Average Cost to Repair a Fence

Repairing a fence can ensure your privacy, keep your pets and children safe, and can increase the value of your property when you’re trying to sell your home. Painting your house and repairing fences are lower-cost options to ensure your property sells for more.

You can attempt to repair your fence yourself to save some cost; otherwise, you can bring in a handyman or fence building company to take care of the fence repair.

Understanding the average cost to repair a fence and getting quotes from multiple companies can ensure you get a good job done at a reasonable price.

Keep reading for all the information you need on the average cost to repair a fence.

Average Fence Repair Costs

The average cost to repair a typical fence separating homes is $250 – $750; minimal fence repair costs can be as low as $50, or for extensive damage, you may pay as much as $1000.

Average Cost$500
Average Cost Range$250 – $750
Minimum Average Cost$100
Maximum Average Cost$1,000

Your location, the fence material, and the extent of the damage will play major factors in the actual cost of your fence repair.

Small repairs to reinforce, straighten, or even patch small holes will, on average, be at the lower end of the average cost. While replacing fence posts, entire panels, and even repainting your fence will put your average cost in the higher range.

Average Fence Repair Costs Per Job Type

The average cost to repair your fence can also depend on what type of repair is required. You can check prices for repair or even check if there are full replacements for things like gates for a lower cost at stores like Home Depot.

Type Of RepairAverage Cost Range
Replace Fence Post$120 – $400
Fix Leaning Fence$250 – $600
Patch Holes And Cracks$100 – $350
Replace Fence Panels$150 – $400
Repair Rotten Fence$150 – $500
Repair Fence Gate$100 – $400

Fence Post

The average cost to repair a fence post is between $120 – $400, and the cost increases the more posts you need to replace, as well as the type of post material being used. 

Replacement of the fence post may be required due to damage or the ground shifting underneath. If there are additional factors in why you’re replacing the fence post, the costs will go up, especially if the ground is shifting and needs to be stabilized. 

Delaying repairs to a fence post can increase costs if it causes leaning of the fence or the fence ends up falling over.

Leaning Fence

The average cost to repair a leaning fence is between $250 – $600 and is often the next step if you’ve left a broken post or if there has been significant ground shift or erosion.

Depending on how bad the damage is and how large the portion of the fence that’s hanging will determine the overall price, but once a section starts to lean, you may find other areas have problems in the future.

Patch Holes And Cracks

The average cost to patch holes or repair cracks in a fence is between $100 – $350. The biggest factors in the cost will be the area of damage and the type of material you’re trying to fix.

Costs may increase if you need to paint or refinish the fence after making the repairs. Often patching holes and cracks is a reasonable DIY project which can save you some money.

Fence Panels

The average cost of replacing fence panels is $150 – $400. Your materials and how much needs to be replaced will be the biggest factor in the cost. 

This is often a smaller job that can be handled by a DIY project with minimal tools required, so it can save you some money to do it yourself.

Rotten Fence

The average fence is constructed of some type of wood, and rotten portions of the fence are the biggest issues long-term for fences. The average cost to repair a rotten fence is $150 to $500.

The area of damage will be the biggest factor in repairing a rotten fence, and in some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replace the fence, especially if it’s older and the entire fence needs replacing.

The average cost to replace a wood fence is between $1,700 to $3,300, so once your costs start to approach that for the repair, you may need to consider a full replacement. However, you get a warranty with the replacement that you won’t get with a repair.

Fence Gate

The average cost of repairing a fence gate is $100 – $400. The costs will depend on if there is damage to your actual gate or whether there are issues with hinges or posts that are causing the gate to sag.

If there is damage to the gate, a simple replacement would cost $145 – $325 on average, this is typically a job you can DIY, but you’ll need to be able to pick up a new gate from somewhere.

Average Cost To Repair A Fence By Material

The average cost to repair a fence is heavily dependent on the material of your fence and the amount of damage; while many fences will just be wood, the average cost of materials goes significantly higher with other materials.

Material TypeAverage CostAverage Cost Per Foot
Wood$130 – $600$13 – $27
Chain Link$150 – $550$15 – $25
Vinyl / PVC$250 – $800$25 – $36
Composite$285 – $600$20 – $32
Aluminum$250 – $900$25 – $40
Bamboo$150 – $550$15 – $25
Wire$140 – $250$15 – $20
Wrought Iron$300 – $1,100$30 – $50
Barbed Wire$130 – $400$15 – $25
Lattice$250 – $500$20 – $45
Brick / Stone$500 – $750$30 – $50
Glass$1,500+$70 – $125

It’s a good idea to measure the area of the fence that needs repair, determine the material required, and then you can get a better understanding of the average cost to repair your fence per foot of damage.

The overall cost may also be influenced by minimum hourly rates, which are often 2 hours, so your repair prices could double on smaller jobs, and there is a significant difference between material and labor costs vs. your final cost, as detailed below.

