Cheapest Way to Get Hulu

Hulu is a great place to start streaming movies and TV shows for a low price. It features a variety of critically acclaimed titles, as well as kid-friendly content.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get Hulu?

The cheapest way to get Hulu is through student discount, which allows basic plan with ads for only $1.99. Without student discount, the cheapest way to get Hulu is their basic plan with ads at $6.99.

Despite a price bump, Hulu’s entry-level plan still is an excellent value option for anyone wanting to watch great TV series and movies. You’ll also get access to a huge library of critically acclaimed titles, including Hulu’s own original series.

Hulu + Live TV is a great way to replicate the cable experience without breaking the bank. With over 75 TV channels, it’s the most popular IPTV service in America.

With a variety of great deals on offer, Hulu has become one of the best value-for-money options in the streaming wars. But is it really worth it?

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Is There A Hulu Student Discount No Ads?

The Hulu student discount cost only $1.99 but it comes with ads. Students can also get a bundle deal for Hulu through Spotify that includes Hulu, Spotify, and Showtime. Spotify now offers a special student discount for all 3 subscriptions for only $4.99.

However, Hulu does offer commercial-free content for most of their programming at $11.99 which is three dollars cheaper per month compared to HBO Max. It should be noted that there is some live programming on Hulu that may feature commercials.

Does Hulu Have a Free Trial?

If you’ve never signed up for Hulu before, then the easiest way to get it is by taking advantage of the free trial offers. Usually, these offers are only available for 30 days.

If you don’t cancel the service before its free trial ends, Hulu will charge you $5.99 a month for the ad-free service and $11.99 a month for the no ads plan.

You may have to wait a bit for another free trial to end before creating a new account. This method works by creating a new account by creating a new debit or credit card.

Hulu + Live TV is a free trial that gives users a seven-day trial. If that trial is over, the service will charge you $4.99 a month, or $60.99 a month. The prices do not include the added fees for these add-ons.

Can You Share Your Hulu Account?

If you want to share your Hulu account with another person, called Unlimited Screens, then the price of Hulu jumps by another $9.99. That’s almost $22 per month compared to the $14.99 for HBO Max.

With Hulu Plus Live TV, you can get the Unlimited Screen add-on for an additional $9.99 a month. This feature will allow you to stream from a wide range of devices simultaneously.

Most premium channels, such as HBO and Cinemax, have a limit of up to 5 screens at once. If you’re on the go, you can stream Hulu on up to 3 mobile devices at once with the added-on.

You can share your hulu account with anyone by simply providing their username and credentials. There are only a few ways to set up your account, and each user has its own unique username and account settings.

You can create a profile for up to six people. There are also options to create a general profile and access everything that Hulu has to offer.

Hulu doesn’t limit the number of devices that can use the service. However, it can easily get cluttered with devices that can access your account.

Hulu Plans Prices

Hulu Plans & Add-onsPrice
Hulu with ads$6.99
Hulu (no ads)$12.99
Hulu + Live TV  with ads$64.99
Hulu + Live TV (no ads)$70.99
Hulu Student$1.99
Unlimited Screens$9.99
Enhanced Cloud DVR$9.99
Unlimited Screens + Enhanced DVR$14.98
Entertainment Add-on$7.99
Español Add-on$4.99
Sports Add-on$9.99
HBO Max$14.99

Hulu’s basic tier price increased to $6.99 a month starting October 8. However, it still provides one of the most low entry-points for its extensive library of content.

Hulu Plus will allow you to stream movies and TV shows on up to two simultaneous devices with ads.

With a Hulu with Live TV package, you can also receive over 75 live TV channels from your local cable provider. This is a great way to get started when it comes to watching live TV.

For a limited time, get 3 months for $54.99 a month. You can stream channels such as NBC, A&E, and The CW.

Is Hulu Cheaper Than HBO Max?

Hulu is cheaper than HBO Max. At $14.99, HBO Max is considerably more expensive compared to Hulu’s cheapest plan which currently sits at $5.99.

It should be noted that the $5.99 for Hulu does not include all their streaming content and there are commercials embedded in the movies and shows being offered.

This stands in stark contrast to HBO Max which does not include commercials in its content.