Average MLB Ticket Price (Season, Playoff & World Series)

Baseball is America’s pastime, and people are excited to get back to MLB games now that the world has opened back up. One of the big questions is what is the average MLB ticket price for fans wanting to experience the best baseball has to offer.

Average ticket prices for MLB games will depend on which teams you want to see, where you want to see them, and what type of seating you’re willing to pay for. You’ll also find a range of prices between regular season tickets, playoffs, and world series tickets.

How Much Are MLB Tickets?

The average MLB ticket price is $76, with the most expensive tickets at $167 to watch the Boston Red Sox, down to $52 to watch the Baltimore Orioles. 

Type Of TicketAverage PriceCheap TicketsExpensive Tickets1
Regular Tickets$76$52$167
Season Tickets$4,473$1,630$12,555
Playoff Tickets$303$130$636
World Series Tickets$1,390$300$10,000

While MLB ticket prices are much lower on average than other professional sports teams like the NFL, NHL, and NBA, there are significantly more games per season in the MLB. 

So with 162 regular-season games for MLB teams, the overall yearly cost to see your favorite team skyrockets compared to other sports.

The MLB offers a variety of ticketing options, including full-season tickets or discounts on multiple tickets purchased at once.

Regular Tickets (Average $76)

The average cost of a regular MLB ticket is $76; however, even in the same stadium, the average prices can change depending on which section of the stadium you want to sit in.

Average Ticket Prices$76
Lowest Average Ticket Prices$62
Highest Average Ticket Prices$167

You also need to factor in which team you want to watch as there is a wide range of average ticket prices for each team throughout the year.

Season Tickets (Average $4,473)

The average cost for a full 162 season ticket is $4,473, with the lowest average cost being $1,630 and the highest average ticket price being $12,555.

Average Ticket Prices$4,473
Lowest Average Ticket Prices$1,630
Highest Average Ticket Prices$12,555

You can get partial season tickets, but the seating available is less than you get with full-season tickets. The average cost for a partial season ticket is $657 for 17 games, which works out to be $38 per ticket, so it is much lower than the average regular ticket price of $76.

Playoff Tickets (Average $303)

The average MLB ticket price for playoffs is $303, with the lowest average ticket price being $130 and the highest being $636.

Type Of TicketPrice
Lowest Average Ticket$130
Average Ticket Price$303
Highest Average Ticket$636

One of the interesting things about the low average ticket price for MLB playoffs is that it’s still lower than the average regular season ticket price for a number of teams, including the Boston Red Sox.

World Series Tickets (Average $1,390)

The average MLB ticket price for the world series is $1,390, but the prices can range from $300 up to $10,000. The average world series ticket price doesn’t include specialty tickets or box seats.

Type Of TicketPrice
Lowest Average Ticket$300
Average Ticket Price$1,390
Highest Average Ticket$10,000

Average MLB Ticket Price By Sections

Each MLB arena can hold roughly 50,000 people, so each section has a large number of seats spread out. Club and infield sections have the best views with the least seats, so the average ticket price is higher for those sections.

Seating AreaAverage Regular Ticket Price
Terrace Deck$22

MLB OutField Ticket Prices

The average MLB ticket price for an outfield seat is $29; you may be far from the action until some big hitters come out for home runs. The tickets are overall cheap, with the least expensive being around $20.

Seating AreaAverage Regular Ticket Price
Lowest Average Price$20
Average Price$29
Highest Average Price$38

MLB Terrace Deck Ticket Prices

The average MLB terrace deck ticket price is $22 and covers a vast distance, so some areas of the terrace deck will provide much better and closer viewing, but it’s still not ideal if you want to see all of the action throughout the day.

Seating AreaAverage Regular Ticket Price
Lowest Average Price$20
Average Price$22
Highest Average Price$24

MLB Terrace Ticket Prices

The average MLB ticket price for a terrace seat is $48, and this type of seating starts to provide a better level of cost to viewing ratio for fans that don’t want to pay too much but still want to see the infield action.

Seating AreaAverage Regular Ticket Price
Lowest Average Price$30
Average Price$48
Highest Average Price$75

Often there is a front level terrace seating section which may also be called club, and the higher prices of the terrace section may be in that club section, which provides an indoor area to access your own restaurants and washrooms.

MLB Club Level Prices

The average MLB ticket price for club-level seating or close to the infield is $140; the prices available to most people don’t vary on average, though the price can from game to game and per team.

Seating AreaAverage Regular Ticket Price
Lowest Average Price$140
Average Price$140
Highest Average Price$140

These higher-priced tickets will get you behind, and around the home plate, so you get to see all of the action throughout the game and the majority of the infield gameplay.

MLB Field Ticket Prices

The average MLB ticket price for infield seating is $73; the prices range slightly, being $70 – $75. The infield seating is by far the best view-to-cost ratio for MLB tickets.

Seating AreaAverage Regular Ticket Price
Lowest Average Price$70
Average Price$73
Highest Average Price$75

The seating area is reasonably large, but most seats have a good view of the infield, whether they’re overlooking first, second, third, or home plate.

To get better seating, you need to pay double the cost and may not get a hugely better view of the actual gameplay, though your seats in the club level area may be more comfortable, and you won’t be in the elements all day.

Average MLB Ticket Price By Team

The average MLB ticket price ranges from $52 for the Baltimore Orioles to $162 for the Boston Red Sox, which is a significant price disparity.

There are only 5 MLB teams that have average ticket prices that go over $100, which actually makes baseball one of the most affordable professional sports to watch live, as long as you don’t want to watch every game live.

MLB TeamAverage Price
Baltimore Orioles$52
Detroit Tigers$53
Cincinnati Reds$55
Tampa Bay Rays$56
Atlanta Braves$57
Miami Marlins$57
San Diego Padres$58
Pittsburgh Pirates$58
San Francisco Giants$62
Los Angeles Angels$63
New York Mets$64
Seattle Mariners$64
Colorado Rockies$65
Milwaukee Brewers$68
Texas Rangers$68
Arizona Diamondbacks$69
Toronto Blue Jays$70
Kansas City Royals$72
Houston Astros$73
Minnesota Twins$73
Oakland Athletics$73
Philadelphia Phillies$75
Chicago White Sox$81
Cleveland Indians$92
Chicago Cubs$93
St. Louis Cardinals$101
Washington Nationals$102
Los Angeles Dodgers$108
New York Yankees$145
Boston Red Sox$167

Average MLB Ticket Price Increase

Average MLB ticket prices have been increasing over the years, but only by a few dollars each year or, in some cases, less than a dollar.

YearAverage Ticket Price

The average MLB ticket price increase is dissimilar to the general price jumps that have been seen in other professional sports, such as NFL, NBA, and NHL tickets. Most professional sports have seen significant price increases, especially in the 2022 season.

Price increases may be delayed with prices jumping in 2023, or it may be due to a large number of games during the regular MLB season, which limits how much can be charged or how often people want to attend games.

Best Place To Buy MLB Tickets

The best place to buy MLB tickets is directly from the MLB, which offers the best prices for most regular-season games, and you can buy season tickets if you plan to attend a large number of games.

If you’re looking for specific tickets that aren’t available, or you’re looking for more in-demand tickets such as playoffs or the MLB world series, you may need to check on third-party ticket marketplaces such as StubHub or TicketIQ.

Third-party sellers can provide more in-demand tickets, but the costs will be much higher than directly from the MLB. In most cases, because demand is low, you shouldn’t need to buy regular season tickets from third-party sellers.