Cheapest Way to Get Netflix

For the most expensive plan, users can stream on up to four devices. So if a student recruits three friends to split the cost, they can all use the same Netflix account and pay less than $5 per month for Netflix.

How to Get Netflix for Cheap

You can get Netflix for cheap by splitting the cost or share the account with family members. You can also use discount gift cards and cash back website to reduce the cost, use use VPN to sign up for Netflix for cheap from a diffiernet country.

How to Split the Cost of Netflix Account

One of the easiest ways to save money on your Netflix account is to simply split the account between household members.

The standard Netflix subscription allows users to watch on two different screens at the same time, so there should be no problem splitting the payments in two for a lower cost.

In fact, two people would be paying about $7 each month to use Netflix instead of the $9 that the Basic plan costs each month.

While splitting the account in two is the best for couples or two roommates, individuals who live with three or four different roommates can opt to split the cost of the Premium plan, which allows up to four devices to be used for screening at a single time.

If four people split the cost of the Premium account, they will each be paying about $4.50 each month for Netflix.

How to Share Netflix Account with Family Members

Even if students don’t live under the same roof as their family, they can still share a Netflix account with family members.

Similar to sharing an account with roommates, family members can use a Netflix account and stream on numerous different devices at the same time.

If a student has multiple siblings that also want to share an account, the family can opt for the Premium plan.

If a student’s parents already pay for a Netflix account, it would also be cheaper to stay on that account instead of paying for a new subscription.

Unknown to some, Netflix users do not need to be on the same wireless network to stream Netflix.

Use Discount Gift Cards to Get Netflix for Cheap

While this will require more research and constant work on the user’s end, using discount gift cards can be a way to stream Netflix at a discounted rate.

Netflix can be paid for by using gift cards from retailers, and some websites such as, or social media websites such as Instagram or Facebook.

However, free or discounted Netflix promotions are not always available, and some turn out to be scams.

Yet, Netflix users can buy Netflix subscriptions by using iTunes or Google Play gift cards. If users purchase Netflix by using these apps, they can opt to get discounted gift cards by participating in surveys on the Google Play Rewards app.

Use Cash Back Websites to Get Netflix for Cheap

While there are not any credible cashback websites for Netflix, users can try a hack similar to the previous trick and find cashback websites for Apple Music.

However, there are not many verified websites for cashback when it comes to Netflix or Google Play.

Instead, students can opt for a cashback credit card that gives a percentage of all funds back. Depending on the purchase, the cashback can be as little as 1% but as much as 7%.

Use VPN to Get Netflix for Cheap

There are ways to get Netflix for a cheaper price, and in some places, as little as $3 per month. This video will show users how to sign up for Netflix in a different country and get it for a cheaper price than other countries.

The basic steps include purchasing a VPN, buying Netflix gift cards for the country users plan to purchase the service from, purchasing Netflix in that country, and how to transfer to the Netflix server in a user’s home country.

Note: this is not the easiest task to do and is not how Netflix prefers users to get this service. If users are discovered to have misused the Netflix service, the worst thing that generally happens is the user has kicked off the server of the country Netflix was purchased in.

For this reason, users should get a quality VPN (such as NordVPN) so that users stay anonymous online and can use other servers without being detected.

Does Netflix Have Free Trials?

Netflix does not offer free trials nor does have many discounts. (Source: Netflix) However, there are some shows that users can watch for free on Netflix, you can find the list of those free shoes here.

While these shows are free, the options are limited. For further watching, users will have to purchase a Netflix subscription.