Average Cost Of Strawberry Per Pound

Strawberry is one of the top fruits people consume in the US enthusiastically. After all, the item is tasty and improves your health by decreasing the risk of multiple diseases.

This fruit is less expensive than the average price of raspberry but more costly than the average cost of kiwi. So you must prepare your funds according to have strawberries in the US.

Average Cost Of Strawberry In The US ($2.51/Lbs)

The average retail price of strawberries is $2.51 per pound in the US. Meanwhile, one kilogram of this fruit will cost you $6.70 on the market. Typically, the retail price is greater than most other fruits in the US and falls in the middle range.

A primary thing to note is that the kilogram price saw a 34% year-on-year increase in 2021. This is because of the decrease in volumes of this fruit from the primary regions.

For instance, strawberry volumes in Central California have decreased significantly due to low harvests. The price varies depending on the variety, importing status, and much more.

You must also compare the prices of strawberries according to different stores. It will help you buy this fruit at a reasonable price without compromising quality.

Strawberry Price Comparison By Store

The retail strawberry price is relatively reasonable because every store sells this fruit in pounds instead of kilograms. However, remember that the cost may vary significantly depending on the shop.

For instance, Walmart and Meijer are wholesale stores with a relatively low strawberry prices. Meanwhile, Albertsons and Kroger are famous for charging high for the same quantity of fruit.

Typically, the two strawberry types you will encounter in stores are fresh and organic. So it’s essential to know the prices of both.

Fresh Strawberry

Store NamePrice Per LbPrice Per 2 Lb

As you can see, Walmart has the lowest prices out of all the major stores in the US. You can also get a greater discount by buying this fruit in bulk or during the holiday season.

Besides that, you can also save money by opting for the 2 Lb prepacked strawberries. Such items are priced reasonably and have greater quantity sometimes, depending on the fruit’s size.

Another thing you should remember is that Meijer usually offers a sale on its online platform. This means you can get one pound of strawberries for $2.49 and save 7.5% of the total amount.

You should also note that these prices do not account for a specific variety of strawberries. They are simply the average figures of the standard fruit. However, organic strawberry is always more expensive than fresh type.

Organic Strawberry

Store NamePrice Per Lb

Again, Walmart sells organic strawberries at the lowest price out of the major stores. The best part is that their fruit is also USDA-approved, so you don’t have to worry about health risks.

Meanwhile, Target does not sell the organic varieties of most fruits, including strawberries. However, you may encounter packed varieties of some fruits from different brands at this store.

Besides that, the other stores have the same price for one pound of organic strawberry. Also, remember that Albertsons usually has a sale for this type on its online website.

So you can visit the platform to get one pound of organic strawberry for as low as $3.33. It will help you save about 33% of the total amount.

The strawberry prices also vary because of multiple factors from one country to another. You must make a fair comparison to understand whether you are paying high or low in your hometown.

Strawberry Price Comparison By Country (Per Production Volume)

RankingCountryPrice Per Kilogram
2United States$6.70
7South Korea$9.60

These are the top ten countries with the highest strawberry production per year. The average price varies significantly because of other factors such as fruit demand and regions.

For instance, you will encounter the highest strawberry prices in Turkey in Istanbul. Meanwhile, other country regions sell this fruit at a relatively lower price.

Similarly, in Poland, Warsaw and Krakow have the highest strawberry prices. So you should consider various factors to decide whether you are receiving the fruit at a reasonable figure.

Typically, the US has reasonable retail and wholesale prices for strawberries. You can also save money by getting the fruit in pounds instead of kilograms.

However, you can consider buying other fruits if you cannot afford strawberries. Of course, to do that, you must compare the price of this item with other fruits on the market.

Strawberry Vs. Other Fruits Prices Comparison

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Navel Oranges$1.45

These are the top fruits that people consume in the US. Bananas have the lowest price because of the high production volume every year.

Meanwhile, cherries are the most expensive because of the decrease in harvests and increasing demand. Many stores also don’t sell an open variety of this fruit because of the high cost.

Strawberry and blackberries are the cheapest berries you will encounter in the US. Some stores also sell mixed packets having these two fruits to offer you a better experience.

You should also remember that the production volume of strawberries is also decreasing in the US steadily. For instance, Central California has been producing low volumes for a few years.

So the price of strawberries is gradually increasing and fluctuates at different times of the year. The cost is extremely high during the seasonal period, especially at the farmer’s market.

Luckily, you save money by getting prepacked strawberries from retail stores like Walmart. You can also shop for fruit online to get a discount.