Can You Use Uber Under 18? (Using Uber as a Minor)

As a teenager, it can be challenging to find reliable transportation to get around town. Ride-hailing services like Uber can be a convenient option, but the question arises: can you use Uber under 18?

Unaccompanied minors can’t ride alone on Uber, except in cities with UberX Teen. Riders under 18 can use Uber if linked to a guardian’s account. Uber’s age requirement shifted, allowing 13 to 17-year-olds their own accounts, connected to guardians.

For example, in some regions, minors can use Uber if they are accompanied by an adult who will take responsibility for the ride. Additionally, the adult must have their own Uber account and must request the ride on behalf of the minor. However, these exceptions vary by region and are subject to change.

Minimum Age to Use Uber

People under 18 cannot Uber by themselves. To register your Uber account you have to be at least 18. The app doesn’t request any ID confirmation but it can create problems for you if you are under 18 and overstate your age.

That doesn’t mean minors can’t use Uber. There is a way for them to ride Uber and reach their destination. It would be best to understand Uber before using their services if you are under 18.

How to Use Uber When You Are Under 18

If you are under 18 and want to use Uber you have to be accompanied by an adult. If there is no adult present the Uber driver has the right to cancel the ride anytime. Without any adult don’t call the Uber as that can lead to the cancellation of your ride.

Many minors call Uber and if the driver rejects to give them a ride, they try to argue and fight with them. In such situations, the driver has the right to contact the company and the cops at the same time.

Uber Drivers Can Request Photo ID from Riders

Uber does everything from their side by not allowing someone under 18 to register their account. But sometimes people can find ways to get around that. That is why there are rules and procedures a driver also has to follow to ensure a safe ride for both the driver and rider.

If the Uber driver thinks the rider is under 18 and shouldn’t be allowed to ride they can request their driving license or photo ID. In such a situation, if the rider rejects to comply the driver can cancel the ride. The ride would start only once the confirmation procedure is completed.

Can Someone Under 18 Use Ride-sharing Service With Adults?

No, anyone underage person cannot use any Uber ride services. Many people think that they can use the carpool or ride-sharing services if there are other adults on the ride. But it is not only about the presence of an adult.

The other riders would be strangers to the underage rider. There would be no one responsible for the underage rider. That is why it is restricted for underage users to use services.

Can A Underage Rider Use An Adults Account To Uber?

No, an underage rider is not allowed to ride by using an adult’s account. Sometimes it gets difficult for the drivers to see if the person riding is the same person with the registered account by appearance. But if there is a lot of difference in appearance between the underage ride and the account holder, the driver may get suspicious.

Then they can surely ask for a photo ID and reject to start until shown. If the rider doesn’t provide any ID for confirmation the ride would be canceled. This can lead to the account holder being charged a cancellation fee.

Can Uber Drivers Refuse A Passenger For Any Reason?

Yes, Uber drivers can refuse a passenger to ride for many reasons. Recently, there have been many incidents where Uber drivers have refused rides due to the rider not complying and behaving irrationally.

But there are many other reasons why a rider can be refused a ride. Here are the top reasons:

  • Drinking in the car
  • Possession of an illegal item by the rider
  • Unsafe situations
  • The input of wrong drop-off locations
  • The rider who has been committing fraud on Uber app
  • Underage minors
  • Long rides
  • Sexual misconduct

Uber has taken many steps in the past years to give drivers the freedom to refuse and cancel rides. As it is a privately owned vehicle by the driver, it is good that they can refuse any ride.

The reasons above mentioned are the ones where the driver can cancel the ride and not face any backlash. There have been some incidents where Uber drivers have canceled the rides and acted irrationally as well.

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