Can I Return a Bike to Walmart?

All types of bicycles can be found at Walmart – from adult bikes, children’s bikes, mountain bikes, and more. Walmart also offers a variety of bike accessories, like phone-holders, air pumps, and bike lights.

Not all bikes will always perform as designed, however. Bike performance can be impacted by manufacturing errors, shipping damage, or defective parts installed on the bike. Electrical performance issues could also be a key factor of return for electric bikes.

For any scenario, consumers will need to consult Walmart’s return policy when attempting to make a return on a bicycle they’ve purchased.

Can I Return a Bike to Walmart?

You can return a bike to Walamrt within 90 days after purchase. Exceptions include electric bikes, dirt bikes, and other gas-powered bikes. Electric bikes must be returned within 30 days of purchase, whereas dirt and gas-powered bikes are not eligible for returns.

For all Walmart returns, consult Walmart’s standard return policy for general terms and conditions. Descriptive information on Walmart returns can be found at Walmart’s corporate Policies and Guidelines website.

Walmart Return Policy On Bikes

Not all bikes purchased from Walmart are returnable. The ability to return a bike is based on what powers the bike and what the bike’s intended use is. For bikes that can be returned, return periods can range from 30 to 90 days.

All bikes that are not electric, gas-powered, or intended for dirt biking fall into their own category. These ordinary, pedal-powered bicycles come in various sizes and designs.

Since they are technically electronic products, electric bikes fall into their own category in Walmart’s return policy.

Dirt bikes and all other gas-powered bikes are the ultimate exceptions to Walmart’s return policy, as these two types of bicycles are non-returnable and non-refundable. The bill of sale for dirt and gas-powered bikes is final, and all Walmart store locations adhere strictly to this guidance.

Ordinary Bicycles

Bicycles that are not electric, gas-powered, or designed for dirt biking activities are subject to a 90 day return period. Since these bikes are pedal-powered and are not integrated with any electronic parts, they fall under Walmart’s standard return policy. This return policy states that all damaged or defective items purchased from Walmart in-store or online can be returned within 90 days of purchase.

Electric Bicycles

These bicycles are different from ordinary bicycles, given that they rely upon electricity to power the bike. Although these bicycles can sometimes also have pedals like ordinary bicycles, they rely on an electric motor to supplement the propulsion of the bicycle. Also known as ‘e-bikes,’ these bicycles fall under Walmart’s return policy for electronics. Given their electronic nature, these bikes must be returned within 30 days of purchase.

Dirt and Gas-Powered Bikes

Dirt and gas-powered bicycles fall into a separate category from ordinary and electric bicycles, as these types of bicycles are non-returnable.

Dirt bikes are any type of bike, typically gas-powered, that is designed for use outdoors on tracks composed of dirt, gravel, or other earthy materials. Gas-powered bikes encompass all bicycles which are not designed for dirt biking, but still rely on a gas-powered motor to independently drive propulsion.

If purchasing a dirt or gas-powered bike, be aware of the inability to make a return on this type of bicycle – which is strictly adhered to by Walmart.

What Are Walmart Bicycle Return Requirements?

Bicycles can only be returned if damage was visible before use or if the bike was found to be defective in form or performance. When first unpacking or assembling the bike, make sure to inspect the bike and any parts to determine if damage occurred during manufacturing or shipping. When using the bike, keep an eye out for any performance issues which could indicate defective parts.

The packaging for the bicycle must also be undamaged and unmarked. When unpacking the bicycle, remove packaging carefully by inflicting the least amount of disassembly possible. Avoid marking or otherwise scarring the packaging, such that it would become unusable.

For bikes purchased as a gift, Walmart will accept the gift receipt, confirmation email, or the packing slip included in shipping in place of the store receipt as proof of purchase.

Walmart’s return policy recommends that customers include the following when making a return on any accepted type of bicycle:

  • The bicycle
  • Any associated accessories
  • The receipt with the purchase
  • Original packaging (undamaged and unmarked)
  • In-box documentation (instructions, assembly guides, etc.)
  • Credit, debit, or gift card made for the purchase

If the bicycle was purchased with cash, Walmart can still accept the return if a photo ID is provided and the return is made in-store.

How Can I Make A Bike Return At Walmart?

Bike returns can be processed in two different ways according to Walmart’s standard return policy: in-store or online. Based on your method of purchase, we recommend you follow the most suitable method listed below to guarantee a smooth return policy and a full refund.

If the bicycle was purchased in-store, please visit the Walmart you purchased the bike from to make your return. Staff will be available to assist you in carrying or wheeling in the bicycle while you meet with the return desk to receive your refund. To locate your nearest Walmart store, refer to the Walmart Store Finder.

If the bicycle was purchased through Walmart’s online store, the return can be made online and shipping will be made available at no cost to the customer making the return. Walmart partners with UPS, FedEx, and USPS to handle online returns. After placing the bicycle back into its packaging, the bicycle can be dropped off at the nearest shipping store to begin the return.

Walmart Bicycle Return Policy

Walmart has a clear return policy for bicycles based on what they are powered by and their intended use is. For ordinary bicycles, returns must be made within 90 days of purchase. Electric bicycles must be returned within 30 days of purchase. All dirt and other gas-powered bicycles are not eligible for a return, as sales on this category of bikes are final.

When purchasing a bicycle, make sure to check the type to determine if it will be eligible for a return. For ordinary and electric bicycles, adhere to the return policy period. Include all relevant documentation, accessories, and original packaging in the return to keep the process smooth and receive a full refund sooner.