Can You Return a Laptop to Walmart?

Walmart offers a wide range of laptops to suit work, personal, family, and gaming needs. Customers have a spectrum of options to choose from brand-name manufacturers like Asus, Dell, HP, and Samsung.

Laptops can fail to perform as designed, however, due to reasons including manufacturing errors, defective parts, electronic failures, software bugs, or other glitches. These faults may not always be readily apparent, instead of appearing only when the laptop is used for the first time.

If a laptop is found to be faulty, ineffective, or non-functioning, the customer needs to know Walmart’s return policy for laptops.

Can You Return a Laptop to Walmart?

Walmart has a return policy that allows customers to make returns on any laptop purchased in-store or online within 30 days of the purchase. For laptop purchases from November to December, the Walmart return period is extended to 40 days.

As electronic devices, laptops fall under Walmart’s electronics return policy along with other computers, tablets, and mobile electronic devices. The electronics return policy states that a return must be made within 30 days of the purchase. There are no exceptions to this policy for any certain types, models, or brand name laptops.

For in-store purchases, the 30-day period begins the day the purchase was conducted. For purchases made through Walmart’s online store, the 30-day period begins when the laptop purchased is delivered to the location specified in the order.

For all Walmart returns, consult Walmart’s standard return policy for broad terms and conditions. Detailed information on Walmart returns can be located at Walmart’s corporate Policies and Guidelines website.

Can I Return Laptop to Walmart After 30 Days?

The only exception to Walmart’s return policy for laptops is the holiday season. Defined by Walmart as November through December, laptops purchased during these two months are subject to an extended return period.

For all holiday purchases, the return period is extended by 10 days. Since laptops were originally subject to Walmart’s electronics return period of 30 days, any laptop purchased during the holiday season becomes subject to a new 40 day return period.

For customers purchasing laptops as gifts for spouses, another family member, or friends, having an extended period makes returns an easier experience. Walmart incorporates other return policies during the holiday season to make returns even more ‘hassle-free.’

What Are Walmart Laptop Return Policy Requirements?

Laptops can only be returned if visible damage is apparent or if the laptop was found to be defective. When unpacking and powering on the laptop, inspect the laptop and any accessories to determine if damage occurred during manufacturing or delivery.

When running the laptop for the first time, make sure to pay attention to performance. If the laptop is found to be inoperable, glitchy, bugged, or error-ridden, a manufacturing error, part failure, or software fault most likely occurred – meaning the laptop is defective or flawed.

Keep the laptop packaging as undamaged as possible when first opening the laptop package. Remove packaging tape carefully to incur the least amount of damage possible to the box. Avoid marking or otherwise scarring the laptop packaging, such that it would become unreturnable.

For laptops purchased as gifts, Walmart will accept the gift receipt, order confirmation email, or packing slip included in delivery as proof of purchase.

Include these when making a return on a laptop at Walmart:

  • The laptop
  • All accessories
  • The receipt of the purchase
  • Original packaging (undamaged)
  • In-box documentation (disks, guides, etc.)
  • Credit, debit, or gift card made for the purchase

If the laptop was purchased with cash, Walmart can still accept the return if a photo ID is provided and the return is made in-store.

Can I Return Laptop to Walmart without Receipt?

At Walmart, laptops returns can be made without a receipt but they be made within 30 days of purchase. Along with the previously stated return requirements, customers will also need to produce a valid photo ID. Dating the purchase is difficult without the receipt, so any additional information you can provide will make this method of return easier for all parties involved.

For purchases under $25, Walmart provides a full cash refund. If the purchase is over $25 and a receipt cannot be produced proving this purchase, Walmart will only issue a store credit of the amount of cash originally paid.

Since laptops can cost anywhere between several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, be sure to keep the receipt of your purchase to receive a full cash refund.

Can I Return Laptop Accessories at Walmart?

If an accessory lacks any electronic parts, then it will be subject to Walmart’s standard return policy, which details a return period of 90 days. Any electronic accessories are subject to the same 30-day electronics return period that laptops are.

Such electronic accessories typically include:

  • Headphones
  • Keyboards
  • Computer Mice
  • Bluetooth Pens
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • Other hardware

If any of these accessories were purchased as part of your laptop, make sure to include them with your laptop upon return. If any accessories were purchased separately from your laptop, these will constitute individual returns.

Certain accessories are not eligible for returns. Such accessories include software or IT products delivered through email or any video graphics cards. These items are not considered for returns under Walmart’s standard return policy.

What is Walmart Return Policy For Laptops

Laptops purchased at Walmart fall under a clear return policy with no exceptions based on type or model. All laptops must be returned within 30 days of purchase if found to be faulty, defective, or damaged from manufacturing or delivery. The only exception to this period is during the holiday season, during which all return periods are extended by 10 days.

Before visiting a Walmart location near you for a return, be sure to include all the accessories, information, and packaging which came with your purchase. Meeting all return requirements before making a return in-store or online will make the return process smoother and increase the chances of receiving a full refund.