Average Price Of Raspberry

Many people in the US are fans of having berries such as raspberries and strawberries. The latter also ranks in the top five most-consumed fruits along with oranges in the US. Meanwhile, raspberries are also giving a tough competition.

However, raspberries are not the cheapest fruit you can buy on the market. Every year prices increase and affect the sale of these edible items. However, raspberry is also not the most expensive fruit on the planet.

If you want to know more about the average price of raspberries, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know about this fruit’s rate.

Average Cost Of Raspberries In The United States

The average price of raspberries is $6.46 per pint. Meanwhile, you can expect to pay $8.42 for one pound of this fruit. This is equivalent to 16 ounces and is a relatively higher price than most other berries on the market.

Of course, you must note that the cost of raspberries varies from one vendor to another in the US. Typically, 58% of the sellers charge $5 to $8 for every pound or pint of raspberries.

Meanwhile, you will come across ounces or oz units when purchasing the fruit from a retail store. The prices of the shops vary because of multiple reasons.

Besides that, you can expect to pay $3 to $6 for frozen raspberries from a supermarket. Of course, you should remember these types have poorer quality and taste than the fresh raspberries.

However, understanding the raspberry prices of different stores is essential. It will allow you to choose the place that sells this fruit in a high-quality but at a reasonable price.

Raspberry Price Comparison By Store

The primary thing you should understand about the average raspberry price is that it doesn’t account for the multiple types. After all, you can get different varieties of one fruit from a grower.

Typically, the two prevalent raspberries you will encounter in retail stores are fresh and organic ones. The prices of these vary slightly, but their taste may differ significantly.

Fresh Raspberries

Here is a price comparison table for fresh raspberries available at major US stores.

Store NamePrice Per 6 ozPrice Per 12 oz

As you can see, the stores’ prices vary significantly for the same quantity of raspberries. Typically, you can save money by getting a higher ounce of fruit.

Many stores also provide a hefty discount on bulk orders of raspberries and other fruits. Besides that, getting a 6 oz box of prepacked fruit is cheaper than picking individual berries to reach the same quantity.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and watch your weight regularly, you can also purchase organic raspberries. These are also readily available at the major stores for a lower price.

Organic Raspberries

Here is a price comparison table for organic raspberries you can purchase from different US stores.

Store NamePrice Per 6 oz

Just like with standard raspberries, you can also get the organic type for cheaper by buying in bulk. Besides that, you will not find many prepacked 12 oz fresh organic raspberry boxes.

You may also be wondering whether the prices in the US are relatively higher for raspberries or not. If so, comparing the cost of other countries will help you appreciate the prices of your region.

Raspberry Price Comparison By Country

The average cost of raspberries differs in various countries because of multiple growth factors. However, the US is one of the top three importers of this fruit.

Here is what you need to know about the prices of raspberries in different countries.

RankCountryAverage Price Per Lb
3United States$8.42

These are the top three major suppliers of raspberries worldwide, and their cumulative forms almost half of the market. This is why it is better to understand them.

Typically, Spain and United States use better growing techniques and have a higher demand than other countries. Besides that, the raspberries of these places come in multiple varieties.

So you can expect to pay higher for raspberries in the US than in most other countries. Of course, the specific rate also varies from one region of the country to another.

Raspberry Vs. Other Fruits Prices Comparison

For most people, the average price of raspberry is more expensive than other fruits in the US. You can expect to pay much lower for other berries such as strawberries and blackberries.

FruitPrice Per Lb

These are the average prices of the primary fruits people consume in the US. Typically, you can get one pound of most items for under $5.

Meanwhile, the average price of raspberries is in the range of $5 to $8. The actual figure depends on the seller, but it is significantly higher than other fruits.

Besides that, the prices of raspberries will increase with time because of high demand and other factors. So you should prepare yourself accordingly if you love this fruit.

Raspberry Price Increase

The prices of raspberries increase steadily every year and show a significant increase. For instance, the cost of this fruit during week one of 2020 was $5, and the price rose to about $11 by the tenth week.

Besides that, the increase pattern was similar in 2021, and prices went as high as about $12. Typically, the cost fluctuates throughout the year and becomes great during the seasonal period.

Meanwhile, you may experience a decrease in the prices by the end of the year. However, remember that the minimum cost remains around the $5 mark.

So if you want to shop raspberries in the US, your budget must be at least $5. This is the minimum price if you purchase your fruit from the farmer’s market and other supermarkets.

Luckily, you can save money by purchasing raspberries from retail stores such as Walmart and Target. It is also best to buy the fruit in bulk to get reasonable discounts.