Average NFL Ticket Price (Season, Playoff & Superbowl)

NFL ticket prices are determined by where you want to sit, what type of game you want to go to, and how important having the perfect seats is.

Many people are happy just to experience the game, while others want a luxury experience. The type of seats and your budget needs to match, and knowing average ticket prices for different scenarios can help you match your budget with expectations.

How Much Are NFL Tickets?

The average NFL ticket price for regular-season games is $107 on the primary market; the average price jumps to $391 on the secondary market. So unless you’re extremely quick or have season tickets, it’s unlikely you will get primary market prices.

Type Of TicketAverageCheapExpensive
Regular Tickets$107$80$153
Season Tickets$1,726$1,357$2,598
Playoff Tickets$1,288$592$9,319
Superbowl Tickets$6,292$4,246$22,164

The average price for season tickets is $1,726 and is your best chance to get reasonably priced tickets during the regular season if you plan to watch all 17 games.

Conference playoff tickets are on average $1,288, and the average price for Superbowl tickets is a whopping $6,292.

Regular Tickets (Average $107)

The average NFL ticket price for regular season tickets is $107; the average ticket price varies from the cheapest at $80 from the Los Angeles Chargers to the most expensive at $153 from the Las Vegas Raiders.

Average Ticket Prices$107
Lowest Average Ticket Prices$80
Highest Average Ticket Prices$153

It’s unlikely you will be able to get good single tickets without buying them as soon as they come on the market. So you’ll be looking at secondary market tickets that can run hundreds of dollars more than the face value of the ticket.

Season Tickets (Average $1,809)

The average NFL season ticket price is $1,809, but that is across 32 teams, the cheapest season average season tickets from $13,57 from the Los Angeles Chargers, and the most expensive average season tickets are $2,598 from the Las Vegas Raiders.

Average Ticket Prices$1,809
Lowest Average Ticket Prices$1,357
Highest Average Ticket Prices$2,598

Season ticket prices can go much higher or lower depending on where you want to sit, but this should give you an idea of the prices you’ll pay for reasonable seats.

Season tickets are your best opportunity to get cheaper tickets on the primary market without paying huge prices in the secondary market. Therefore, it’s only worthwhile if you can use all 17 tickets.

Playoff Tickets (Average $887)

The average NFL ticket price for conference playoffs ranges between $1,034 in the AFC division to $1,542 in the NFC division. You can see in the table below that there is a large difference between the cheapest tickets in the playoffs vs. the most expensive.

So it’s still within many people’s reach to see NFL conference playoffs, as long as they’re willing to sit in the higher tiers, further away from the field.

NFL Conference PlayoffsAverage Ticket PriceCheapest Average TicketMost Expensive Average Ticket
AFC Division$1,034$536$8,512
NFC Division$1,542$647$10,125

The average NFL ticket price for division playoffs drops drastically, ranging from $353 in the AFC division to $619 in the NFC division. The cheapest tickets are also well within reach and much closer to the regular season average ticket prices.

NFL Division PlayoffsAverage Ticket PriceCheapest Average TicketMost Expensive Average Ticket
AFC Division$353$177$1,684
NFC Division$619$227$4,620

Superbowl Tickets (Average $6,292)

The average NFL ticket price for the Superbowl is $6,292, with the cheapest tickets being around $4,246. So while there is a significant difference in the ticket prices for the Superbowl, they are still incredibly expensive compared to regular season tickets.

The most expensive Superbowl tickets jump up to $71,539 for access to a luxury box to experience everything there is on game day.

Type Of TicketPrice
Cheapest Ticket$4,246
Cheap Lower Level Ticket$6,469
Average Ticket Price$6,292
Most Expensive Ticket$71,539

Average NFL Ticket Price By Sections

Average NFL ticket prices can change depending on your seating area and whether you’re paying for season tickets or a single ticket. 

The cheapest option is a single upper-level ticket, where you’ll pay on average $62, while the club level is the most expensive at $170 per ticket.

You can get overall cheaper tickets and guaranteed prices with season tickets, but you need to spend more upfront. On average, the cheapest option is $866 for 17 games in the upper levels, whereas the club level average season ticket price is $3,022.

