Cinemark Rewards (Free Tickets & Discounts)

Cinemark has a digital loyalty program called Regal Crown Club started in 2019. Anyone can join for free and earn 1 point for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases at Cinemark.

The points can be exchanged for movie tickets, concession deals, and movie swag. The members will get special perks when they achieve elite status and complete each tier.

What You Get With Cinemark Reward Points?

The earned points can be redeemed for movie tickets, sweepstakes, food, and beverage. The other redemption options include discounts on special days, Early Bird, Supersavers, and Family Day.

Get Sweepstakes With Cinemark Points

The members can use their Regal points for Sweepstake entries and win prizes.

The popular sweepstake includes:

  • One free month of Movie club
  • $1 off for any size of Popcorn
  • An artwork t-shirt of any of the participating movies.
  • A printed lithograph of artwork of the participating movies.

Get Weekly Deals With Points

You can regularly check emails to get the weekly discount updates, tickets, and promotional offers. Monday deal is a weekly deal which is a Family Day deal where you can get $1.25 off per person for parties of 3 or more at selected locations.

The other type of weekly deal is the Tuesday discount in which you can save ticket prices on any movie that is purchased.

Discount$100 off for eligible purchases
Free GiftGet a $5 bonus coupon for a $35 gift card
Discount20% discount on any order above $1
Free GiftGet free gifts on the entire order
Special DealPrivate gaming party for $99

Get Exclusive Discount With Points

Supersavers consist of two types: Platinum Supersaver which allows members to redeem any movies of their choice and Concession Supersavers reward members with free junior popcorn and a free small fountain drink at any Cinemark theater location.

Early Bird provides members with a special discount price for the first matinee showtime of the day before 1 PM. This discount is applicable for any movies on all days. 

Cinemark Rewards Membership Levels

There are two membership tier levels in the Cinemark Rewards including Movie Fan membership and Movie Club membership. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

Anyone can join for free to become a Movie Fan member and enjoy exclusive member offers by earning and redeeming the points. Members can earn up to 500 points within 24 hours without a transaction limit.

Movie Club membership can be upgraded anytime by visiting the website and joining the club with a monthly membership fee. The members will receive a lot of extra benefits and offer including a free ticket reward.

Price per monthFree$9.99
1 point per $1
Screening and Advanced ticket
Member offers
Tuesday discount.
1 ticket per month
20% off concessions
Waived online fees
Unused ticket rollover
Member pricing for an extra ticket

Movie Club Platinum

Movie Club includes Platinum level recently which adds more benefits to the members. Those who visit 25 times or purchase 60 tickets in a year will be automatically upgraded to the Platinum status. 

The Platinum member will be rewarded with 2 credits once they reach the status, they will get 25% off concessions on every visit, and they can earn 5 additional tickets per transaction at the member price.

Get Birthday Reward With Points

Cinemark provides free Small size popcorn or drinks on the birthday month of members. You need to present the code given to redeem the reward.

Get Member Discounts With Points

Students will get a discount on tickets at selected theaters when they provide a student ID. Military discounts are available at Cinemark for active or retired officers. They need to present their military ID at the box office.

There is also special discount pricing for seniors at Cinemark theater locations. Member discounts apply every day CInemark theaters are open.

How To Earn Cinemark Rewards Points?

After creating a Cinemark Rewards account, you can watch movies and earn 1 point per dollar for qualifying purchases at participating Regal theaters. The earned points will be added to your account within 72 hours of purchase.

You can earn credits on every movie ticket, food and beverage purchase made in the theater, online, or through the app. 

During in-theater purchase, you need to scan the QR code in your account and provide your phone number or email address during check-out.

There is no transaction limit, however, members can earn up to 500 points in a single day. The points are added excluding the tax during the purchase. 

You can earn 1 movie credit when you refer a friend or family member and 10 free credits can be earned per year.

The earned ticket rewards are accumulated as Credits on the Movie Fan or Movie Club account. Members can exchange the credits toward a free ticket reward that can be a regular 2D  movie at all Cinemark theater locations.

The members can earn extra credits for booking new release movies. The other options to earn bonus points include special promotions, coupons, and special deals.

You can also earn credits for redeeming gift cards for admission tickets or concessions. However, you cannot earn points for purchasing alcohol, emergency tickets, or gift cards.

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How To Redeem Cinemark Reward Points?

Members can redeem earned points by logging in to the website of Cinemark or through the app. Select any available reward that you wish to redeem and select the “Redeem” button. You can view your current point balance on your account.

The points will expire after 12 months of the issued date and the oldest points earned are applied first automatically. Even if you cancel the membership, the credits will remain for 6 months. 

Cinemark Rewards Membership Management

The new members need to create an account by adding valid details on or opening the Movie Rewards page through the app. 

The existing members can simply log in to their accounts to earn and redeem points.

How To Sign Up

To get enrolled, you need to provide your name, email address, contact number, and zip code. After accepting the terms and conditions, you can submit the membership application. 

Anyone above 18 years can join the program and after submitting the enrollment you will receive an email verification. Then, you can start earning points and use them for rewards.

How To Cancel

The membership account can be canceled anytime. After logging into your account, select the “Manage Your Membership” section at the bottom of the page and click the “Cancel Your Membership” option.

Is Cinemark Rewards Worth It?

Cinemark Rewards is worth joining as the program offers a lot of offers and discounts on the latest movies and offers free in-theater food and beverages for members. They also provide deals and offers on special days with a low ticket fare. 

The members can also reserve seating and priority lanes for ticket booking. They also offer discounts for students, seniors, and children on weekly basis.