Wood Fence

The average cost to repair a wood fence is between $130 – $600, and it’s the most common type of fence, which also has the highest chance of needing repair, especially as it ages.

Wood fences also provide the easiest repair options for most DIYers, so review the average costs and see whether it’s something you can take on yourself.

Average Cost$130 – $600
Material Cost Per Foot$6 – $23
Labor Cost Per Foot$5 – $12
Average Cost For Post Replacement$45 – $75
Average Cost For Gate Replacement$225 – $375

Chain Link Fence

The average cost to repair a chain link fence is $150 – $550. It’s not typical for the actual fence to require repair, and it’s most often the ground or concrete that has shifted or the hardware on the gate, such as latches, that need to be replaced.

Average Cost$150 – $550
Material Cost Per Foot$2 – $11
Labor Cost Per Foot$3 – $5
Average Cost For Post Replacement$50 – $100
Average Cost For Gate Replacement$110 – $195

Vinyl Fence

The average cost to repair a vinyl or PVC fence is $250 – $800. Typically vinyl fences are just vinyl applied over the top of wood, so it has similar issues as wood fences due to aging or even damage that allows water to get in and rot the wood.

It may be worthwhile if replacing posts to remove the wood entirely and use steel or other metal posts, which will have a longer lifespan.

Average Cost$250 – $800
Material Cost Per Foot$14 – $17
Labor Cost Per Foot$4 – $6
Average Cost For Post Replacement$60 – $100
Average Cost For Gate Replacement$260 – $525

Composite Fence

The average cost to repair a composite fence is $285 – $600. Depending on your fence, it may be wood or metal underneath, and if wood, you can be similar issues with rotting as a typical wood fence, especially if there has been damage externally.

The repair can often just require patching of panels that have been scratched, though in some cases, a full panel replacement may be cheaper or look better.

Average Cost$285 – $600
Material Cost Per Foot$20 – $33
Labor Cost Per Foot$4 – $6
Average Cost For Post Replacement$60 – $100
Average Cost For Gate Replacement$285 – $600

Aluminum Fence

The average cost to repair aluminum fences is $250 – $900, and other metal fences like wrought iron have similar repair costs. Typical repairs involve the replacement of bent posts or damaged panels from impact.

Average Cost$250 – $900
Material Cost Per Foot$19 – $26
Labor Cost Per Foot$6 – $8
Average Cost For Post Replacement$125 – $200
Average Cost For Gate Replacement$300 – $600

Bamboo Fence

The average cost to repair a bamboo fence is $150 – $550. Typically it’s a better option to purchase material yourself and make minor repairs or tighten bamboo fences up.

In most professional repairs, the bamboo panels will just be replaced, so you need to determine if that’s something you can do yourself rather than hiring a general handyperson to get things done.

Average Cost$150 – $550
Material Cost Per Foot$60 – $115
Labor Cost Per Foot$8 – $13
Average Cost For Post Replacement$125 – $200
Average Cost For Gate Replacement$650 – $900

Wire Fence

The average cost to repair a standard wire fence is $140 – $250, or if you’re using barbed wire, the costs can be between $130 – $400. Unless you’re concerned about appearance, you can often DIY the wire repairs just by splicing water together.

If fence posts need to be replaced, you may need a professional with a post rammer to get the job done.

Average Cost$140 – $250
Material Cost Per Foot$6 – 23
Labor Cost Per Foot$5 – $12
Average Cost For Post Replacement$45 – $75
Average Cost For Gate Replacement$225 – $375

Glass Fence

The average cost to repair a glass fence is $1,500 due to the nature and cost of materials; if there is damage to the glass, it will need a full panel replacement, and this does typically require a professional to get it done.

Because most glass fences surround pools, there are specific requirements for the fence, and you should use a professional installation or repair service to ensure you are legally covered.

Average Cost$1,500
Material Cost Per Foot$60 – $115
Labor Cost Per Foot$8 – $13
Average Cost For Post Replacement$125 – $200
Average Cost For Gate Replacement$650 – $900

DIY vs. Professional Fence Repair

In many cases, it can be more cost-effective to repair your fence yourself, especially if handypersons or contractors in your area are busy and charge high hourly rates and have hourly minimums to do the work.

Take for example, the replacement of a wood panel on your fence that has rotted or been damaged.

Cost TypeProfessionalDIY
Fencing Tools$12
Painting Supplies$40
Total Cost$150 – $400$77

You need to factor in the materials, tools required, and your ability to get the materials needed for your fence repair. Home Depot or Lowes will cut wood and some other materials to the specific lengths you need for free, so check with them to keep tool requirements at a minimum.

The more challenging the task, the higher the DIY costs will be. For example, replacing a fence post can be easily done by a professional with the right skills but may be time-consuming and problematic for a DIY job.

The materials used in your DIY project will also require specialty tools, and the free cutting from Home Depot or Lowes may not be possible for some materials.