Average Cost Of Watermelon Per Pound

Watermelon is one of the top fruits that is grown in the US. 38 million pounds of this item were produced in 2020 in the country. This is why the price per pound of the fruit is relatively in a moderate range.

This fruit also offers many health benefits and hydrates you because of the high water content. Do you want to know the average cost of watermelon? If so, here’s what you must know.

Average Cost Of Watermelon ($0.38 Per Pound)

The average price for organic and seeded watermelons is $0.38 per pound. You can expect to pay $0.46to $0.55 per pound for red seedless varieties.

Watermelons are famous in the country, but their seedless varieties are more prevalent. So you will not often encounter the organic type at stores in fresh condition.

You should also not expect to get this fruit in per pound quantity because watermelons are sold as a whole. This means you will have to pay the price for the total weight, which may be higher than the earlier average prices.

Some stores also sell chunks of watermelon to offer you a good experience. This is why you must understand the price comparison by the store of this fruit.

Comparing the retail price will allow you to choose the right store for your needs. After all, you don’t want to break your bank and exceed your monthly budget by getting a watermelon.

Watermelon Price Comparison By Store

The average watermelon price comparison by store does not consider the different varieties of this fruit. So you should not consider the exotic types to come under this category, and costs may vary.

In most stores, you will encounter personal and standard watermelons. The former are mini pieces for feeding one person while the other type is suitable for families.

You will also encounter fresh watermelon chunks prepacked in a box or bowl. Understanding the cost of these three types will help you get the right variety for your needs.

Mini and Personal Red Seedless Watermelon

Store NamePrice Per Piece

Kroger and Meijer are the least expensive store for buying small or personal seedless watermelons. You may encounter multiple varieties under this category at these shops.

This is why the average price varies from one store to another. Walmart is also relatively cheap as compared to other stores.

Albertsons is the most expensive store for getting different fruit types because the retail shop does not offer a wholesale rate. The quality and weight of the watermelon mainly decide the final price.

Large Red Seedless Watermelon

Store NamePrice Per Piece

These are the top three stores that sell large watermelons in the US. Target and Meijer do not offer this type for various reasons.

Instead, you will encounter quarter cuts and chunks of this fruit at the two stores. Kroger offers the least expensive large seedless watermelon, while Albertsons is the most expensive.

This type is suitable to offer you a large bowl of watermelon chunks for your family. You may also consider buying seeded watermelon to save money.

Organic Watermelon

Store NamePrice Per Piece

The seeded watermelon is often called the organic variety and comes at a lower price. This is because the demand for this type is relatively lower than the seedless varieties.

Unfortunately, you will only encounter this variety at one store. Kroger sells large fruit at a low price.

Albertsons also sell organic watermelon but in the seedless category. Its price is $5.99, the same as Kroger’s.

So you can easily decide whether to get seeded organic watermelon or seedless. Chunks are also available on the market to offer you an on-the-go eating experience.

Fresh Watermelon Chunks

Store NamePrice Per Pound

These are the best stores for getting fresh watermelon chunks. Meijer sells this type at the lowest price because of the wholesale rate.

Kroger is also relatively cheaper because its watermelon bowls come in different sizes. You can also get a prepacked box with small cuts to save more money.

Buying the watermelon chunks in bulk or in higher quantity will also help you save significant money. You can buy a box or bowl of 1.25 pounds or 2 pounds to stay within your budget while getting greater serving.

It is also better to compare the prices by country to understand the watermelon costs in different places. This will help you learn if the fruit is sold at a reasonable price in your country.

Watermelon Price Comparison By Country (Per Production Volume)

RankingCountryPrice Per Kilo
8United States$7.52

These are the top countries that produce the highest volume of watermelons annually. China has a moderate price and grows the most fruits in this category.

Meanwhile, the price is relatively high in the US. This is due to different growth factors and the state in which the fruit is produced.

The price is also lower in the US if you buy watermelons per pound instead of kilos. This quantity is suitable for purchasing fruit for personal needs instead of commercial.

If watermelon is out of your budget, you can also consider buying other fruits. Price comparison with other items will help you decide which fruit to get.

Watermelon Vs. Other Fruits Prices Comparison

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Navel Oranges$1.45

Watermelon is the least expensive fruit if you buy it per pound. However, this will allow you to get only one cut of the item.

The total weight of most watermelons exceeds one pound, and they are relatively heavier. This is why the starting price of most retail stores for this fruit is $3.49.