Can You Return Laptops to Best Buy?

Buying a laptop can be one of the most personal choices that consider many factors. What are you going to use it for? How much storage do you need? Are you traveling with it?

However, it can be disheartening to get the wrong laptop and have to take it in to return it for a refund or an exchange.

At Best Buy, the policy for returning laptops is simple and can be extended depending on if you’re a member of any Best Buy memberships. Also, this store has more options for exchanging the laptop due to the trade-in policies.

Best Buy’s Return Policy on Laptops

Best Buy offers a standard 15-day return policy on all laptops. There are also three other options for different memberships offered at Best Buy:

Best Buy MembershipsReturn Policy
Best Buy Elite30 days
Best Buy Elite Plus45 days
Best Buy TotalTech60 days

Best Buy also allows customers to complete returns online and in-store.

Because of the products Best Buy sells, the electronic superstore also allows for easier problem solving when a direct refund or exchange isn’t an option.

The customer can trade in their laptop for credit on other products in the store.

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How to Return Laptops at Best Buy

Customers can return laptops both in-store and online. For online returns, customers can look up their order and return with a pre-paid UPS label.

For in-store returns, customers just need to bring the laptop and a receipt or proof of purchase to the customer service desk as a local Best Buy store.

The process is straightforward so long as you have what you need and are working within the return window.

How Long Does It Take Best Buy to Refund?

Best Buy processes refund the same way the original payment for the laptop was made. You will get cash right then or a refund directly to the card which could take a few business days to process depending on the bank.

Online refunds have a 7–10-day process time by the store with an additional process time of up to 7 days depending on the bank.

One thing that can keep costs down is the absence of a restocking fee.

Is There a Restocking Fee for Laptops at Best Buy?

Best Buy does not have a restocking fee for its laptops. However, they do have restocking fees for other products, such as a $45 restocking fee for activable devices and 15% of the purchase price on bigger items.

Restocking fees help stores offset the cost of returning a non-defective item since there are a lot of fees typically associated with processing an order.

When a customer returns an item, the store is responsible for reprocessing the order and the restocking fee can help offset these costs.

While Best Buy does have these fees, they also have a unique tiered system of return windows.

Can I Return a Laptop to Best Buy After 15 Days?

Best Buy customers can take advantage of the different memberships that have access to longer return periods. Also, Best Buy offers an extended holiday return period; purchases made October 18 through January 2 are eligible for return until January 16.

The best way to successfully return a laptop is with a receipt, but that might not be available.

Can I Return a Laptop to Best Buy Without a Receipt?

Best Buy does offer some options if you don’t have a receipt when you are trying to return or exchange a laptop. The store may require email proof to process the return.

If neither of these options is available for you, you may be denied the return or limited to what you may receive. Most of the time, states sales tax and fees will not be reimbursed.

However, because Best Buy specializes in electronics, they do have an option to trade-in devices.

Do I Need Original Packaging to Return a Laptop to Best Buy?

Best Buy prefers laptops being returned to be in “like-new” conditions. Items that are damaged, dented, or scratched may be denied a return or exchange.

There are ways that Best Buy seems to go an extra step in helping customers including accepting returns that may be opened if not damaged.

Can You Return a Laptop to Best Buy in [Year]?

At Best Buy, customers are able to return and exchange or refund laptops. The store offers a unique tiered return policy, based on available memberships, compared to other retailers across the market.

Even if you purchase or receive a laptop that doesn’t fit your personal needs, exchanging it for another or refunding it all together can be a simple process instead of a daunting task.