Can You Get Cash Back with Apple Pay? (Yes)

Launched on October 20th, 2014, Apple Pay is designed to be used with the iPhone series starting with the iPhone 6 up to the iPhone 12.

Although, if the Apple Watch is being used, then the Apple Pay services can be connected to the iPhone 5 series.  

The Apple Pay system uses an NFC chip inside the iPhone to allow for the payments of items, goods, and services at retail stores that accept Apple Pay.

Currently, Apple Pay is accepted in over 50 countries and provides payment services that are similar to other credit cards.

Can You Get Cash Back with Apple Pay?

You can get 2% cash back from stores that accept Apple Pay. If they don’t accept Apple Pay, you can get 1% back.

BusinessCash Back
Apple Retail3%
App Stores3%
Apple Music3%
Duane Reade3%
Walgreens App3%
T-Mobile Stores3%
Apple Pay2%
All Other Purchases1%

Currently, the 3% cash back applies to all purchases made from Apple or iPhone such as all Apple retail stores, the Apple App Store, and iTunes.

When you go to the counter to make a payment, simply scan your iPhone over the payment counter. The purchase will automatically be charged to your Apple account.

If you do not see a payment counter for Apple Pay, then you can insert a credit card that has a chip and it will do the same thing. Except that the payment will apply to the credit card itself and not Apple Pay.

If you use your Apple frequently, then it can benefit you to use an Apple Card. The card allows you to receive what is known as “Apple Card Monthly” installments. Plus, you can make payments over your iPhone interest free.

Since you are using the Apple Card, you can load it up with cash anytime you want to make purchases.

This is because the cash is deposited in the wallet app itself, so you can buy what you want at retail stores both physically and online.

How Does Cash Back on Apple Pay Work

With the Apple Card tied into your Apple Pay, the cash back is performed automatically when you make a purchase.

This means you will receive your cash back for all verified payments made in the Apple Card system. The program is known as Daily Cash, so you should receive the money back once the purchase has been fully completed.

There may be circumstances in which the cash back is delayed. This is because while the initial transaction is made there are other procedures that must be followed for the transaction to be approved.

You may see this on your Apple Card or with other credit and debit cards as a “pending transaction”.

This means that the money has been set aside, but there is additional communication required for the transaction itself to be fully realized.

Apple Pay is one of the easiest and most flexible of all payment systems available. When combined with the Apple Card, you can earn cash back on every purchase.

By earning up to 3% back on select purchases, you can save a considerable amount of money depending on how often you use Apple Pay.

Plus, you can earn up to 2% back on all other purchases, which means that with most purchases, you are making money back when using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Cash Back Conditions & Requirements

The condition is that to get cash back you must obtain an Apple Card. Apple Pay alone does not provide you with cash back services because it is merely a system for transferring cash from your Apple Wallet app.

But when you use the Apple Card as part of the Apple Pay system, then you can receive cash back for your purchases.

The Apple Card was introduced in 2019. Representing a partnership with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs, it is both a physical and digital card.

The card itself works like most credit or debit cards, but it is strongly integrated into the Wallet app of your iPhone.

The card offers real-time updates and complete views of all transactions instantly when accessed.

The Apple Card itself is made from titanium, has no visible personal information about you apart from your name, and does not have an expiration date.

This means that once you receive the card, it will never expire. That allows you to make payments on the card whenever you want.

Although you must follow the rules and may payments as required to keep the Apple Card.

You are using the Apple Card with the Apple Pay system to get cash back when making purchases.

Apple Pay Cash Back Limitation to Cash Back

If you want to receive cash back, then you will need to connect your Apple Card to the Apple Pay system.

This will require you to get an Apple Card. However, the requirements for obtaining the Apple Card are not much different compared to receiving a typical credit card.  

Once activated, there are no limits in terms of the cash back system. This means whether you make one purchase or one hundred purchases in a day, you will receive cash back on each one.

The only limits are whether you qualify for an Apple Card which does mean you need a good credit score and will need credit approval.

It is possible that in the future limitations will be placed on the cash back system as provided by Apple Pay and the Apple Card.

You will need to stay aware of all changes to the Apply Card system, so that you can plan accordingly.