How to Transfer Funds from Emerald Card to Bank Account

H&R Emerald card is one of the best cards that simplifies access to tax refunds. In addition, it lets you access your account online through the MyBlock mobile app.

Emerald card charges transaction fees. Even an ordinary balance inquiry has cost around 40 cents. As with all of these issues and transactions, using a bank account to deposit your tax refunds would be a good alternative.

Can You Transfer Funds from Emerald Card to Bank Account?

You can transfer funds from your Emerald to your bank account by submitting a transfer request form to H&R Block bank. You can also withdraw your funds from an ATM up to $3,000 per day and then deposit them into your bank account.

Emerald card gives you the best access to funds, and you will make transactions with just a few steps. However, while it makes transactions easier, it is best-loved for tax refunds and balancing accounts with the IRS.

With this, you will get to have the direct deposits of your tax refunds done automatically, and banking made easy for you. But there are quite a lot of issues that come along with the H&R Emerald card.

There are not many locations that will dispense cash to an Emerald card. Emerald cards also charge a lot for transactions, and users usually end up in collections. 

  • H&R Block Emerald card is one of the best Prepaid cards for processing and depositing your tax refunds.
  • Emerald cards only easily allow card-to-card transfers or Emerald Card to Emerald savings accounts transfer. 
  • To transfer funds from your Emerald card to your bank account, you must fill the Funds transfer request form.
  • Most payment platforms such as Venmo, Chime, and Cashapp do not allow for money transfers from Emerald cards.

How to Transfer Money from Your Emerald Card

You can transfer money from your Emeral Card to your Emerald savings account online. To transfer your funds, just go to an ATM or log in to your Emerald Card Online account.

To transfer money from your H&R Emerald card:

  1. First download a transfer request form from H& website
  2. Then all you have to do is fill in your personal information like phone numbers, your social security number, and your Emerald card number.
  3. Strictly adhere to the instructions on the form and ensure to use got recent personal information while you complete the form. 
  4. After completion, you mail the form to the H&R Bank. 
  5. When they get the form, they will call, and after verification and some questions, your money will be transferred to your preferred bank will be processed. 

If you need additional help, you can also call 1-866-353-1266 their customer care.

However, you can easily transfer money from your Emerald card to your Emerald savings account through Emerald’s MyBlock mobile app, Emerald card online, or at any ATM where you can withdraw with your Emerald card.

What about card to card? How do I transfer money from one Emerald card to another?

How to Transfer Funds from Old to New Emerald Card

You can transfer funds from one Emerald card to another by logging in to the old Emerald card account, go to the menu options and select card to card transfer, enter the card number of the new Emerald card you want to transfer the fund to, and authorize the transaction.

Transferring funds from your Emerald card to your bank account can be complex, and the mailing might take time. But transferring money from your old Emerald card to a new Emerald card is much simpler.

How Long Does it Take to Transfer

Getting an Emerald card transferred by H&R doesn’t come any easier than waiting, so you would need other ways to meet your payments while you wait. 

H&R block usually transfers Emerald cards within 14 days. You can pick it up at the local office instant if it’s your first time of issuance. If it is not, then you have to wait diligently.

Approved joint cardholders get preferential treatments if they have applied through the Emerald online platform.  They will get the Emerald cards transferred within the next 7 or 10 business days. 

However, if the Approved joint cardholders have applied at the tax office, the Emerald card will be issued to them instantly.

It can also be mailed to them if they choose for the Emerald card to come with other bank packages or documents.

Approved joint cardholders who applied for an Emerald card through Emerald Online service will receive a new personalized Card in the mail within 7-10 business days. 

Those who applied in the tax office can receive an instant-issue Card immediately or request for the Emerald card to be mailed to them.

Fees for the H&R Block Emerald Card

Like other prepaid cards, the H&R Block Emerald card charges no monthly fees, nor does it change to move funds from your bank account to the Emerald card for deposits of IRS tax refunds. 

The fees Emerald card charges include $3 for each ATM cash withdrawal, $1.5 for each ATM bank inquiry, and up to $1 for MyBlock mobile balance inquiries.

H&R Block Emerald cards allow for deposit of IRS tax refunds, and it all offers you tax preparation services that remove the need for upfront payment. 

The proceeding fee for H&R to pay your filling for a federal refund is $39.99.

FAQ on Emerald Cards Answered

Funds, such as tax refunds and other payments by the government, are loaded onto your H&R Emerald card as soon as they are received by H&R block from the IRS. On the other hand, direct deposits into your H&R Emerald card are usually posted around 4 am CST on the day agreed by the payer.

For the easy direct depositing of tax refunds and loading of funds into Emerald Card, the Emerald routing number is 101089742. You should know that this is not your card number but a number generated by the H&R block system. This routing number with your account number is used to facilitate your tax returns to your Emerald card.

Emerald card is known for making deposits of tax refunds easier, especially with the help of its H&R Block refund transfer processing. For this, your H&R will in sync with the IRS and the bank is associated with, Metabank. This will make for the processing of funds between your bank, Metabank, and the IRS.

CashApp accepts funds from only debit cards, credit cards, or linked bank accounts backed by MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Visa. Like most other prepaid cards, you cannot currently use your H&R Block Emerald card to transfer money to CashApp. 

Chime is a deposit account and is an alternative to prepaid cards. It can only accept money transfers from accounts supported by Plaid. Even with prepaid cards built on Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, you cannot transfer money to Chime. Hence, you can transfer money from your Emerald card to Chime as H&R Block Emerald cards are reloadable prepaid cards.

Venmo only accepts debit, credit, or prepaid cards from brands like Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and America Express for fraud prevention. You cannot transfer money from gift cards or prepaid cards like an Emerald card to a Venmo account.

If your Emerald card has the Mastercard logo on it, you can easily transfer money with it to PayPal. PayPal accepts prepaid cards that have the Visa®, American Express®, MasterCard®, or Discover® logo on it. Ensure that the personal details such as address and name associated with the Emerald card is the ones on the PayPal account as you are trying to link them .

Unlike other prepaid cards, your Emerald card has a larger withdrawal capacity, and you can easily withdraw at ATMs or use it at POS. In addition, while Emerald Card’s cash load limit is below average at $1000, it offers you the ability to withdraw up to $3000 from ATMs per day.