Best Buy Return Policy on TVs

With newer, thinner, smarter TVs being released each year, buying a TV is an investment you will hopefully have for a few years at least. Most people choose TVs that cater to what they spend the most time watching.

However, if you choose the wrong TV, then you have a decision to make: go through the hassle of returning it or suffer through using it anyway.

Best Buy has one of the easiest returns processes and will help you find a TV you want with knowledgeable sales associates at every step.

Best Buy Return Policy on TVs

Best Buy has a standard 15-day return policy on TVs. Best Buy also has different memberships with extended return windows. Customers with Best Buy Elite have 30 days to return their TV, and the return window is 45 days for Best Buy Elite Plus and 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech.

Best Buy MembershipsReturn Policy Window
Best Buy Elite30 days
Best Buy Elite Plus45 days
Best Buy TotalTech60 days

Best Buy also has the option for online returns along with its in-store return service.

Because Best Buy sells electronics and appliances almost exclusively, their returns process is probably more lenient than a store that just has an electronics section. If the store won’t accept your TV as a return, you could possibly still utilize it for store credit.

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How to Return TVs at Best Buy

You can return TVs to Best Buy by bringing the TV, a receipt, method of payment used, and a valid government-issued photo ID to any Best Buy location. For any online purchases being returned in-store, customers should bring the packing slip or email confirmation of the delivery.

For online returns, customers need to login in and locate the order. From there, you can print the prepaid shipping label, put it on the TV to be returned, and take it to a participating UPS location during the return period.

Both methods of return are designed to be quick and stress-free for the customer.

How Long Does It Take Best Buy to Refund?

With very few exceptions, Best Buy will refund your purchase the same way you originally paid for the item. The processing time for card transactions depends on the bank used and usually takes 1-5 business days.

For returns by mail, Best Buy will process your return within 15-20 business days. Then, the bank processing can take up to 7 business days after that.

Although the mail returns can take longer, Best Buy helps the customer avoid unnecessary fees.

Is There a Restocking Fee for TV Returns at Best Buy?

There are no restocking fees for TVs at Best Buy. This helps the customer receive a full refund and avoid unnecessary fees where the TV is new or opened, as long as their return policy conditions are met.

Restocking fees are typically used by retailers to help offset the cost of processing a transaction twice: once at the time of the original purchase and again during the return. Most stores use restocking fees to discourage shoppers from returning products.

Best Buy doesn’t have this fee because they typically have products in stock and don’t need to restock every time someone buys a TV. By not having this fee, it helps the customer and the store.

Best Buy tries to help the customers as much as they can during the returning process which can be stressful at other retailers.

Can I Return TVs to Best Buy After 15 Days?

Best Buy has memberships that allow for later returns. However, the store won’t allow for returns after 15 days; there is an exception with extended holiday returns. Best Buy membership holders can return their TV between 30-60 days window based on their membership level.

For holiday returns, items (including TVs) purchased between October 18th and January 2nd are extended until January 16th for returns. After that, the normal return period goes back into effect.

Best Buy also tries to help customers who don’t have a receipt and are trying to complete a return.

Can I Return TVs to Best Buy Without a Receipt?

There are ways that Best Buy attempts to help customers return TVs without a receipt. Customers may arrive with their email address or method of payment. Returns without a receipt are subject to approval, may be denied or limited.

Most commonly, the state and/or sales tax will not be reimbursed. Best Buy also has a few suggestions for returns packaging.

Do I Need Original Packaging to Return to Best Buy?

Original and unopened packaging is ideal for returns. However, you might have opened the box to see the TV and are worried that the return will be automatically denied.

Best Buy suggests that all returns arrive in “like-new” conditions. Opened boxes are okay so long as the TV itself isn’t damaged, scratched, or missing anything.

If you ordered a TV online, and it arrived at your house damaged, defective, or incorrect, then Best Buy will arrange for a replacement.

If the TV is damaged, dented, scratched, or missing parts, you may be denied a return or allowed a return with a non-refundable deduction for damages or missing parts.

Because Best Buy sells open-box and refurbished products, the chances of your return being acceptable is pretty good.

Can I Return a TV to Best Buy?

Best Buy accepts TV returns within a standard 15-day period for everyday customers. As mentioned above, some memberships allow for a longer return period.

Best Buy, a leader in electronics and appliances, does its best to help customers through a process that can be stressful. If you’ve got a TV from Best Buy that needs to be returned, they will help you in any way they can.