6x 120mm or 2x 140mm cooling fans

Why Buy Corsair 5000D Airflow


The Corsair 5000D Airflow is not the cheapest case on the market, but it is competitively priced compared to similar cases. You get what you pay for, and in this case, you’re getting a high-quality PC case that will keep your hardware cool.


The Corsair 5000D Airflow can hold a lot of hardware, making it great for high-end builds with lots of hardware. It also boasts its fan capacity compared to other cases, which helps lower your hardware temperature.


This is the main selling point of the Corsair 5000D Airflow, and it does not disappoint. The increased airflow from the front panel helps to keep your hardware cool, even under heavy use.


The case also looks very sleek with its tempered glass paneling on the left side, making it great for showing off your hardware.

Cable Management

The Corsair 5000D Airflow comes with a great cable management system that makes it easy to keep your cables organized. This is a plus, especially if you’re like me and hate having a cluttered desk.

Ease of Assembly

The assembly is just a breeze as the instructions are clear and easy to follow, so it won’t take too long at all before you’re ready to install your components.

Is The Corsair 5000D Airflow Worth It?

The Corsair 5000D Airflow is a high-quality PC case that comes with many great features. It’s perfect for gamers, digital designers, and businesses with servers in need of a great PC case.

If you have a high-end build with lots of hardware, this is the PC case for you.

Its airflow feature will definitely help lower your hardware temperature and add on more ventilation needed in some cases where the computer system has been overheating over time.

On the other hand, if you are not a heavy user and just a casual computer user, the Corsair 5000D Airflow’s price range is relatively high compared to other products. You can consider an alternative such as the Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L for only $49.99 on Amazon. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

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