Seating AreaAverage Season Ticket PriceAverage Regular Ticket Price
Lower Level$1,430$98
Upper Level$866$62
Club Level$3,022$170

Lower Level Prices

Average NFL lower-level ticket prices are the sweet spot between good seats and affordability. You’ll be able to see the game’s action without paying higher prices for things you may not need. 

You’ll pay between $80 – $115 on average for a single ticket, or if you’re willing to see all the games, you can save money with season tickets that range from $1,145 – $1,714 on average.

Seating AreaSeason TicketsRegular Tickets
Lower Level Midfield$1,714$115
Lower Level Sideline$1,432$100
Lower Level End Zone$1,145$80

Upper Level Prices

NFL upper-level ticket prices are the cheapest option but obviously have the worst view. You still get to experience the game and the atmosphere. You can get a single ticket for as low as $50 on average, and for some teams, it can be even lower.

If you’re willing to spend a little money upfront, you can get season tickets for all 17 games for as low as $703 on average, which works out to be $41 per game, so the season tickets do save you some money but only if you see every game.

Seating AreaSeason TicketsRegular Tickets
Upper-Level Midfield$1,077$75
Upper-Level Sideline$974$67
Upper-Level Sideline$828$62
Upper-Level End Zone$749$54
Upper-Level Corners$703$50

Club Level Prices

NFL club level is outdoor seating but provides temperature-controlled inside areas exclusive to club level ticket holders and access to different food, beverage, and facilities. 

These are the most expensive tickets whether you’re paying per ticket or for season tickets, as indicated in the table below.

Seating AreaSeason TicketsRegular Tickets
Club Midfield$4,094$225
Club Sideline$3,270$185
Club Corner$2,627$145
Club End Zone$2,098$125

Average NFL Ticket Price By Team

The average NFL ticket price by the team can vary by a lot between each team; it’s a reflection of their regular-season home game tickets in regular seating, so it doesn’t include things like luxury seats or specialty packages.

Las Vegas Raiders$153
San Francisco 49ers$139
New England Patriots$131
Green Bay Packers$128
Philadelphia Eagles$127
Chicago Bears$122
Houston Texans$118
Seattle Seahawks$117
New York Giants$115
Carolina Panthers$114
Pittsburgh Steelers$114
Denver Broncos$110
Baltimore Ravens$110
Washington Commanders$110
Minnesota Vikings$108
Atlanta Falcons$105
New Orleans Saints$104
Tampa Bay Buccaneers$104
Los Angeles Rams$103
Indianapolis Colts$100
Cleveland Browns$100
Dallas Cowboys$99
Kansas City Chiefs$99
New York Jets$94
Tennesse Titans$94
Miami Dolphins$92
Detroit Lions$91
Arizona Cardinals$84
Cincinnati Bengals$82
Buffalo Bills$82
Jacksonville Jaguars$81
Los Angeles Chargers$80

Average NFL Ticket Price Increase

The average NFL ticket price has been steadily climbing over the past many years, with the average ticket price being $62 in 2006 and jumping to $107 in 2022. If the prices continue to increase, then they will easily double by 2026 to over $124.

YearAverage Ticket Price

NFL ticket price increases are similar to what other sports are seeing, such as NHL average ticket prices. The average ticket prices for all types of entertainment are going up each year as well, including movies and concerts.

Best Place To Buy NFL Tickets

The best place to buy NFL tickets will depend on when you purchase them and what budget you have. For the primary market where you buy direct, the best place to purchase tickets is from Ticketmaster, and this will be the cheapest option if you can buy tickets.

If you’re looking for fast tickets for specific games, then you’ll need to look at the secondary market, which is tickets being resold, and that can increase the prices significantly. 

One of the big issues is people purposely buying tickets quickly and reselling for profit, rather than no longer wanting their tickets.

Sites like TicketIQ offer some of the lowest overall prices with no fees, and their major competitor is StubHub which has cheaper tickets but adds fees. So it’s worthwhile at least checking both sites for the same tickets.