Average Cost Of Pear Per Pound

Pears are one of the top beneficial fruits that you can have. It promotes skin and gut health to reduce the risk of diseases. Besides that, it can also help you lose weight.

Typically, pears are not highly expensive, but they are also not the cheapest. Their average price comes in the middle range. So let’s take a look at the cost of pear.

Average Cost Of Pear ($1.52/Lbs)

The average price of a pear is $1.52 per pound in the United States. This puts the fruit in a solid middle position as compared with others according to the cost. Typically, the price depends on the demand, supply, and growth factors of the fruit.

You must note that the price of pear is relatively high during shortage periods to compensate the farmers. Because of this, the average cost fluctuates every year.

Droughts, diseases, and pests are some factors that reduce the harvests. Besides that, the country’s importing and exporting status also determines the price.

Typically, the average price is middle-ranged or high if a country is a major exporter. Another factor that affects the cost of pears is the selling store or brand.

Pear Price Comparison By Store

Typically, you should expect to pay a bit high when getting pears from some stores. The top feature that affects the price of this fruit in shops is the variety.

Most stores in the US sell only four varieties of pears to offer customers an extensive range. You should note that the average price of the following pears is for the fresh pieces and not prepacked.

Anjou Pear

Anjou Pears
Store NamePrice Per LbPrice Per Piece

The average price of Anjou pears is similar in most stores, with Meijer being the cheapest. Of course, the significant difference occurs when you buy the individual fruit pieces.

Target is also another major store in the US that sells fruit, so you may want to know why it’s not on the list. Well, it is because this shop only has prepacked pears.

Bartlett Pear

Store NamePrice Per LbPrice Per Piece

Anjou and Bartlett pears are similar in appearance and taste. Their growing conditions are also more or less the same.

This is why the average cost of Bartlett pears in most stores is the same as the Anjou variety or close to it. However, you will see some differences in the cost of the Bosc and Red pears.

Bosc Pear

Store NamePrice Per LbPrice Per Piece

Bosc pears are different from other varieties because of the light brown outer covering instead of the standard green. So you can easily identify them.

You should also note that you can get discounts on these prices by buying in bulk or in pouches instead of individual pieces. Meijer is also offering a sale on the Anjou, Bosc, and Red varieties.

Red Pear

Red sweet pears on the vintage table
Store NamePrice Per LbPrice Per Piece

Red pears are one of the different varieties of a pear because of the apple-like outer color. Besides that, this fruit has more health benefits than other pears.

Typically, the red varieties are known for reducing the risk of diabetes. As per a study, eating five or more servings of red pears weekly will decrease the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

All these prices are from stores in the US. You should compare the country costs to determine whether your region is more expensive or reasonable than other places.

Pear Price Comparison By Country (Per Export Value Share)

RankingCountryPrice Per Kilogram
5South Africa$1.51
6United States$3.35

These are the top six countries that sell multiple varieties of pears. The price of the US is relatively high in kilograms.

However, you must note that the farmer’s market and stores sell the fruit according to pounds. In that case, you will have to pay $1.52 per pound for the pears.

Another thing to note is that all the prices of the pears in the table are in US dollars. So the figures may vary slightly depending on the currency rate in each country.

Lastly, you should also compare the prices of pears with other fruits. This will allow you to decide whether this item is worth buying or not.

Pear Vs. Other Fruits Prices Comparison

FruitAverage Price Per Pound
Navel Oranges$1.45

These are the top fruits of the US as per the consumption of people. Many prefer to have these items due to the health benefits.

For instance, oranges are known for improving skin glow due to a high quantity of antioxidants. Meanwhile, bananas provide potassium, and many people have it before performing energy-requiring activities.

You should note that the price of pears is in the middle range as compared with other fruits. This is because there are multiple varieties of this fruit in the US.

Besides that, the country ranks relatively in the export value, and the harvests suffer fewer shortages than other fruits. This is why you don’t have to break your bank to buy pears.

However, you must remember that the price of pears steadily increases every year. This is because the market fluctuates annually, and so the export demands have to be met.

The cheapest way to buy pears is by getting prepacked pouches or fresh fruit in bulk. Many stores such as Walmart and Meijer sell this fruit at a wholesale rate.

Another way you can get pears for cheap is by visiting the farmer’s market. However, your negotiation skills must be top-notch if you want to get this fruit at a reasonable.